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    O Saiyyonii composed and written by maestro Himesh Reshammiya and sung by Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal is a song which has a very rustic folkish vibe with a very contemporary beat and the tune is like a breath of fresh air with lyrics depicting the sizzling chemistry between two lovers who are exploring each other in their courtship phase which is always the most beautiful era of a romantic journey , all that can be said about O Saiyyonii is that the vibe of this timeless melody will take you to on roller coaster ride of love and personal memories.

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    Song: O Saiyyonii
    Music & Lyrics By: Himesh Reshammiya
    Singer: Pawandeep Rajan & Arunita Kanjilal
    Music Programmer’s: Suhas Parab, Subhash Parab, Priyesh Vakil & Barzin Contractor.
    Mixed and Mastered: Salman Shaikh at HR Musik Studio
    Assistant Mixing Engineer: Anudutt Shamain
    Electric Guitar: Deepak Sinha
    Blessings : Vipin Reshammiya & Madhu Reshammiya
    Produced By: Himesh Reshammiya Melodies
    Featuring: Pawandeep Rajan & Arunita Kanjilal
    Project Consultant: Jitendra Patel
    Finance Consultant: Chintan Patel
    Consulting Producer: M.P. Singh
    Editor: Rishabh Gupta
    Executive Producer: Rajendra Bhikaji Toraskar
    Finance & Account Manager: Rahul Sheth & Prakash Serrao
    In house Marketing: Ravi Desai
    In house A & R: Vishnu Iyer
    Digital Promotion - Being Digital
    PR Team: Communique Film PR
    Legal Advisor: Tapas Dasgupta
    Himesh Reshammiya Staff: Nilesh Dubey, Roshan Sav & Pradeep Kumar Ray
    Make Up: Vijay Dhamne & Sanjay J Kargutkar
    Hair Stylist: Kavita Patil
    Publicity Design: Loki’s Studio -Sachin Maruti Lokhande & Atul Janardan Tarkar
    Production Boys: Omprakash Yadav, Gopendu Patta, Santosh Maru, & Sandeep Dangle
    Hospitality: Yogesh B. Bhatt
    Special Thanks: Ingrooves Team www.ingrooves.com/

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    1. Himesh Reshammiya Melodies

      For me O Saiyyoni will always be one of my personal favourite as it’s completely out of the box melody with a very unconventional beat and vibe to it where every phrase of the song has been made breaking all rules and keeping in mind the chemistry of those lovers who experience romance each day in a new form and package and are having immense fun during this beautiful journey of discovering love each day - Himesh Reshammiya

      1. Muskan Toshniwal

        Sir please one solo with arunita

      2. Kameshwar 2M

        मां बाप के जिंदगी गुजर गई, बेटी के कपड़े पहनाने में और बेटी ने कपड़े उतार दि Instagram के followers बढ़ाने में 😜 क्या जमाना आ गया 😂

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        이 노래는 정말 좋고 내가 가장 좋아하는 노래 ❤️❤️

      5. Rima Jana

        Sir ak request......we want arunita 's solo

    2. Manish Negi

      Super duper song

    3. Desi Gabru Chora

      Uttar Pradesh Anthem inhomes.info/level/u5mYbpJ8ccvdnZ4/v-iy 🚩


      Mera abhi tk ka sbse favourite song and melody beats too

    5. A K

      Very good, very good....fantastic work 👭

    6. Nilofa USA

      Excellent song

    7. Deepender Singh

      Nice song sir 👌👌

    8. Loknath Das

      This is super outstanding ❤️ jitna suno or sunne ka dil korta hai,, i love both ❤️


      नदी और झरने के पानी के साथ बैठकर इस गाने का कुछ अलग ही आनंद है


      शोभनीय, बहुत ही आनंदित

    11. Deepu Paswan

      bahut sacha gana hai main gana son ke mai pagal ho jata hai

    12. Amit Kaji Gurung

      😯 0 negative comments 💕❤️ Love from Nepal 🇳🇵 Arudeep 💙 The show must go on God bless you both ❤️

    13. andrea

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    14. Ravi Acharya

      Super song

    15. Niraj Rai

      Very nice singing and nice jodi

    16. Secret Super Star

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    17. kaleem ahmad ahmad

      Wow so nice song

    18. Netra Karki

      In this song both looks very.happy together ❤bless them always

    19. Kangbhalimbu Suren


    20. Sugamtamang SugamTamang

      So nice song

    21. Asansol Airtel

      Mind-blowing ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯

    22. Kiran

      Himesh + Pawan + Arunita = BlockBuster ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    23. N N

      Beautiful voices n beautiful song

    24. Gabriel Omar

      What a song , himesh u r the best

    25. Nargis delights


    26. Aijaz khan

      Mesmerized !!!

