⚡️Cool sheet metal cutter DEPO 😎👍 Cool Tools in action!

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    1. Drones And mtbs

      It’s a god damn nibbler

    2. BiggestComplainer

      Some thing sheet metal

    3. GodS judgement

      Waste of energy

    4. Василий Мельник

      Ох, пля, а я все по-английски пытался, а тут "кувалда". Короче, у меня всегда гайка замыливалась. А сил всегда хватало, особенно с хорошим рычагом. Сам материал - вот проблема.

    5. DZ Troll Police

      Cringe stolen music added to advertising on IG ends up always being to crap products

    6. legendary pillow

      This would work better with an impact

    7. Sven Ruetz

      Shears all the way! But let's say im old and don't have the hand power anymore Wouldn't a jigsaw with fine toothed metal blade do the exact same thing then?!

    8. Atala Keanu Monarshi

      I’m using a laser cutter for my aluminum sooo….

    9. .40 S&W Fan

      Massive kerf

    10. Sydvicious

      Or just use hand snips, this is another tool that's a waste of time for any shop.

    11. attaullah khanktk

      Where can I find one?

    12. Азамат Алакаев

      Есть у меня этот инструмент, пользоваться им конечно сложно

    13. Cody Cantu

      Is that aluminum sheet



    15. martin edwards

      snips please

    16. Claud Peter

      It's a shame that it needs 2 hands and also i think the puncture needs replacing 🤔. Makita has one 10 times powerful than this. I bet it won't make it through 0.4 mm

    17. Bubba Kushington

      Wish INhomes had translation

    18. Marcelo Couto

      Aonde compra máquina com isso

    19. billy mccoy

      Used it before, I'd rather shears of any other style.

    20. m ..m


    21. Raafee Khan

      This is awesome, just what i needed

    22. David McCracken

      You got off the line😑

    23. Goliath

      Нормальный более эффективный лобзик вышел из чата

    24. Shawn Pitman

      Fuck me. I had nibbler splinters.

    25. Nathan Wilson

      I don't know why all the hate. I have a boot on my metal roof that is leaking because it looks like the hole wasn't cut right. Instead of taking down a 30'+ sheet of metal down off a 3 story roof, this could get the job done without taking out all the screws and leaving the whole sheet relatively in place.

      1. Alex Jenkins

        So could snips

    26. I'm Out

      This video will self destruct in 10 seconds.

    27. Andreas B

      Russia is the next lvl

    28. Luke Clarke

      Two ways to do things the right way and the wrong way.

    29. SiLlYgOosE

      It’ll break in a handful of uses

    30. GingerSNAP!

      Malco turbo sheers work well too. Nibblers are good for the precision tho

    31. Lucy louise

      I could probably cut that with a really pair of sharp scissors. Show it cutting something a little tougher than .5mm steel and ill be impressed

      1. Eliad Buchnik

        Or use jigsaw, higher capacity and can be very maneuverable.

    32. Truth Gets You Hated Think Free

      Very nice

    33. Gemcor

      Looks like paper thin sheet metal

    34. Keef Junior

      More cold welding huh?

    35. ??? Малой

      Нечего не понял, но очень интересно

    36. Viv Alland

      54v o_O

    37. Max

      Slow down



    39. Saying N*igro Makes YouTube cry

      Nice paper cut

    40. []Plague_Doc О5-01[]

      Видео: Русское Фирма: Русское Комменты: англ Автор: англ Отель: триваго

      1. Steve

        @Spitfire Mark 6 а я про обычные ножницы по металлу

      2. Oddly Satisfying Videos


      3. []Plague_Doc О5-01[]

        @Cross Sans все ништяк,кста пасиб за инфу

      4. []Plague_Doc О5-01[]

        @Cross Sans так норм?

      5. Spitfire Mark 6

        Я ищу комменты про Дью

    41. Роман Лебедев


    42. Shaun Reed

      I got one👍

    43. Omi Lovato

      you can use scissors, why do you have to use a tool with an expensive price

      1. Lucy louise

        @Joshua Jaffe the point still stands. A good hard pair of scissors would easily cut though this sheet. It's like half a millimeter thick

      2. Joshua Jaffe

        It's for sheet metal.

    44. 三奇村冬山


    45. agendita rarita

      Or you can buy a sharp scissor

    46. joshua jones

      Am I missing something or is this just tin snip attachment for my drill

      1. Gnome Warlord

        It's just a really s***** nibbler which is a one-handed tool unlike this which is two-handed a lot heavier and half as practical

    47. pringles

      Soo tom cruise use this thing for spy job?

    48. Dan W

      The Nibblah!

    49. Biswanath Roy

      "Power tools: The Sheet Cutter". New James Bond movie😀😀😀


        n my pop z(

    50. Warren B

      If you want to waste $20, buy this Chinese crap.

    51. Praveen Reddy

      Is he doing any kind of mission or any robbery what the heel is the Bg music

    52. Keith Watson

      They should make it where you can turn the handle instead of walking around. It would be faster and easier.

      1. Ryan M

        This is just a drill attachment there are actual tools for this called nibblers

    53. Josh Q

      Sheet metal snips are 1000x better.

    54. Josh Q

      Those waste pieces are shaped like a quarter moon. 🌙 they are like a bio hazard. They get everywhere. Stuck in your shoes carpet car house everywhere.... Super sharp pieces of metal everywhere.

    55. Howard Land

      Great soundtrack 👍👍

      1. Nitish Kumar

        Mission Impossible

    56. Daniele Costanzo

      Where can i find It?!

    57. AFX Gaming

      Slower and rougher then a pair of tin snips, cool, but not useful

    58. martijn kraats

      Tool cool 👍💪👊👍👌👊👊💪🤙😎😡😟🇨🇦💯💯💯💯💯💯

    59. martijn kraats

      Cool tool cool tool cool tool😤😐😶🤩

    60. martijn kraats

      Tool 😎😎 tool 🔥🔫 tool 👍🤑🤠🤓🔥🍆😋

    61. Grand Oakland

      Metal toenails

    62. rambokills

      This is pretty cool if you don't have the right tool

    63. Alex Ghebenei

      Lol that music and this tool make me think he is about to rob a bank. At least wasnt some cringe tiktok music

      1. Alex Ghebenei

        @Brandonrides lol, oh god

      2. Brandonrides

        Just wait, this is the next tiktok tune

    64. Jaxx Brat

      Its a nibbler.. But unlike the actual tool this one requires 2 hands

      1. Oddly Satisfying Videos


      2. Danko Productions

        It also requires 2 tools

      3. Claud Peter

        Daily works with a nibbler? 😅😅

    65. Seeser Seeser

      Mission impossible

    66. Abdo Banhadd


    67. купец Калашников

      Прикольная вещь

    68. Gerald of Rivia

      Why you steal russian tips?

    69. Gary Martinez


    70. shoutingharp

      Or you can buy a jigsaw