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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)


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    1. Fortitudo

      I am really not excited about Battlefield returning to futuristic stuff. Other shooters have worn out the futuristic genre for me.

    2. Marx

      If you have played battlefield before, you have no reasons to worry my dude

    3. Mark Harrison

      Rehase of familar maps and I bet the flying still sucks. Trailers are always 100x better than the gameplay.

    4. Kevin, Son of Dad

      Anyone else notice the "why walk when you can fly" at 4:22 right before they wingsuit out lol

    5. Dexxrey DrY

      1 every 15 like! Lets lower the number even more

    6. GTAVictor9128

      Amazing trailer: 9/10 - If they wanted to reference the wacky BF multiplayer moments, the quad bike at 2:45 should've been strapped with explosives that the driver would detonate after bailing out. But that epic jet-eject moment took me by surprise and I loved it.

    7. Shiro Lee

      Hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's going to be epic!!!!!!!!

    8. Гайды по терранам

      Hellow. We are the Russians students. We very wanted Who making this video? Guys!! It's fantastic, my face is smile! Yes. I am satisfied

    9. Pastel Bloodlyn

      Best part 3:10

    10. Duchura

      Battlefield 2042: Penguin Warfare

    11. Chelidonis

      1:06 Tenet vibes anyone?

    12. D ii Y A

      Tornado: (exists) Wingsuit Guy: My time has come...

    13. Nate McDonagh

      Grate now I have to wait until 2042

    14. Connor Black

      Never been so hyped for a bf game in my entire life

    15. Chuchu Chichu

      The man on jet is still on my head

    16. Knight_Lisle

      The music composer for this game definitely got inspiration from the movie Tenet's music composer

    17. Artemi Roberson

      This looks amazing 🔥

    18. Zulbet

      The fact, that EA remembers the jet rpg clutch from bf 3 is amazing

    19. Dylan Sewell

      back to the good old days - love it

    20. Bthsr71

      If you had just embraced that this is a game with political messages and social commentary, this might have been my first Battlefield. You are making a message in your fun military sandbox. Own that.

      1. Salad V

        If you but fps games solely for political commentary, i think you have the wrong genre

    21. minzahhh1

      Does everything have to explode like its carrying 100 tons of c4.....gets too a point where it's too much imo

    22. Meme C.I.E

      I hope ps4 servers support keyboard and mouse Like if u agree

    23. jollan76

      I get that it fits the song, but ATV's dont have kickstarters 2:45

    24. donny thompson

      I have never been more hyped from a game trailer

    25. Nicolás Diaz


    26. ᚨᛚᛚ ᚠᚨᛞᛖᚱᚾ

      They really just put the best trickshot in battlefields history in this trailer and nobody noticed it?

    27. Graham

      What if you showed this to someone in the 90's

    28. DrFeast 3000

      man it's crazy that they put a dude's stunt into the trailer, legit jumping out a moving jet that is going straight up, and then hitting the other guy with a rocket. battlefield devs care. they really do.

    29. Shawn M. Adub

      I think I watched it 100 times. People around me can't beleive the amount of time I've watched it.

    30. Armartwa

      a tornado? really?

      1. donny thompson


    31. Roberto Villani

      Pfff second league game

    32. Neighbors

      I haven’t played since bf1 and haven’t even bought a ps5 yet but this trailer alone makes me want to do both come its release in October

    33. FrostBite

      Yay a cool game i definitely won’t be able to run

    34. happy romka

      минус комп на

    35. oliwki dragi lasery

      This bf trailer proofs that in 2042 will still be glaciers. Thanks dice, you ve really raised my spirit up.

    36. Jake Mertz

      has anyone else been watching this at least once a day?

    37. Alexandru Alexandru

      Me having a job working hard to buy whatever i want My salary: your hard work has just been rewarded, here you can pre order the game now

    38. Quest Giver

      We'll be coming back to this trailer for years to come, just like the BF1 trailer...

    39. ABHIJITH K M

      I don't know how many times I watched this...

    40. loer

      henry blackburn is behind all this

    41. Chris4475

      well done dice this is how you do it.

    42. Алиса Белоножкина


    43. Anthony P

      I knew the song sounded like Motley Crüe

    44. BGL DeadShot

      Hope it live up to the hype

    45. Donuts eater

      This the 110th time I've watched this

    46. Francisco Sánchez

      Yo: Voy a exponer Mi tulón: 2:03

      1. Jackie Welles


    47. Saint

      this has been my 568th time watching the trailer, see ya'll in 5 minutes.

    48. Just Some Guy Without a Mustache

      I can’t wait guys

    49. videogaminglmao

      the more i watch this trailer the better it gets

    50. J Silva V

      I have been waiting for this since I knew how Battlefield 4 was. I expected something like this.

    51. Joanna

      awesome, can’t wait for this game.

