What Were Minecraft Fossils?


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    There aren't that many features in Minecraft that scream "this has lore". But fossils are definitely one of them. I mean SOMETHING had to die to result in a fossil, but what were minecraft fossils before they died? This is my scuffed game theory about just that, I hope you enjoy!

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    This is a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a more research based series dedicated to over-answering questions you never asked.This video was inspired by game theory! who just happened to do a collab with dream about the warden, the new 1.17 mob

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    1. It’s Mika

      I know the huge zombies In indev

    2. Zen Yang

      skull 4 looks sus :(

    3. Daniel Chang

      this is better then matpat

    4. Lashawne Gates

      Anyone see the among us character for a split second

    5. Prime plays

      6:20 pause quick theres something. sus

    6. Benjamin J Prowse

      is nobody talking about how skull 3 looks EXACTLY LIKE THE FACE AT THE ENTRANCE TO A DESERT PYRAMID

    7. anas abah

      Lol game theory 2.0

    8. Minecrafter4301

      Skull 4 reminds me of the witherstorm tbh right now [like if you agree]

    9. nathan devaney

      why is there fossil if there wither fossils they would only be in the nether plus to spawn a wither you need a wither skeletons head but you say wither skeletons where made after the wither


      Maybe that would make sense because the soul sand have a screaming like texture

    11. sharkatronyeah

      Wither storm is something from story mode which was literally by mine craft and the thing is that the wither storm can match the total image of what he showed us

    12. naruchu text

      Wither storm?

    13. Lance_Playz

      Maybe the bones belongs to the wither storm

    14. Robert Gibbs

      I believe that the overworld fossils were from the old giant zombies that used to exist back in Infdev.

    15. alize aceves

      but how did the skulls get in the over world

    16. Q U A C K

      2:43 A M O G U S

    17. Girlee Amparado

      Is that titan?

    18. Pedro Mena

      Wifies: says mega wither Me: Minecraft story mode wither storm flashbacks

    19. random animations

      i like to think that the giants all slowly died away from the sunlight then as they decayed their bones were still there, but then massive landslides covered up the bones and the farlands eroded becoming no more and covering up the giants

    20. AdorbsxMxshy

      This is amazing!

    21. Jan Abigael Bartolome

      I have a theory, what if the wither skeletons tried to fight the wither, thats probably why when they drop the sword, its very damaged

    22. clap boii

      Just subedd

    23. BroDog6 nine

      Among us

    24. L. Ling

      the soul sands color evaporates and it makes the blue atmosphere

    25. Samantha Haynes

      Wither storm maybe??

    26. Alena Kon

      bruh how did you not notice skull 4 is AMOGUS

    27. Bloxy Cola


    28. Irene Virag

      did you know that giants spawned in the alfa version

    29. Irene Virag

      what if the fossils were giants from the alfa version

    30. Zatrit

      7:21 it's T and F, it's Team Fortress 2

    31. Honodle

      This is speculative nonsense.

    32. justxvivi

      6:19 0.25x speed

    33. King of nightmares


    34. Adam Westwood

      So your telling me I’ve been using bones of ancient wither to make bone meal and grow my wheat, I knew that bread tasted odd

      1. Robert Gibbs


    35. Ket Nguyen

      You told that fossil in nether is of acient wither but why this fossil is white while wither bone is black?

    36. ╒•Tsuki's Tale•╗

      Did anyone saw the among us character

    37. Subhrajit Sain

      skull_4 is looking kinda sus 6:12 wait for it

    38. Malissamaehill Malissahill

      At 1:38 that skull could be a creeper imagine a giant creeper

      1. Malissamaehill Malissahill

        Or the skull in 1:42

    39. clockFox Gaming

      this content is why is why i sub 0:00 1:00

    40. Clementine Neubauer

      6:13 AMONG US SUS!!

    41. Banana Jotaro

      Who saw the among us on the walrus skull?

    42. Waffle the depressed freak

      The walrus skull was a bit *sus*

    43. Skullduggery

      Anyone gonna tell him that spiders don't have skeletons

    44. Lucas Aron-Ortiz

      mega wither/aka wither storm.

