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    We got a Challenge from FaZe Rug to Argue in front of our Friends as a Prank! ft. @FaZe Jarvis @RiceGum @HanRidge @FaZe Nikan @TeaWap @FaZe Rug
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    1. Funny noodle

      That wax strip went skirt

    2. Joe Lossen

      Bro Jarvis face when he ripped hair off his stomach loooooool


      When teawap cried i was laughing so hard

    4. fortnite edit god

      jarvis is ripped

    5. Cute birdie

      Omg his name is Kay not faze Kay becs he got kicked from faze

    6. Blue Senpai Weeb

      the way you moved when the ice touched you

    7. LF_ Caleb

      6:39 mans poured it on him self

    8. LF_ Caleb

      6:26 his little run to the scream tho 🤣🤣

    9. Col Bis

      Tea wap went from this😂 to this 😭 so fast😂😂😂

    10. Zach Nora

      How do you people watch this garbage?😩

    11. Chem_ 691


    12. María Nieto

      "No snakes"

    13. ItsItachiPlayZ uchiha

      Rices hair cut lol

    14. Connor Maas


    15. Tae Tui

      When the first guy goes, "I can make you food." You keep someone like that around for life.

      1. Fisshylol

        Thats nikan

    16. Landon Jones


    17. Fortyprogamer ,

      8:00 LOLL WHEN HE SAID you can be talking about alex busted head shape

    18. allan jaejae

      Is Jarvis and Hannah dating?

    19. Darth detacher

      They made him cry

    20. GG Coffee

      Bro poor Teawap

    21. chef rainbow blaunt

      poor ricegum looked so confused and lost!

    22. Addison_Cuffe

      it just hit me when teawap started crying and they were laghing at him

    23. takuache stormz

      teawaps face when frazier said it has lettuce on it 8:20

    24. Latentr

      we all love ricecum

    25. Migs M



      When TeaWap cried i felt upset too lol he looked so sad

    27. Elite_clan

      Teawap is so funny 😂 I littatly could not hold it in I started to laugh

    28. 10% Jovaa

      on TeaWaps part i just saw something and looked at the video where jarvis pranked the world that he played fortnite and it was tea who was playing bru am i dumb?

    29. sniqx

      Was ‘twap actually crying

    30. alvarin pinguin

      Calle 26

    31. Triton Fernandez

      It’s ok tewap

    32. Aden Ali Mohamed

      this brothers they positivity is maad.

    33. NeonSs

      Wait. Was TeaWap actually crying?

    34. GHOULz and dolls

      Its amazing to know i used to go to the same school as jarvis

    35. Daniel Gutierrez

      Rice is cooked💀💀

    36. just_viper

      7:48 when you get the last Chip

    37. Salty_ Fries12_

      It feels wired seeing rice gum in a video after he’s been gone for like a year.

    38. Itz Devin

      Dude Hannah is hilarious 😂😂😂

    39. joaquin Rocha

      Wow they made him cry 😭

    40. Shadow gaming


    41. S TK

      Cool but my boy Teewap was violating lmfao

    42. Tristan ramcjaran

      I think tewap new it was a prank like if agree 👍

    43. Gaming Tube NL

      ‘So more food for me guys’ teewap-2021

    44. LFT Trxnz

      Teawap you guys arguing about food it’s 2021 Teawap really called out all the things to argue about

    45. Lil Shrek 69

      Why would he text a girl if he had a girlfriend

    46. kade dean

      this is how you know there really prancing because someone saw the camera

    47. 999 aka clarity

      Teawqap cried LMAO

    48. Czerr

      Teawap has such a big heart ❤️

    49. Jesus Delgado Torres

      How’s here after the fight

    50. Mr. Chorizo

      Where’s the honeymoon😂

    51. J

      Jarvy would obv win the fight…

    52. Michel Reyes

      Bro if this did this now Jarvis would knockout Kay

    53. NHKD

      I was waiting for someone to throw smash stuff

    54. Quan n9

      teawap had me rolling 😭😭

    55. Manuel macias

      4:46 Jarvis celebrating after the knock out 😳

    56. SRYFT

      Me and my brother would do this for free LOL

    57. Josh Rojaw

      Bilonare rapper no one knows him

    58. OoShqdom

      lol teaquo

    59. Fahim Arman

      Did anybody laugh when jarvis got hurted

    60. Shurog 1

      Wait did teawap actually cry or he’s trolling 😭

    61. abdalain

      plz do this again

    62. Flyerman75

      The fact that Teeqo is like, Hey you can barrow my bike😀 is just nice

    63. saar

      watching this now jarvis may have won if they got into a fight..

    64. Peacefulbeet857

      The over use of the word bro has pissed me off

    65. Jonathan Santos

      Your INSANE BRO

    66. Mystery b maker

      So they are actually married now it was official

    67. Jonathan Rodriguez

      The billionaire saw the camera 🤦‍♂️

      1. Jonathan Rodriguez

        I didn’t see the whole thing 😅

    68. ryftzツ

      i felt so sad when teawap started crying

      1. Zayo


    69. Jennie Corralejo

      And guys he is a good editer

    70. Jennie Corralejo

      Poor tewap 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

    71. adwqrf3w sfvdsfaw

      tewap crying almost made me cry i love tewap hes my fav

      1. Jennie Corralejo

        Mine to

    72. Hunter Kramer

      Why did I get Low-key mad in this video like I wanted to legit fight

    73. james m

      Tewap crying over food he’s so funny

    74. Trixer

      At this point they’re just passing around 10K 😂

      1. Zikra El Zobair

        wait are hannah and jarvis actually dating

    75. GMRpiano

      Teawap is amazing

    76. Jake

      FaZe clan is literally filled with nice peopl

    77. yara andrade

      Jarvis gf look like she could be his mom

      1. Zikra El Zobair

        i don’t think she’s his gf they just joke around

    78. Samuel Laltlanhlua

      Frazier is the best big brother 😂

    79. Joker

      They’re terrible at arguing with eachother 😂

      1. Josh Rojaw

        Fr they talking about a bike and all of them saw camera

    80. Jamari Turner


    81. S F

      Teawapp is just the kinh

    82. Bharan Kalasapati

      at 8:26 you can see teawap face getting red

    83. Bharan Kalasapati

      how did teawap cry bro they were not even fighting about him

    84. chills

      Is tewap actually crying???

    85. MM Maluku

      Teeqo the goat 'You can use my bike'

    86. Michael Hidalgo

      4:45 😂😂😂😂

    87. 369 Miless

      Teawap Crying got me laughing

    88. Dutch Gilmore

      I like watching your guys videos together because it reminds me of me and my older brother before he passed away, now I can just reminisce through you two.

    89. ׂ

      close your eyes at 4:44 and let your mind imagine

    90. Mr.Handykite

      Frazier is now like morgz bruh

    91. Chxillyy

      Teawap was actually crying that’s is why he is my favorite faze member he is a legend

      1. Mori

        He was not lmao you’re 100% a kid thinking that

    92. PrismYT - CODM

      TeaWap was LEGIT 👍🏻

    93. HyPr x Syke

      When she don’t stop after the nut 4:46

    94. Larceny

      “That more food for me”

    95. Erica Bravo

      Why does teawap cry like that

    96. Auston kuiper

      That is how me and my brother and sisters act like

    97. Jorge Carrillo

      No broo teawap when he crying that makes me sad because he seeing his best friend fighting over food

    98. btw goku

      My favorite reaction is teawaps 😂

    99. Lil Chink

      So does Kay always say bro or what?

    100. Jomomma

      How much u wanna bet that they told faze rug to say that lol