Reacting to the FaZe Jarvis Knockout


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    Jarvis just dropped something he's been working on for a while.

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    1. FaZe Jarvis

      WE DID IT

      1. Johnjack Revell

        Jarvis you knocked him out like no tomorrow lol 😂😂

      2. JamieYT Davis

        Let’s gooo

      3. Arman Juma

        I am so happy 😁😢

      4. Monster gaming


      5. Patricia Mayorga

        You play good

    2. KaYz

      No more Faze oof

    3. Big Fungus is the best

      Where’s the vid where faze Jarvis reacts to the knockout that Kay got out of faze

    4. Underrated Izz HD

      Feelings in video Beginning=Nervous Middle=Crazy Ending=Emotional

    5. j jdelany81

      Protect your family at any price, they're only a few like you and it's your brothers and sisters they're the only ones just like you, the only ones made by the same thing that made you. I'd give them my all and they'll do the same for me.

    6. CM Notes


      1. Daniel Aguilar

        You’re gay

    7. Isaac Kestner

      It’s seems like every Tik tokers got knocked out by You-tubers

    8. Isabella Nelike

      Jarvis bro 😁

      1. Isabella Nelike

        Michael el vs Jarvis Bro

    9. LTS_saucey ?

      Yo Kay calm down g 😂

    10. Levery

      Kay is scary

    11. Itzael Perez

      Yo what happened to faze kay

    12. george davila

      Kay was def coked out

    13. Luke Fry

      Bro I was dying laughing of how loud Kay was screaming. Hahaha

    14. Gabe Itch

      Ssj2 gohan and goku:

    15. dophline Mohammed alsultan


    16. unleaf

      Yes fuckingggg gpoooooooo

    17. Not Pk

      Now ur knocked out of faze lol

    18. Moussa a

      2:44 when I finished my 100 assey

    19. Squiddie beanz :P

      the meaning of brotherhood :

    20. dophline Mohammed alsultan

      Jarvis would be storng even more MORE MORE what be happend

    21. Hydrothegoon Hi

      You can see Frazier bout to cry he is proud of Jarvis

    22. RayzzflowerX

      Micheal le deserves the W but GG Jarvis.

    23. MBS11


    24. sniperjax

      Jarvis always wins bro Me: you should of turn on your aimbot.

    25. Dazzlerr.

      This video feels different now 😂

    26. Abdulmajeed Albiziui

      Next Donald mustard after that faze banks

    27. S1ke 2.0 Psycho Fortnite Name: ClappedBySeby

      Kay why did faze kick you out

    28. BadBadshaGames

      Jarvis is pretty great at Boxing!

    29. Jamie Tuataane

      How come kay was seating more than jarvis

    30. PJ

      I feel sorry for Le but a mans got to do what a mans got to do

    31. hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      G hd we

    32. Eileen Mulqueen

      My bud isn’t in faze anymore I’m sad

    33. Rayaan

      FaZe Jarvis vs Bryce Hall That Would Be Sick

    34. Marlon Gomez

      * When the referee tries to stop the fight at the knock out * , Jarvis:* knock out micheal le anyways *

    35. Oliver Benitez Eaton

      Good job Jarvis I'm proud

    36. Jimi Jickson

      Love how Frazier got sweaty just from yelling. Lol

    37. Jackson Folh

      the knockout reaction when jarvis knocked out le,jarvis says is that it then screams

    38. Oscar Wark


    39. Andy Tran

      You looked demonic screaming.

    40. DragonViner

      Kay is the best brother. -DragonViner

    41. Tiffany Elum

      Kay was

    42. tabitha wright

      I hate them no offense

    43. Малкия пичага

      Bro his reaction tho is showing how much he really loves him and how proud he is and also he has a brother beast

    44. Junior Rodriguez

      I think Jarvis is the only one that got actual good at boxing 🥊 ‼️‼️🌹

    45. Qayyum Mohd Diah

      No more faze huh? Hahahaha


      This needs to be back ....Faze kay....