    45. nick k

      Am I the only one who saw the secret among us guy he was where he was looking at real life skulls and the one with tusks 6:21

    46. PGATProductions

      skull_4 looks kinda sus

    47. Adham Aly

      One of the fossils was sus 2:26

    48. TohaRBLX

      Egendary intro…

    49. Mikey Brakurt

      The intro was a piece of art

    50. Aang Dragonrider

      Me: big wither? *looks at the shape of the rib cage* ITS THE WITHER STORM

    51. Leslie Encarnacion

      that myt be the witherstorm

    52. Vivian Bayto

      Actually what mobs he is saying are most likely true because millions of years ago animals used to be giant even insects were giant

    53. Beliy

      6:20 MOGUS

    54. Real190loggedout


    55. Magma Rats

      4:58 discord moment

    56. boss redone

      School teaching fossils: No Wifies making a theory about minecraft fossils: Yes

    57. JessenLH


    58. the man

      the skinny fossil one could be a giant ancient snake that once roamed the minecraft world but their species in today’s minecraft is wiped out

    59. Late_Bloc_Party

      I can wait for someone to make an 'ancient wither' painting based on the theories on this video. I wanna a massive wither boss with a tusk bearing mammoth head.

    60. CodyGui

      Thats a giant mobs

    61. Mga Teamang

      Isn't Ancient wither is wither storm because it's similiar.

    62. Sudhendra Kulkarni

      there is an IMPOSTER in 6:20 took me a really long time,pause the vid and click on the timestamp

    63. jheremie sison

      did anybody notice the imposter

    64. Kakashi907 Kakashi

      The over world fossil is ender dragon and the nether fossil is wither

      1. Kakashi907 Kakashi

        All the fossil look like them and where are they go -clue-

    65. TezaR

      2:26 AMONG US????

    66. Razer X

      0:43 i just love on how the enderman is stuck i the wall XD

    67. Troll Face

      AMOGUS 5:30


      story about herobrine plz

    69. ix c:

      man could’ve said “and skull 4 looks like amongus.”

    70. Stickman

      i found a fossil outside a ravine one

    71. adam marzec

      skull_4 kinda S U S

    72. Quiltingphilly Lane

      What if it was the Wither storm

    73. Jojo Gaspar

      Minecraft fossils is the dino bones from earth surported life before humans formed

    74. AlvinChristian  Velez

      6:20 but put it slow

    75. Yhuria Vhenice Delos reyes

      This a look sus

    76. Arlington Cummins

      Skull 4 looks sus

    77. tennesean man

      6:16 AMONGUS

    78. Potato Fish

      wither storm?

    79. Joseph Slater

      Nooo number 1 is a creeper


      It can be the witherstorm

    81. AlexaPro250 - Skid

      0:44 Why It's A Enderman In Some Blocks ? I think He's fine 👌

    82. Ariel Mermaid

      0:18 This was the cutest homemade (I guess???) game theory intro (if it was game theory) I’ve ever seen

    83. Ennard

      i just saw the amogus character at 6:20

    84. RainbowX

      Skull 2 looks like a creeper

    85. Rudra Priyank

      Hey when the walurse was going away the impostor from among us was there

      1. Rudra Priyank

        Its at 6:20

    86. Eleni Geladari

      THEORY: The fossils might be the dragon parts because in another theory on how were endermen made is the dragons ruled everything so the players had to only eat chorus fruit. and the dragons died 1 by 1 but ONLY ONE Lived for longer aka the dragon in the end so the fossils might be that

      1. SC2JZ

        Those fossils are dragons/monsters that roamed the overworld.

    87. Wolfra Beast

      Bro i know that who was the the giant wither it was the - WhItEr StOrM XD XD

    88. Drei Obsitue

      Coincidence? I think NOT!

    89. Ling Lai

      I see sus

    90. Ling Lai


    91. gabriela butnaru

      3:55 look like amogus

    92. to be continued

      Titans. Looking at the skulls there more human then anything. The skulls are bigger than our whole body and our skulls are just our head but hollow and the rib cages are like bigger than the ender dragon . This yes *this* is the upper body of titans. Its also the back story of reveins, nether castles and basteens they were all attacked and badly damaged. Reveins:Long ago the titans roamed. Because of there size they started to make land slides that grew deeper and deeper while longer and longer. Intil long crystals, ores and metals such as iron and gold were emerging through the caz'em. In a defence the amethyst now know as creeping crystal made a thick bareea of amethyst, calecyt and black stone. Nc:nothing B:nothing

    93. Max Wheatley

      I hope that the archeology that they'll eventually add to minecraft will actually add lore

    94. rayer

      the intro you should've done a greenscreen to make the brain bigger

    95. Dasun Sankalpa

      what do you think about wither storm?

    96. Hal0ch!3f64

      My mans at 769k subs (noice)

    97. MikeplayzGaming1358

      I have a theory but it might not be true: So maybe those fossils were fossils of the nowaday mobs but more larger and maybe more dangerous, and like something caused them to be small idk its just a theory :|

    98. Xander Matney