Disha Parmar : ‘I met Rahul Vaidya at the toughest phase of my life!

Siddharth Kannan

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    Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2.0 stars Nakuul Mehta and Disha Parmar spoke exclusively to me about their show and their reunion after their last stint together.

    Disha opened up about her public marriage and also her love story with Rahul Vaidya.

    Nakul opens up about his outspoken nature and whether it bothers him that his views might not fetch him jobs.

    Nakul opens up about not being in touch with Surbhi Chandna and why he thinks Hina Khan is a brand.

    Catch me with the stars on my chat show ‘Dil Khole Stars Bole Podcast’ exclusively on Spotify !

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    1. Manu Malik

      ek min nakul toh thk hh nation ka crush bc disha 😅😂😂🤣🤣

    2. Aditya 99

      Nakul is a little brother of hritik

    3. parinita p

      They are ( Nakuul Mehta and Disha Parmar ) are so well decent the same time cool .. happening...☺️😇👏👏 their bonding ..loved them as adi - Pankhuri and now loving them already as Ram - priya ...even as adi - Pankhuri their interviews were to watch...easy going chemistry and now seeing their first interview together as Ram - priya and many more to come ..I am excited 😇's really good that they debuted together ....and now both of them after establishing themselves in the industry ..they have got back together to work again ...the sweet .. fun-loving ...cute couple adi - Pankhuri ☺️😇💕 to intense...deep ..strong couple who will embark the journey of love and marriage together's going to be so exciting ☺️😇

    4. Ayesha Taufeeq

      whyyy such short duration video, btw loved the video , love from Pakistan

    5. Mehedi Hasan Niloy

      He sounds like Hritthik, even looks like him, with those cat's eyes. Love the personality.

    6. Hemlata Varshney

      Please take interview of Shaheer sheikh and erica fernandes ..waiting for it😍

    7. Hemlata Varshney

      This interview is so we can watch sid and nakuul's bond as well...😍now i gonna wait for more interviews of them being talking together 😃😃

      1. Hemlata Varshney

        6:07 this joke of nakuul...hahaha!! Their Children would also laugh at this joke if they would watch this iv in future😂😂their alliance have been fixed😂😂😂

    8. Happiness Unlimited

      This is why actors need education. The poise, the integrity both of these reflect shows why it's important. Compare these two to the likes of Mouno Roy, Nia Sharma one can make out the difference

    9. Meera Roy

      Ye host aise kyun bat karta hai .. ram leela host kar raha hai kya.. normally bat karna

    10. Rashika Aggarwal

      Nakul Ek best actor kam jadha Nahi acha hona Chaiya Jo dono na kiya hai audians love Nakul and disha

    11. ZEE LOVERS 😍❤️

      Nakul Mehta and Surbhi CHANDNA are perfect match.... Even her wife can't be compared with Anika

    12. Laiba Bhatti Laiba Bhatti

      Disha kitni simple hein wow

    13. SIMRAN Chaudhary

      What happens with his voice 😫😫

    14. manisha singh

      Ishqbaaz was my favourite show we used to enjoy while watching the show...😁

    15. Azbun Ameena

      DISHA ❤

    16. Suji Na

      Love you so much both of you 😘🇳🇵

    17. Mohammad Danish

      He said right, many peoples even can't understand his sarcasm and the way he reciting his poems. I wish most top notch actors become fearless like him.

    18. Kalyani Boruah

      I don't like the host

    19. FuN

      Nakul looks like Vikrant Massey .. isn't he.?


      love you nakul you ar the best miss you shivay

    21. nisha pandey

      How irritating is this anchor...

    22. md fareed uddin khan

      but nakul sufi is a muslim name why did he name his son a muslim name and it's actually sufiyan for a boy and sufiya for a girl

    23. Sangeeta Kadian

      Nice show and nice kirdar and good person 👍👌

    24. Debika Khatiwada

      I like so much nakull 😍

    25. Nipa Chhatbar

      जानिए कुछ अलग,कुछ हटके और आसान Recipes.

