100 Layers of Fortnite Materials Vs FaZe Jarvis


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    Extreme 100 Layers of Fortnite Materials Challenge *Wood vs Brick vs Metal* ft. @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Kay

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    1. Kay

      subscribe or we'll destroy ur house

      1. Annie Lee

        Can y not destroy my house

      2. Noah Blanco


      3. My Xbox name is reanimate pc


      4. My Xbox name is reanimate pc

        @Arman8565 ok bet

      5. quFN

        ok not to far kay

    2. NonnyB Adventures

      Jarvis and Kay are beasts

    3. Team CPU

      Bro forget cobra Kai Kay is the next karate kid

    4. Mohamed Bentaleb

      And like or we will steal your car

    5. Prixe is a cutie

      He was using hacks like fortnite

    6. Tryg

      8:35 pause

    7. ARL Benjy


    8. Sk_powder

      Jarvis: i cant braethe Me: how yo talking bruv

    9. My Xbox name is reanimate pc


    10. Elite iglepigle

      Love your goggles

    11. SNM_SALTY

      Who here after they got kicked from faze

    12. 1on3


    13. Catchwave22

      You can be a subscription builder mate

    14. zackillaa

      when you broke in i got so happy i watch all your vids i want a shout out love you guys

    15. X2broz Gaming19

      i wish jarvis could play with me on fortnite

    16. X2broz Gaming19

      tell jarvis i said hi and i feel sorry maybe for jarvis you could add me fraizer on fortnite little_soulja8

    17. X2broz Gaming19

      liked and subed for yous gys

    18. Flappzy

      I could do it in 10 mins you should pry it with your hands after pulling it with a pickaxe

    19. ZyroFn

      8:31 he was gargling alright😂

    20. Voltz

      Bro they needed the star wand no cap

    21. Aqua Reps

      100 lyer dude that was 4

    22. Obby_dev

      When Jarvis realises doing this challenge counts as playing fort nite😭😭😭

    23. Tyrone Sorra

      When a mystery box is actually worth it

    24. Shaheer Memon

      That was crazy

    25. jmjchumphries

      Not gonna lie Jarvis In the beginning looks sick/dope in that outfit especially with the visor thing.

    26. Semin Tutic


    27. Envy Crunk

      Imagine the prize was Jarvis getting unbanned

    28. LaZard 74

      It took fster for the brick and material than the wood

    29. Tariq Ismail

      r.i.p. headphone users

    30. Jason and Jodi Williams

      your insane jarvis

    31. jacob shorts

      You didnt whant to use tools suddenly you have a weel with number that probably magically went there

    32. Lajhár

      9:29 listen with eyes closed :))

    33. Jesus loves you all

      Jesus loves you all

    34. Jesus loves you all

      Jesus loves you yes you

    35. Jesus loves you all

      Jesus loves you

    36. Jesus loves you all

      Jesus loves you all

    37. Angelo Ryan

      Me: All the stuff that was in there they bought it

    38. Jose Pena

      Faze kay- Yes yes Jarvis yes keep going 😂😂

    39. Big nut Change my


    40. Thomas Is Broken

      100 layers more like 3 layers

    41. Thomas Ristau

      POV those Jordan’s are worth more than 10k

    42. Dude with a Boner

      At the metal part of the video it sounded so weird

      1. Dude with a Boner

        (Kay) I try the little side I need to try the big one

      2. Dude with a Boner

        (Kay) This is the hardest think I have did in my life

      3. Dude with a Boner

        (Jarvis) yeah like that so much better

    43. RTYT Vlogs

      Frazier: 2000 DOLLAR PAIR OF JORDANS! The Tag On The Shoes: 11:48

    44. xstream gamingx

      8:34 thats what she said

    45. P_F_R_I_O_L

      Who cleaned all this

    46. Alex Belmontes


    47. Alex Belmontes



      Dude I would like to doThat with you guys

    49. Hadi almaleh

      Thanks Jarvis can you export something funny LoL 😂


      My earrrrrrssss

    51. Vortex

      The level of creativity that is out in their videos is really good

      1. Ghassan Basha


    52. Yvonne Hunkin

      Jarvis knocked the brick out like he knocked out micheal lee 💀 😂

    53. Jay boii

      Who clean dis up

    54. Saimir Kraja

      Bro i love sardines

    55. D

      Just get a M4 or an acl from cod it's aight

    56. Joshua Denn II

      Who is here after the knockout

    57. Stw hank

      Rip to the person who cleaned this up

    58. Trey Shipp

      who’s here when people live on mars?