    27. Abhishek karn


    28. BCON -C-AS

      Sandar..lyrics were heart ❤ touching..love from Tripura..a princely state..

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      Looks like it is Inspired from the new Srilankan viral song

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      Love u sir .. love u ..

    33. Roady rocz

      This song should be used for south movies it will perfect

    34. satyaki mitra

      What a lovely duet.....after long long time...himesh ji we need more of this kind songs....to wash out all those rubbish songs getting no. 1 trending. True melodies like this have the power to rule forever. Arudeep rocks!!

    35. Jashveer Singh

      Himesh sir ka shukriya Ada kin sabdon mein Karun sabd hi nhi hai Kuch kahne ke Liye Himesh sir ne apna wada Pura Kiya salute Hai sar aapko apne apna vad pura kiya

    36. DESI BOY

      Mind-blowing song ...!!!! Pawandeep and Arunita

    37. Sumena Begum

      I really like this song. Beautiful 😍 lots of love pawandeep and Arunita.

    38. Manohar Singh

      Very good songs

    39. Neeta Jain

      When the joke becomes a Reality No One Thinks They will be Lovely Couple Today Wish both u Happy Forever Until last breath Pawandeep Rajan Voice King The Iconic Singer of this Generation Pawandeep + Arunita Arudeep May god Always keep on Showering his blessings upon both of you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    40. Neeta Jain

      Wow what a great young singers you are God bless u n protect u from all the evil Eyes

    41. nards rajapakshe


    42. Anup Kumar

      Himesh Ara 👍

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      HR 👍💥

    44. TEAM  RCR offcial Youtube CHNNEL

      Mine bloing hemesh sir .and p.A

    45. TEAM  RCR offcial Youtube CHNNEL

      Realy heartteching song

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      Both r looking cutee nd awesome singer's 👌👍❤

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      There used to be a singer. I think Arjeet or something by that name.

    48. Labony Shahriar l Rtv Banglar Gayen


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      Great music arranged by HR😍

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      maza nahi aya 😭😭 was expecting a better melody..

    52. Indira Garia Gaira


    53. Goutam Chakraborty

      Thanks for bringing back the folk music to the fore. Thanks for such a lovely composition. Excellent singing by both the singers. Thanks to H.R Sir and his team. Finally, we are going to enter in an era where singing will get more preference over shouting. That day is not far away.

    54. Hemraj Chaudhary

      Bahut khoob arudeep song

    55. Nikita Kumawat


    56. khushi meghani


    57. Baburam Reang

      Wow! Pawandeep & Arunita ji Good couple... Supper!

    58. MIH Unique Info

      Nice couple, go a head.... Himesh sir thanks from Sultanate of Onan

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      . New new song so nice I like song

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      Only himalay putra pawandeep fhans like kre jai devbhumi uttrakhand

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      It deserves more than 10 crore views

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      all tracks are melodious

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      Ye dil mange more from Arudeep's songs after this blockbuster next release ? 😍

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      I played this song uncountable

    70. Stenzin Regyal

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    71. Dilip Singh Mind Blowing

      सवाई बाढ का ज्यादा अच्छा था

    72. Khalil Ahmad

      Wonderful inhomes.info/level/xM-cscR6iJqcs2s/v-iy

    73. Ganesh Raikar

      Another brilliant melody from HR, sung by 2 melodious singers. It touches your heart straight like an 💘. Arudeep have a Bright future. Kudos to HR for shaping their career.

    74. Narendra Saini

      I love this version song😍😍😍

    75. GEET SANGRAH 🙏

      Nice nice nice song

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      Real Talent ❤❤❤ Lots of Love from Lahore 🇵🇰❤ Big Respect for Himesh sir ❤

    77. Kishore L

      You're the best in the music industry Himeshji, looking forward to many more, hope you have some version also with Nihal and Sayli, great voices👌

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      Don't know how to give compliment about this..just fantastic 👌..lots of love from northeast India

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    86. Neeta Jain

      Excellent Super duper Gaiki Congratulations Arudeep God bless you both

    87. Vishal Vishal

      Very good 👍

    88. Shubham Bharne

      Overacting ka 50 kaat...!

    89. Ayan Afzal

      wow i like this song

    90. Abdul Hamed


    91. Jyoti Shukla

      Wow arundeel❤️😍🙋🙋

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    94. Pratiush Dron

      Aaj se mai aap dono ka bhut bada fan ho gya hu aapke wajah se koi hasa hai

    95. khushi meghani


    96. khushi meghani


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    99. Pete 123

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    100. Instant Aawaz🎤🎶

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