Asking Billionaires For a Free House


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    Asking Billionaires for a Free House ft. @FaZe Jarvis @HanRidge

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    1. Jayla Mendietta

      they could just ask faze rug he has like two rooms

    2. Jason Denton

      After the video ok lemme get it back tho

    3. YouTube clips

      They arleafy made a vid with mk

    4. sad mad

      Yo did u see that there was only 2 beds... Jarvis and his gf 😏

    5. Declan Moriarity

      hope you get mony

    6. Dark Gameing


    7. Fishsticks

      Faze Kay why won’t you guys just go back to UK

    8. L3W3ND

      3:30 is it quran?

    9. Charlie Lind

      the first girl is a karen lol

    10. The toxic 8 year old

      MK be like Yeah I have 25000 Rolex’s

    11. Nicolas Pechous

      I met Connor MC Gregor in his ferrari

    12. Bonox Gamer

      The guy who was a rapper on the weekends is so good like mad respect He seems like a chill guy Faze up

    13. LegendaryPO

      That rapper and Sean have been in Kay's billionaire flex off video.....😂😝....

    14. Terri Watson


    15. Rizal Rashid


    16. Jeanine Chhiato

      The billionaire's dog's bedroom is bigger than my house.

    17. Jeanine Chhiato

      Their bathroom is bigger than my house.

    18. Felix lion907

      who tf is this rapper ?? plz someone answer me it'S clearly not the weeknd btw

    19. Karripluskarri

      Also the rapper is and the kid that said Jarvis got banned were in another video with which billionaire is the biggest flexer that’s sus

    20. zezeta mohsan

      I’m in iraq

    21. Christian Knight

      It's the stage for me

    22. Kenneth Hood

      That was MK

      1. Kenneth Hood

        And Sean

    23. XraistxYT2

      It’s script lol he said Sean but he never said his name lol

    24. Bobby Big mac

      Me watching the billion air rapper vs billon air kid flex of First I was like WTF that’s the billion air kid and rapper!!!!

    25. Orange Roblox

      Halo orange Roblox

      1. Orange Roblox

        Downtown Orlando nana nana nana nana nananananananana for is it to Papa to

    26. Jimbow Choneer


    27. Jimbow Choneer


    28. Racxer Bisenio

      IAM your biggest fan

    29. corrupted XD

      the best youtube

    30. Critter

      Just have to live when he lies thl9 other house owners like know one has let them in lies

    31. vHypnotic 223

      The watches are gone after that lol

    32. Ignacia Sánchez


    33. adam yousef

      does that guy have the Quran ??

      1. adam yousef

        @Stupid mj yea the rapper

      2. Stupid mj

        The rapper?

    34. Kaif Khan


    35. Preky_frost5

      Can I join faze and I can translate Arabic

    36. Green-king

      What the FUCK

    37. Ahmed Alfahadل. ا

      Guys did saw the Quran

    38. Aiden Hurley

      The first 2 guys you guys are friends with so stop the cap

    39. Jaylon Lott

      Is that Eddie Kingston

    40. Szakacs Matyasi Aba

      What is that face?! 5:51

    41. Danna Herrera Saldierna

      Lol the next video is literly is Billionaire kid vsBillionaire Rappers(Flex Off) with the rapper from this house 1:49

    42. Soapy Garlic

      1 month later they’re making videos with the rich people that helped them

    43. Brawl stars Devin lin mini


    44. Brayden O'Connell


    45. RVSE Str1ke

      Im pretty sure the guy that gave them the watches and the guy with the paintings because i saw in another video

    46. Noah roe

      Kay and Jarvis I love your vids ngl🥳

    47. meme clock

      Wheres your car or watch

    48. 501st

      I like how the watches just dissapeared like nothing

    49. Clutches

      3:36 my guy has a quran chillin in his room

    50. Geornick Walker

      U guys are liars

    51. FLIXY ON 60 FPS

      The last guy was nice

    52. REAL.卂卄爪卂ᗪシ

      At 3:36 ther is a quran🤗

    53. Tadgh Wallace

      Homeless and they wearing Louis Vuitton

    54. Lewis Stozza

      Where did the watches go 🤔🤔

      1. L Plug

        It’s scripted if u hadn’t realized it by now 😐

    55. Seandoyle 5


    56. Sparks

      Yo this guy is muslim bro.Faze kay go at 3:19 and pause directly and you see a book.the book is the quran.

