Guess in which cup the ball is?


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    Guess in which cup the ball is?

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    1. Laxmi Deb

      Wow this possible

    2. Xolbuvi Rasuluvna

      Siz zorsiz

    3. grengo88


    4. grengo88


    5. مطبخ نجاة أم البنات


    6. Neelam Rawat

      3 one cup

    7. Lalita Tamang

      How he did that:20(I kept replaying it;-;)

    8. sai ishu

      Very funny videos, I like it

    9. Saisri Yagnathandra

      How 🤔🤔🤔

    10. sheetal more


    11. Madhuri madhusmita Sahoo

      How it is possible 🤔🤔

    12. princesminati Biswal


    13. Carolina Villalobos

      El último

    14. My Trương Hà


    15. Katol TV

      me:what ok atleast they do it again me:HOLLY COW I IVE BEEN WATCHING DIS I DIDNT KNOW

    16. علي مشتاق

      Wie sind die Tricks?

    17. ARMY FOR EVER💜🔮

      It looks like a magician 🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️

    18. Mala N

      Wow how it's happening

    19. Bonu charansai


    20. larisa garic


    21. Siri Devaki

      How did you do that wow magic 👍🏻👍🏻

    22. Movie S


    23. 🥀💔 hxeartbrxokenxxz🥀💔

      She finally completed it

    24. Laura 85

      The ball was in the top one how was it in the bottom on.

    25. Fatma Mert


    26. Vaishnavi Jangam


    27. 20359 Sardar Muhammad Shahzain Nakai

      And as soon as I watched it I knew it was a loop

    28. The Indian cuber Shaurya


    29. PINK_ WINE

      you are

    30. leen maria

      كيف صار

    31. Rider

      😯😯😯😅Its Impossible

    32. Rajni Bala


    33. Denise Bonfada


    34. Ic 7 Peehu Singh


    35. madiri lasya jasmine from 6a3


    36. Mohd Syukri


    37. Raudatul Hasanah


    38. Random- account

      Can you do black? 👁👄👁

    39. HKL -Camo

      What supposed to be on the top but it just naturally disappeared and goes on the bottom

    40. Parul AGRAWAL

      Yes they love me

    41. Laiba Khan


    42. আম্মুর রান্নাঘর


    43. וLola•×

      I didnt look so i thinked is the 3 if u start from left and i got it right

    44. Khushi Singhal

      How you do this 🤔

    45. Sanashree Dutta

      I knew it if its not in that its in the last

    46. Paramjeet Kaur

      3 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    47. Aiza fatima Fatima

      3 or 2

    48. Cindy Coronado

      I got it

    49. preciosa corone

      The adio from the start are the same but u only hear it getting higher pitch

    50. GSURESH


    51. Pro Fenerbahçe

      Wait- HOW??

    52. Renata Guadalupe Hernández Vázquez

      when I didn't pay attention to it and I choose the one below 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    53. 제시 공식

      Yeahhh me too listening to that rising music...

    54. Kimberly Tanimura

      I had no idea when it ended

    55. لينا حسين

      Its joke peoples

    56. Satish Bansal


    57. Norena Niangar


    58. jazmine perry


    59. gurkirat aulakh

      It is paste with cupp 🥤🥤🥤🥤I am right

    60. codymf2014 gaming

      I watched it 3 times to notice it’s a repeat

      1. Xander Mullenax

        How do you do it

    61. Srinivas Shetty


    62. 0xz Bé bông


    63. Effat's gaming

      Tutorial plz

    64. Icefire Tomboy

      Loooopp 😂

    65. ประทีป โอษะคลัง


    66. Zayhalo


    67. • Little Cheezez •

      POV: You realize you been watch this 30 Times 💀

    68. canal do roblox

      I got it right

    69. Zundy777

      Here I am 30 years later and I have realised this is a loop

      1. bādb!øød

        its a not a loop lol

      2. bādb!øød

        i dont think its a loop

    70. Norisah Ayu

      Senag kacang

    71. Laucha5445E

      Queeeee adivine

    72. DivineFavour Chiazor

      Didn't anyone notice that it was paused (edited) after she pointed at the cup?

    73. aiman husain

      i did it 2md try

    74. Crusty_Squirrel

      I got it in one try- it was the left side .-. So I am smart-

    75. 21faygo

      Bro i was looking at the cup he put the ball in and all of sudden the ball said ---

    76. Ақнұр Медетқызы

      Посмотрела видео и пошла искать русские комменты

    77. Jean-Léon Casseus


    78. Ana Nunes


    79. Kylie Cross

      Really good game but it’s not like a pro at a game and I don’t want the game to come back up my head its been in my head for years

    80. حوريهہ

      انا التعليق العربي يلي بدورون عليه 😉😂

      1. Halim Derradji


    81. Anshuman Tripathi

      3 one

    82. Chhabiran Chhabiran

      Tremendous hidden good

    83. Kim Bu


    84. Magiliw ALAS!

      The sound is an optical illusion cuz the sound is going higher if it reapeats

    85. Izzy

      Attempts count of trying to understand how he did that: 4 (I kept replaying it ;-;)

      1. Doggo Mode

        The power of video editing, think of the magic shack king or whatever, he edits to make it magic.

      2. 1TAYB

        I watched it 12 times

      3. Harley-Quinn Lopez (Student)

        Ikr lol it’s such a mind trick

    86. Millison Sangma

      Wow what a wonderful game

      1. ana meza

        Ya tengo el manual para en examen con la siguiente

    87. Nur Hayati


    88. 余月冰

      I don't know where is the ball????

    89. Suzana Mahmood


    90. Journey Hoehn


      1. Want Some Milk :3

        Waaaaa XD

    91. 4 D 05 ALLWYN DKOSTA


    92. Pinar Pinar


    93. Txt Mo


    94. inuyasha 322

      Ow interesante

    95. Jodi Bignall


    96. sugur_bomb

      I eatch this about 20 yime to realize it was a loop

    97. Rubiela Moreno Cordoba


    98. Ege Kaplanseren

      I see the cut don't lie

    99. Елена Барданова


    100. Елена Барданова


      1. SM KAFY

        What 🙄🙄