Sapnap & George REACT to "Mask Music Video"


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    Mask Official Music Video

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    1. mrdetective

      Alguien de latam por aquí?.__.

    2. Durga KV

      bro is dream is a kid he is so cute i think he has a blue eyes like ben10 but they are dead silent readcted for a small amount of clips i fell so bored i dont see geroge ansd sapnap so silent it is so funny .

      1. Durga KV

        not blue green

    3. Ahmad Zaiem

      Dream animation

    4. D Salazar

      The add tho-

    5. IDontBreakHoles

      Speech: ''What is that, is that a mask?'' ''Is that what dream looks like wut.'' ''Hehe what did he just say staring at the ceilling.'' ''Thats what he looks like right'' Me: Forgets i'm watching a reaction video because ''Wait is that you and me?!'' I think that mask gives him a sense of happiness so he can game ''It's us again!!'' ''Thats me!'' then.. ''What do you think george?'' ''Say something. lol

    6. Rasmus Christoffersen

      just take it off nobody cares

    7. Selianol

      i swear dream in this looks like 8 year old me tried making ben 10 as my x-box avatar

    8. deoil1027

      Wait cocomelon made this?

    9. -roblox edits-

      bruh why george and sapnap only react when their in the video-

    10. Hailey Weeks

      Freddie Mercury is also british

    11. Marathon Public Library Texas

      YTP dream eats the pills

    12. ALegitPineapple

      What did I just watch

    13. sahar1213

      even they dont have youtube premium..

    14. Abigail

      Right when there ad ended I got an ad

    15. SR-UTTI

      New title of video: Sapnap& George getting excited seeing themselves in dream mask 😂

    16. DefenRR

      I’m weird

    17. Clara Panofsky

      Me: Has extreme social anxiety Dream: Is scared and sad and wants to hide himself Me after I see the song: 😟 Damn we are going through practically the same things...

    18. BeatSaberMaster100

      I want them to react to the sus version

    19. Sapnap BG


    20. Gan Yuki ;3

      This is so cool i hear the music whenever im sad i want ro say thank you to dream ;D

    21. Pach-o-rra!


    22. Kat-rina the loner

      I feel like theres a depressed part to dream that we dont know and this is just him showing it

    23. Walroos

      Why the test paper have wet napkin graphics tho

    24. salted salt

      They had the nerve to hire a cocmelon worker to make the animations in this video

    25. Gabriel Gonzales

      Yo they reacting to cocomelon ft. Dweam

    26. Farhath Begum

      They should react to the sus remix

    27. Samir aziz

      George be like ' I don't care about the song let me see myself in this song'

    28. TheAestheticCoconutYT

      Welp, that's the excitement of them seeing themselves-

    29. FetterChihuahua

      omg banger i love it now i have depressions

      1. Raftbaft

        bro what

    30. Nic4

      They have like no reaction

    31. Masondoesyoutubestuff

      Sapnap & George don't understand the meaning do they? its that Dream has been doing this since he was a kid and that he is also kinda depressed he is pressured by his school, anxiety ,friends ,and family

    32. Spitfire

      When Dream threw away the normal pills every 14 year old white girl felt that

    33. Bobby Johnson


    34. InfiniteConsole

      George and Sap are holding back the urge to call this bad because they need the dream friend cloud

    35. •Purple cow•

      Everyone: watching the video Me : is dream wearing a crop top👀

    36. Ompa Lompa

      I cannot explain how horrifyingly terrible this song is

    37. Curtis Garza

      George and sapnap not saying anything to not offend anyone

    38. Master ninjas3

      Is that me and u that's us sap and George

    39. Souls Borne Gamer

      These are real bros right here! Wish I could have friends like this.

    40. Vedato

      Its not good its cringy

    41. Zac Japanese of my name btw ザック

      Lol That Im Ok Bitch Is So Funny Just Dream Saying Am Ok Bitch

    42. Melinda Haggerty

      Poor George and snapnap

    43. MarshallPotato De Franciade

      Wow such poggers my friend and I are so good time fun time yeah man like you know like you like pizza party at chucky cheese's, like we blasted this song in front of the whole school and hospital haha lol epic derp time yeah like yah

      1. Cheese graters


    44. Cheese graters

      omg this song almost made me cry its so damn bad holy shit

      1. MarshallPotato De Franciade

        @Cheese graters Wow your so loser, i fink u are sad child from scool who can't even say the abc's, I dided those like 20 derp years

      2. Cheese graters

        @MarshallPotato De Franciade no this song sucks

      3. MarshallPotato De Franciade

        imagine saying it so bad, u r bad idiot

    45. Dawn Cecil

      sapnap and george its dream

    46. Pari Datar

      At first I thought they would feel bad or something bc I watched the vid so yeah like I bet that was actually dream in his childhood and George likes dream so yeah

