Would You Rather Have $10,000 OR This Mystery Gift?


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    Would You Rather Have $10,000 OR This Mystery Gift? @Sommer Ray @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Teeqo @HanRidge @FamilyGum

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    1. battle king 1905

      Are you not in faze any more because your name is kay not faze kay

    2. Z3ntriX

      Its like mrbeast faze version

    3. Kaiff Rehman

      Why did Kay say nikaan

    4. Botond Mezei

      Ennyire egy megjátszott szar videót meg nem láttam

    5. Mikesh Hirone

      Kay be dumping for simmer ray he literally gave her $10 000 for doing nothing. While the others had to do something and got more than 10 times lesser than sommer

    6. Jerry Alec

      The cheap MrBeast

    7. DDG •_•


    8. Crabbyboss

      Why does faze kaz never get noticed

    9. Jathan sharp

      This reminded me of Mr. beast

    10. Kylie Jiansky


    11. TheGency

      Don’t use God’s nami in a joke

    12. TheGency

      Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ if you are Christian

    13. Moonnu Chamling

      Poor Rice got nothing

    14. aris mahmood

      lol that kay said nikan in a weird way you know lol

    15. Linda Garberg

      30 00

    16. Gabriel Morris

      I'm subscibed

    17. Frxsty. FN Add me

      Say one word: My little pony 3 words

    18. Real Vipex

      Faze’s MrBeast nays vid though FaZe Kay I like it. Best of luck to you :)

    19. shekcorntheguy

      Rip first girl XD

    20. rachel milton

      Pick Wisely

    21. Vonify_Poplolmdr

      8:05 POTATO TEAMMM

    22. Logan Suarez

      I found the word

    23. Royer366

      Lets see how many subscribers I can get from this comment my mom said if i hit 10k subs next month she will buy me a pc

    24. Adam studio

      Second mrbeast

    25. enzzxd

      iᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ

    26. Jithen Arun

      FaZe Kay: $10,000. Dolor. Haha dolor

    27. Rimna Sahil

      Guys what is (b) word😂😂

    28. anime boy

      I wish I was banned on fortnite not jarvis

    29. G0st_Ra2der


    30. Hej

      Är Tiko svensk han säger oj oj oj oj oj

    31. Aspects

      Who tf also thought you where watching a Mr beast video

    32. FrostB1te

      Jarvis add me on Fort it's my name is FIX Vine

    33. Diviision Jxff

      Kay: Ne-kan Me : Nikan :)

    34. Ninpou

      4:20 I also thought it was Rug

    35. EPIC GAMER

      Notice how FaZe clan is so rich in like 50 parts you just see a ps4 or a ps5

    36. MioOliverS


    37. MioOliverS

      I knew that diamond FaZe chain was 30000 because of FaZe eig video

    38. Zayan games All games

      Can I join faze


      He said it’s Christmas

    40. __WHITE__ Gaming

      Tried to be Mr beast

    41. Patel Uttamkumar

      Do the prank war with carter sharer and never end it

    42. Tizian Siegl

      Is that your money

    43. Lakmalee Perera


    44. Toni 124 Boric

      I noo why why rädd för PS five

    45. A1eN3

      Yo niken

    46. A1eN3


    47. Twavy

      More of these mystery or 10k!!

    48. ilose hahajk


    49. Mr Conquer

      This is mrbeast ultra pro max LITE

    50. Corpz


    51. saltysally

      i almost cried when jarvis answered lower to the faze chain

    52. Kalyssa Cole W

      The spin tye wheel is gambling lmao

    53. Lanah Nguyen

      u a simp why did addison got 10k but the others got like 800 or 300 loll jp

    54. FH CLAN

      She can smell it

    55. HenryORama


    56. Moy Castro

      tubi low key hard

    57. Apollo

      Kay becoming mr beast

    58. IShowSpeed Clips

      10:20 but its christmas..... posted on 9th jan

    59. Viktor Elí Jónsson

      So good videó

    60. Brandon peters

      I love cash can I be in FaZe? Please

    61. Jordi Najera

      I’m going to adapt a kid get it

    62. QUEEN OF IP'S


    63. George Floyd


    64. Sam Alatina

      bro that aisan guy when hes about to go with that 100$ faze kay says 200$ and all of a sudden 'yh of course'

    65. TheBossJayXD

      Funny how they give everyone else a chance to win up to1k cash but for summer she gets to win 10k is this just me

      1. Mcdonald's Big Mac

        He's such a gentleman 😅

    66. Who wels has been watching faze clan for 7 years

    67. Luke McDonald


    68. Fishing Legend

      Im so sad that rice lost all that money

      1. Fishing Legend

        No homo

    69. DeAdLy AhMeD

      The new Mr beast

    70. Deagamind

      Popcorn seeds...... LMAO

    71. Frazier rlly said "Yo nican"

    72. Mozakir Miah

      Don't become mister beast mate noooo

    73. eitan rasiuk

      Can we give a moment to the thumbnail that he got straight from mrbeast

    74. Zakaria Ankoum

      Mr beast2.0

    75. Joe G

      Kay said exspecteded 😂

    76. The Alpha

      I thought it said mystery girl lol

    77. Rayyan Islam

      Kay simping

    78. Beafyclaws

      2:13 rice gum saw it landed on red

    79. Alxsles


    80. John Cena

      Go this no Christmas

    81. Ar1an Skywalker

      LIT video babyyyy

    82. Just Corx

      My anxiety 2:42 📈📈📈📈📈📈

    83. L1amzii

      popcorn “seeds” it’s popcorn cernal

    84. Wendell Xinos

      The giddy george intrestingly drop because forest dentsply saw beside a abrupt anger. aback, wakeful paste

    85. More Than Words x James

      Summer is hot asf 😜

    86. Puny 56


    87. Kaif

      It’s fun watching people win things

    88. Massiel Sanchez


    89. IvikRBLX Clips

      Would you rather have Jarvis or ultimate simp?

    90. Fran_Editzz

      Ps 5 dosent cost 875dollars when u were giving rice 800 u said that is 2 ps5ves btw super vid

    91. Eric BND

      Do this with randoms not millionaires good vid tho

    92. Si Heyman

      Mindofrez: so Kaylen, So where we landing at? So where we landing at?

      1. Jay wuvs you

        Pls do not say other youtubers in vids

    93. SOL viperz

      Me: each the video at 12 in the morning

    94. Caiden Riebold

      "popcorn seeds"-Kay

    95. YT V1p3r3x

      6:31 yo knee can

    96. Climitz

      All I’m saying is mrbeast cough cough

    97. Norma Rivas


    98. Kaitlyn Schmelzer

      Popcorn seeds 😂

    99. Balarke Clips

      popcorn seeds lmao

    100. hector aranda

      Me when I heard faze banks say my little pony: am I dreaming