    59. FleX Clan

      Imma do the cricket throw . Shows baseball throw

    60. Khaled Khashashneh

      Reinforce it, only save the world fan will get what I said

    61. Blank__yt

      Ayyo u said so far down ur throat yo I not trying tha say but ur gay

    62. Jack Cleaver

      what happened to the 100 layers

    63. Zoila Higareda


    64. The4rtics

      Pov ur here after jarvis ko'd michael le

    65. Cayden Smith

      Does I take that long to break a wall though

    66. Kane

      Lmao Jarvis had a whole hammer but couldn’t figure out how to get the nails out he was using the right by side

    67. Danerpro213

      Faze Kay:Smack it yes Me: Pause



    69. ItzNathanK

      Who is here after Jarvis knocking Michael Le out 😂

      1. Zay Zay


      2. KJLIplays


      3. Clips—FN

        Me lol

      4. TrippyGhost

        Hehe me

      5. LaZard 74

        I’m here

    70. Elam Yarber

      I’m telling epic

    71. spoken scrape


    72. Otomars Kocins

      After this vidio jarvis start cring Dont hate me jarvis just a joke

    73. Steve Smith

      What it feels like to brake in some ones box who has 0 ping.


      Frazier asked what a wrench was 😂

    75. footmcfOOT _18

      literally the most sus vid from frazier

    76. Chance Xiong

      Bro... Just edit it😃👍🏼

    77. Bradley Heath

      Was it fun cleaning lol. 😂😂

    78. Mikey Mccoll

      Fam said 2k Jordans there's a tag £85

    79. ben flores

      they couldve bought some of those things

    80. Sighrs

      Lmao the jordans said 85.99$

    81. fnaf master

      JUST EDIT!?!?!??!?

    82. Tom Cohesive Constructions

      i like fortnite

    83. Wayland Fields

      8:34 WOAHHHHHh

    84. Nicky Castillo

      Why couldn't Jarvis cheat he could have faze through the wall

      1. Fabian Ceja

        Omg so funny 😑

    85. Abdullah tiger

      Am bot gonna watch kay because his voice

    86. Kieran Lobo

      He didn't do a forfeit for that toothpaste

    87. Guiseppe Conte

      Imagine Epic Games banned Jarvis for this to 😂😂

    88. Michael Page

      Bro someone needs to give the Dangie Bros some credit for all the videos that they got from them.

    89. Savage Zak

      I feel like the brick was easier than the wood

    90. TheGency 15

      Repent for your sins to God thank him and pray to him

    91. Rayzor jrr

      Destroy my house

    92. Bryan Cabrera

      He’s tired but he’s keep doing it

    93. CecoPro_99

      Imagine not editing 🙄

    94. NOBITA999 FF

      I hope u guys get ur faze house back

    95. Jed L.O

      “Let’s do the cricket throw” Shows a photo of baseball 😂😂

      1. Cricks FN

        Init that is such an American thing to do lol

    96. Fanta. Official

      Anyone gonna talk ab the fact Jarvis is wearing motor cross armour????? 😂 🤣 😂 🤣

    97. RubixLando

      No wonder wood so expensive they bought all of it

    98. Kenny Puent

      The biggest tool of them all and a quick jab at Bryce Hall was the best! That made this video so funny!

    99. DarkMortis BS ⛩

      Randomly nikan: undwrrated

    100. Arctic Dyno

      Kay carried hard jarvis just stood back