    52. Ace

      What do you think i should buy an iphone 12 or an xbox series x? Im kinda confused if i should upgrade

    53. Jack Schwartz

      Not everything needs a Halo energy weapon sound effect but honestly I’m here for it 4:08

      1. Joanna

        "Fully destroable village exists" Playerbase: "No mercy for buildings"

    54. Twiggy

      That’s awesome that they put the jumping out of the jet and blowing the other one with the rpg. Just like that old clip.

    55. Epkurnis /Sheoway

      yo this is sick af ngl don't even play the games, I'm here from the memes and gotdayum this is some good stuff

    56. quadro


    57. ???????

      Mötley crüe - kickstart my heart

    58. World of Memes

      2:58 Stun Gravey stunt

      1. Slushy

        @Jzero shut up

      2. Jzero


    59. TannyTella

      This game needs cross play. Bring the community together so the game’s life span will be longer than any other title in the franchise.

    60. Solomon Orwa

      Fun fact the scene where the guy jumps out of a jet is inspired by a player (Stun_gravy) who attempted that stunt in BF 3, now called Rendezook

      1. Jzero


    61. Fathur NeverDie

      3:07 masterpiece

    62. PotatoKing

      The move where he ejected from the plane bazooka killed another plane then got back into his plane is a classic move from bf1942

      1. Ace


    63. Envar

      3:10 THE CLIP!!!

    64. Terri Zandecki

      Wow that is really awesome I don't think that they were making other Battlefield games!!! I love the Song and it just made me feel good and awesome and Nascar Values and NFL Rush Zone Varies and Cowboys And Aliens Movies Value!! Is so awesome and amazing!!!!

    65. Fear Netwørk

      Its like futuristic and modern combined perfectly

    66. LionARgaming

      dont like it at all i will not play it i want it to be today not the future with robot dogs running around

    67. Rouslan Galioullin

      BATTLEFIELD 3 > All Others

    68. mikee

      I want a Battlefield Bad Company 3! I want Atacama desert!

    69. Scaffiz

      "Fully destroable village exists" Playerbase: "No mercy for buildings"

    70. Exelerant HD

      Finally a return to form

    71. Colin Kniles

      Good luck filling up those 128 player servers on ps5 and Xbox series x hahaha I don't know a single person that owns either.

      1. AgentNema122

        I know a lot of people including me that have PS5’s So We Will Be Having A Fun Time!

    72. Smol Chungus

      the rendezook scene looked really cool until i realized that he EJECTED without the seat + he was strapped in it also the plane seems to have rotated nearly 360 degrees half a second after he ejected

    73. Black Heart

      penguins cool

    74. Monke Eats Banana


    75. Chris Tolbert

      I been waiting years for battlefield to get back to its glory days and I feel the time is now‼️ can’t wait super excited for this

    76. AURA ᴘʀᴏᴅᴜᴄᴛɪᴏɴ

      I had a mini heart attack from 2:59

    77. Iuri Nóbrega

      This one better surpass bf4 multiplayer

    78. КИНО

      Сталкер 2 топ .

    79. Stewart Ko

      No way.

    80. Heath Milner

      Battlefield 4 vibes, but with remastered maps, high tech vehicles/guns and maybe better graphics?

      1. ArtfulDodger

        Maybe better graphics?

    81. rama rustiandi

      Still wondering wat da dog doin

    82. Ailin T

      The thing we should care about is whether or not the final product will have all these cool staff, or creators will just say that it was just an animated trailer' art concept🤨

    83. FromThe27t

      Honestly just gonna play for the aircraft like I have for the past battlefields 🤣

    84. Kip

      Why does the jet engine spool up the second he decreases throttle?

    85. Gunnar

      Hope they won't ruin this with gender politics and Battlepases, and... who is fighting who here?

      1. AgentNema122

        Battle Pass has been confirmed with a live service. I like Battle Passes so it’s no big deal and if you get the gold or ultimate edition, it gives you the first 3 or 4 battle passes for free so a years worth of battle passes, Already Preordered The Ultimate Edition For PS5! Can’t Wait! It’s gonna be amazing

    86. That Virgo


    87. อินทิรา จุลมกร

      RIP BF4

    88. m4dzz

      As a battlefield 1 player, i can safely say this will be epic

    89. 김동진

      1:48 cybertruck

    90. Wiley Andrews

      4:23 "why walk when you can fly" lol

    91. パシくん/play


    92. IFavorOfTIme

      You should try Venice Unleashed. Its a BF3 Mod with Day and Night cycle Custom Ui and many other Mods including Bots aswell.

    93. The EliteForces2

      I wonder if explosions will give an updraft for the wingsuit

    94. Player 2

      This reminds of bf3 and bf4

    95. a. ct

      Yo is that a new way to destroy a jet 😳 did he just do that. That was epic

    96. /HASHRAID

      Well done Well done WOW

    97. 0110 X

      It's sad really...While watching this trailer I was just picking out all the things that are going to make me rage rather than actually enjoying the trailer maybe one day I won't be such a toxic try hard

    98. marsal 79

      03:15 chuck norris

    99. noldo