      1. Bing


    47. Anthony Cerulli

      If ksi fought at this event he would of destroyed vinnie hacker

    48. Anthony Cerulli

      Team youtube destroyed team tiktok but i only deji won

    49. Jacob Chris

      Jarvis epic games should let you back in fortnight congrats dude 🤟👍❤️❤️🙏🙏

    50. scatterzs

      Your craked at boxing jarvis

    51. MEME • 60 years ago

      Nobody: Kay:jarvissssssssssss jarvissssss

    52. Daniel Garcia

      Yo I was there it was sick

    53. Kenrished

      This aged well…

    54. ECGAMER88 PRO

      YEEES SIIR!!!!!

    55. Reece Loveridge

      He was sweating more then Jarvis

    56. TYGAlex

      Idk but I almost cried lmao

    57. Gonzo gick

      2:31 daddy chill

    58. Ivana Lucic

      Almost a month

    59. jackiemburu


    60. Vytyea Ly

      Reacting u guy got kick

    61. Seagull Friendly

      Lays reaction is like me when I watch a keen being arrested😌

    62. Pixel

      Who is here after he got kicked from FaZe?

    63. muzzin


    64. Clarence

      The thumbnail reminds me of a drunk guy shouting


      kay was sweating more than jarvis


      kay was sweating more than jarvis

    67. Satinder Kang

      YO YO

    68. Riece


    69. Mailyn nguyen

      Oh my god that sacred me when he Scearmed Jarvis

    70. Cool Chaos

      This is a joke Jarvis: playing fortnite a year ago, When jarvis gets banned,fighting people

    71. Jacob Ramirez

      Dude I got pissed I thought he was gonna lose

    72. Starxy

      Kay’s reaction is everything

    73. SuperNintendoBros

      Seeing how happy kay was in this thumbnail then now hes sad just makes me feel bad for him

      1. BASEBALL Videos

        @J and n Gaming he did something bad thought

      2. J and n Gaming


    74. Armando Reyes Sr.

      Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeesh!!!

    75. ŠUŹ!

      Whos here after he got kicked😕

      1. DA O_O

        Me :(

      2. AyKxs


      3. Amelia

        Sadly me😓😓😓😓😓

    76. RedTh3ft

      Love the video man also congrats Jarvis! But did it say in hard Rock stadium where the dolphins play?

    77. Tobias Valk



      So sad to see him go from faze kay to just kay. No matter what I still support this man cause he is always spreading so much love and positivity. Sure what he did was screwed up but we all make mistakes, sometimes they are bigger than the others but I still support him.

      1. Matt Benson

        Deluded 15 year olds smh

      2. 2j

        Absolutely man I 100% Agree man I love you Kay you will make it through this homie you did nothing wrong.

      3. Bhavya Shokeen

        Is that you Kay?

    79. FiNn

      Yo kay you should be in the boxing ring right now

    80. Santosh Gulati

      Faze Kay to Kay 🙄 OOO sus

    81. Jzr

      Brother love❤

    82. BBG Scopez

      He didn’t even knock him out he stund back up


      Kay went from 😢to 👿😡👹👺

    84. Michael Finocchiaro

      That’s a lot of neck veins

    85. Honor

      Who else got goosebumps watching this lol

    86. Jonny Gantulga


    87. Jonny Gantulga

      w bro this demon

    88. Sasha's Potato

      ouch sorry "kay" you dont have a faze in ur name now srry. bullshit

    89. ashKash Fan 264

      Reacting to Kay being kicked out of FaZe

    90. TTV HATAKE

      Will you use your chaneel

    91. Michelle Smith

      So I saw the fight online but Kay not knowing 3 weeks later he's kicked from faze

    92. Kyrainnskii

      No one: Kay: yeasss yeasssssss yessssssssssssssssssssss

    93. Arda Erciyas

      Everibody could see jarvis Will win at the start

    94. Twister

      1 day you're on top of the world and 2 weeks later you're kicked from faze... Life moves crazy lol damn

    95. Affan Ahmed

      wish you wouldn't have been kicked from faze

    96. Jishnu Shah

      Faze Kay no longer anymore. Only Kay now. I am crying

    97. Luigy De La Cruz

      Kays is crazy

    98. Tmjc 10


      1. William Valverde

        Kay was the one who got kicked

      2. William Valverde


      3. not me XD

        He got kicked from faze gg

    99. XboxSaiyan

      Micheal le fanbase: fight back bruh. Micheal le rn: EyE cOnTaCTs FeLl oUt

    100. proxzy

      FaZe Rug 5 seconds before the knockout: I feel a round 2 knockout here, I feel it