    47. Dasha Jane Playz

      They didnt even sound shock when they see Dream’s face

    48. Cole Kiselica

      Hog rieder

      1. MarshallPotato De Franciade

        Hog rieder

    49. Cole Kiselica

      I hate drean

      1. Cole Kiselica

        @MarshallPotato De Franciade smartest people in the world lol

      2. Cole Kiselica

        Ok first of all dram fakes his Speedrun sand he admitted to it and second of all gorge and snap nap are bad at Minecraft

      3. MarshallPotato De Franciade

        drean is so good, he speedrun all those manhunts vid he always won with like a trilion kills and so smart was he because he beat george and sapnap and they are the like the most smart people in the whole wide world, you know their yeah

      4. Cheese graters

        d r e a n

    50. Hyde L


    51. Hyde L

      Do you know what dreams face looks like

    52. Biodigital Jazz

      that's what my sleep paralysis demon looks like

    53. foxzzz

      He's crying is dog shit 🖕🤣🤣🤣🤣

    54. Ricky Walker


      1. Karyn Hollis

        What shut up

    55. Family Gang

      I love this song

    56. Perla Morales

      It almost made me cry

    57. Alex Gamer

      google says dream has ADHD that’s sad for him I love dream and his manhunt videos

    58. swag mcswag

      that video is the most shit thing in existence

    59. OllyWood 16

      Dream face reveal conformed

    60. Bruhsius Momentus

      The song was shit lol.

    61. Camilla Welen


      1. Camilla Welen

        I am thinking something it feels dum

    62. Rafael Garcia

      Well they said a lot

    63. Christopher Bishop

      Is thats dreams face in the video massive props to him 👏 well done dream 👏 👍

    64. froggo

      bro they said 4 words

    65. Pikachuu Gaming YT

      "What is that is that a mask?" I'm just dead inside laughing

    66. Jake Ronald

      These idiots encouraged this pathetic mess. It’s insulting to people with actual depression. Dream is a millionaire who is pretending to have troubles in a music video to cover the fact he made some bad choices.

    67. Memory Shorts

      You guys call me a "stan" all you want, I feel bad for him he isn't a movie producer, it's not gonna be perfect. Keep in mind he's a Minecraft youtuber.

    68. darkdevil

      401th comment

    69. 『∘𝕎∘𝕠∘𝕝∘𝕗∘』

      Why aren't they subscribed to him? ;w;

    70. TetereteXDGURL

      Tears Wet My Phone

    71. Jim Singletary

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    72. blue boy

      While I was watching the video I completely forgot about Sapnap and George are reacting

    73. coochie kookie

      George :wait is that us Hahaha *sigh* loud silence

    74. potatomanpeaches

      this music video has the same energy as those antidepressant commercials with the cardboard smiley faces

    75. Ninja Typist

      dream cheated lol

    76. The best winner

      How does he see in the mask if it doesn’t have any holes on the eyes

    77. Charcoalair

      how does he see through the mask is the real question

    78. Andrew Galaviz

      bro you can just tell how badly they want to say it’s awful 💀 all they have to say about it is “oh look there I am” i’d be cringing out my body if one of my friends made something like this

    79. Mr. Airhead 2

      They were so quiet watching the vid

    80. Ava_gamezzz

      They only cared when they were in it💀

    81. Shelf

      Why does his faces bone structure change in every scene

    82. Tiffany Edwards

      DAATМЕ ❤️ ⏩ !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

    83. Morpho Butterflyz

      3:31 i would like to point out garcello to the right

    84. xzguy

      1:53 dream is actually smart and dream is in his 20s

    85. ♡MINT•TEA♡

      This is the first time I've seen sapnaps face

    86. its_Whiteybitie

      Gorege: Is that a marsk?

    87. Almine Danger

      "what is that?" "is that a mask?" *No, it's a floor decoration*

      1. Johnty

        Don't turn on captions for that part

      2. Abby Awesome

        George said “Mosk”

      3. StarrFam2003 _S

        Lol and bruh

      4. Tyler Duffe


    88. TopHat

      dream is cute was carrton

    89. Reece Sherry

      So cool

    90. BeanieBella

      The dude in the door looks like the protagonist from hello neighbor

    91. XxxMcNuggwtsxxX [Anti-Mennard]

      Most of the budget went into Dream's white shirt

      1. FireFERN17

        They actually use a fabric wrinkling software so idk wth they were using the budget for but it wasn't even that

    92. Alaina Dorsey

      I'm sorry but 😭

    93. Duck Master

      Disappointed how they didn't laugh at how bad the animation is-

    94. TheDarkRk9

      I SEE ROADTRip

    95. LDH Music

      George: is that what dream looks like- Sapnap: oh yea sure these clowns 🔥🔥🔥

    96. Rene Ortiz

      the day this came out i had a dentist appointement. but i missed it bc i was at mexico lol

    97. sayingamerYT

      Sapnap x dream never look this up :/ you will see bad things

      1. Shardstream

        sounds scary

    98. Luna Meredith

      The silence is so loud omg

    99. joe powell

      Normal reaction channels: video 3:04 there video 10:00:00 George and sapnap: video 3:04 there video 3:04

    100. hellothere_84

      Sapnap: it’s us! George: it’s me!