    26. J p

      एंकर हिंदी में बात कर रहे है इसके लिए उनके नमन🙏

    27. Mauli

      Take an Interview with #Parakshita (Param Singh and Akshita Mudgal)

    28. Nishtha Upadhyay

    29. Let's Live The Life With RSG 🌟

      Thank you for bringing them. I was waiting for your interview. They both lead a very simple life, free of glamour.❤️

    30. Su Sudru

      Sharad Malhotra Surbhi Chandna interview plz plz plz # Sharbhi

    31. Anushrii Ahir

      pyar ka dard hai meetha meetha payara pyara se hit hue the dono ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Pankhudi 😍


      Only shivika

    33. Mohsin Khan

      Nakul n disha ki jodi best h

    34. Jahnavi

      Can we have an interview of Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes please?

    35. Kriti

      He sounds like hritik ,he behaves like hritik ,he acts like hritik .... KYA BAAT

      1. Jeden D'souza

        May be he's a fan of Hrithik

    36. Asla Aboobacker

      Plzz do interview of helly Shah & rrahul sudhir # rrahel...

    37. My Life Meditation Music

      आपका सो हिन्दी में है तों आप हिन्दी में बात करें

    38. Tina Meshram

      My favourite serial and both are nice chemistry ❤️

    39. Ruchi Arora

      He don't only remember the actress but also their boyfriend 😂😂😂

    40. Gamee ZX

      Yes exactly

    41. Swikriti Subedi

      Nakul mehta my favorite

    42. Tamil Tejasswi Durai Kanna

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    43. Faisal hossain

      much respect for nakul and disha

    44. Divya k

      Superb 🤗


      The surbhi question and Rahul question was goodd...

    46. Nehal Fatima

      I think nakul and parth both are straight forward

    47. pujitha mukhi


    48. Deepa

      Gal wat are u trying to say here...I know it was difficult for u but my story is also different meri behen I have also faced lots of ups and downs before meeting him even though you guys know the real story no yaar not intrested to watch 👊😁

    49. Durga R Shenoy

      Nakul bigboss k lea ekdam perfect hai 👍bole to straight forward our jo galat hai uske against jana👌jaise ki siddharth shukla one man army 🙏

    50. Muniya Mony Muniya

      #Sharadmalhotra #Surbhichandna together ak interview plzzzz.... They are one of the best jodi


      So sweet both of u लेकिन एक बात जो मुझे हमेशा ख़राब लगती है की आप लोग तो हिंदी सीरियल में करते है पर इंटरव्यू इंग्लिश में देते है याने खाते हिंदी की है गाते इंग्लिश की है, इसलिए तो हमारी हिंदी सिर्फ एक दिन हिंदी दिवस तक सिमट कर रह गयी 🙏

    52. ShikSha 30

      Disha babhi Rkv 💌💓

    53. Mir Shabnam

      Nakkul doesn't let others speak mch ,he is hyperactive

    54. Nilofer Parween

      Virat Kohli's 'that's who i am' is so similar to nakuul's ans when asked about his fearlessness😲👌

    55. Mir Shabnam

      Disha kinda resembles mahira khan a bit

    56. Sukhpreet Kaur


    57. L O

      Nakul is smart

    58. Pooja Pandey

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      Just want a chit chat with Jennifer winget 😁

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      After completing this show disha should come in bb on his own name.

    64. Jyotsna Vaskar

      His body language, voice so much like Shahid Kapoor ❤️

    65. Tekchand

      Honestly the serial is very bohring Specially disha parmar performance is very average

    66. Rishika Saluja

      Nakul is a treat to watch and hear - on show, off show!

    67. ali khan

      i loved this new ram and priya

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      Y is the anchor screaming through.. Sooo loud!

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    70. Sushma Shetty


    71. Sushma Shetty


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      Nice interview.. But interviewer overacting kyun kar rahe hai?? 😅

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    74. Shakti Eric G Gborlee

      He. Spa English will just like Harish Roso

    75. savage

      Disha gets so happy while talking about rahul, they are so cute

    76. Kainat Ghazanfar

      The host is bit irritating.

    77. Tonia Afzal

      Nakul kah acting now just wow ❤️

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      It's my favorite show & start the show I am very happy

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      Balh2 is very interesting and nakul disha both are doing fab job!

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      I love their bonding

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      Here nakul is more likely to Shivay, right? 😙

    82. Subhadeep Bhoumik

      Rahul Vidya ❤

    83. Pooja Dhankar

      Disha & nakul dono sath me bhot achhe lgthe h


      Paise milte hai controversial statement marne mai

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