    57. 0% Jayden

      I love how he just says oh I know that guy when they say Nicolas Cage

    58. 0% Jayden

      I like how she says that he hasn’t been in anyone’s house when the house before he was literally in their house

    59. Stxtic Shark

      The first was so scripted

      1. Stxtic Shark

        @L Plug yeah lol

      2. L Plug

        It’s all scripted every video is but it’s still entertaining 🤷‍♂️

    60. MR HEE HAW


    61. The Gamer

      Do you literally know that guy he’s a billionaire

    62. Nutshell

      The rapper was in biliionare rapper vs billionare kid

    63. Samira Loukili

      3:36 he had a koran my man is muslim

    64. CPC Shrizzils

      Best video ever🤪

    65. Nicolas Smith

      Yo they did a video with the rapper

    66. Fryze

      3:19 he has qur'an

    67. Shutey

      That first girl is just a gold digger laughing that she married a billionaire and csn just take alot of his assets

    68. Milan Fonteyn

      I think it was a friend of kay

    69. Squidtuber

      Bro he says where homeless and he has a Louis voiutan

    70. Earth Codm

      I love how the rapper gived them watches but when they leave they dont have it on so the rapper didnt even give them the watch

    71. Yared Miller

      Where are their watches?

    72. Obito

      Bru thats kc from the vid

    73. regina kambalu banda

      Is it not weird to do that

    74. Shamas Ali

      The person who let them stay is a nice guy

    75. Mr krabs


    76. Helal Uddin

      That kid with that wolf I saw on faze rug

    77. Joshua garcia


    78. Joshua garcia

      Sea School

    79. Kallypso

      Dude if I was em, I won't blur out the face of that rude lady in the beginning of the video 😐💔

    80. AryaAC

      2:22 that man has a platinum plaque on the wall he's a rapper for sure

    81. кrρτσท

      First person is addison rae

    82. TheSisterPlayz

      I’m from Middle East

    83. Zachy Zach

      Faze kay: there's an elevator Me: the faze house did too

    84. Escty

      5:11 women moment

    85. light_fade halo

      the rapper is literally somebody they recorded before

    86. 1v1 Channel

      i love how he just met the guy and the guy hasn't introduced himself and frazier says shuan like he knows him lol

    87. Weston Russell

      That's there friends they were in a video

    88. tasherly Samuel

      I like your video ☺ being homeless is very.. hard . The volcano in my country St Vincent erupted on Friday the 9th and is still ongoing thousands have been evacuated from their homes I'm at a shelter right now and we need help urgently .food, water ,clothing toys medications I pray for all the families that are homeless keep the faith and may God bless and keep you safe. 💕

    89. BLK KING

      The rapper was good❤️

    90. R. Robert

      This video is cap.

    91. speako JR


    92. Shane & Cynthia Warren

      Bruh loook at his shirt

    93. hasina islam

      Do you have contact with faZe rug

    94. Jurlon Santana

      ᴼⁿˡʸ ᴾᵒᵍᵍᵉʳˢ ᶜᵃⁿ ᴿᵉᵃᵈ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ

    95. ftghhj jk

      I like how Frazier says we're poor but he's wearing a lous Vuitton T shirt

    96. Vincent Saliby

      bro imagine they were thieves but he didn't let that get in his way

    97. Troy Parker

      The oval grandson ultrastructually lock because fine problematically roll across a adventurous mailbox. thinkable, rabid canada

    98. Mattq

      the one that i used : It is intended for all platforms!

    99. Jack Doran

      “We are homeless” *wearing a Louis Vuitton shirt*

    100. Max55