We Got Kicked From The FaZe House *Not Clickbait*


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    we got kicked from the faze house *not clickbait* ft. @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Teeqo @HanRidge @TeaWap

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    1. LTG Team

      Sus video

    2. Christopher Chavez

      You scare people🤬🤬

    3. It’s Remy

      First it was Jarvis banned from fn now it’s Kay banned from faze

    4. Parzival

      Why are dey being kicked again?

    5. PlayBloxYt

      Kay…I thought it was just the house but now it’s just…like ya know…kay

    6. EpicBlur

      My guy literally predicted the future

    7. RK67_RIO

      The times when kays channels just called kay

    8. ethan bignell

      we all have to talk to all the faze people people and justin bever how ever you say it like in the vids and talk then into getting the clan back

    9. Fudge YT

      This is such bs

    10. burrito yt

      Can’t you get a faze house not in California

    11. Russia is an occupant

      Congrats!!! you predicted the future

    12. Delta Squad Leader

      Get rekt

    13. Stone 1201


    14. Bewear129

      Man future due

    15. elite panda

      Lol he lost 3 mil subs

      1. Escobar


    16. Can Agacdiken

      This man is a fortune teller

    17. Essa Abbasi

      This is bad we have to do something


      Live in canada Quebec

    19. Calvin La Marr


    20. 奔跑T R A S H

      2021 bro


      funny how this became a reality

    22. London Cramer

      Is he still banned on fortnight 🥺🥺🥺

    23. London Cramer

      Tell me this is a prank

    24. London Cramer

      Where are you now 😅😅😅🥺🥺

    25. Mohammad khdir

      I mean u can live in sandiego with faze Rug

      1. Mohammad khdir

        Should he I don't know

    26. TwiztidScratcher

      I’m so fucking pissed about you all being kicked. The faces of faze are gone. Faze will die. Faze will be gone with in a year it’s like season 1 ending and the next season is never the same. 😥

    27. Whimsicle The firefly

      You actually got kicked

    28. DN Walker

      My man jinxed himself

    29. Knightly


    30. Fishyplaz

      Please tell me your just suspended

      1. Bewear129

        @Fishyplaz mad at the truth

      2. Fishyplaz

        @reality - shut up

      3. reality -

        No but Niko, Teeqo, and Jarvis are lol

      4. Bewear129


    31. Chris Davis

      I will remember you kay and the best for business fuck Bieber family

    32. Uknowngamer37

      Jarvis gets banned from fortnite and California

    33. ROBLOX

      Sorry 🙏🏽:( ilovedust cuál

    34. strkwtf

      We cant

    35. N1TEMARE

      Is it a new car -tea wap

    36. ann khoo

      The person that want to get them kicked is a b/_$^

    37. Ghost Mean

      F### Justin and the other person

    38. Thomas Pressman


    39. Jonathan Carrillo


    40. HumbleHadToMumble


    41. Storm Playz

      I miss the faze in his name :(

    42. TSMFazeNinja

      Move to Ohio or Texas

    43. Dixzy_ 0


    44. tythepro123

      Kay says he got kicked out of the faze house: 4 months later.. kicked from the faze clan

    45. iCalvin

      you cant kick someone out of the state…

    46. SirRyan

      Deserved it

    47. anonymous visoter22

      I bet it was the dj cook video

    48. Leila the cat123

      This aged like fine wine

    49. ConmanYT


    50. OptixSkulzzz

      Come live in my Gaf In 🇬🇧

    51. Heaven_ X


    52. 4.l!f€.$hiestyあせ

      6:53 he said Justin's lyrics.

    53. Savage Rampage

      This aged well

    54. Hansemann Fiskerstrand

      I hope faze clan Will get new house!

    55. Hansemann Fiskerstrand

      Will faze clan get new house?

    56. Fraser Tait

      Wait so he still in faze or is he actually out of faze now

    57. bg Israel blockman go

      Hi 2021

    58. Madara Muhseni

      wHeRe Do YoU BuY cOfFiE

    59. Jose Vazquez

      Let go he got kick out from the faze clan and house

    60. Anthony Lopez

      I’m so sorry for what happend just remember that I’m here to support you

      1. I Hate China and Chinese Simp

        Ya>scamming is good 💯, ur such a psychopath

    61. Chloe Brittain

      Are u kicked out of faze house or faze clan

    62. carter beast 22

      I don’t believe it I think they want to move

    63. Bruh Bruh


    64. TTV CLIXZY

      Bro teawap is at the lowest point of his life and he’s just making things funny 😭. I hope you guys get better I love you guys. ❤️

    65. M7killer almehrzi

      U deserve this

    66. mcyt funny moments

      Come bunk with me homie

    67. Cole Shinsky

      He is never lied in his life he does not deserve this

    68. Name

      Well now you good gone lmao

    69. lxmonxlxme

      The name kay just doesn’t hit right….

    70. Orestis

      Simpson’s 2.0

    71. Bro GI

      How come your hotel had led lights shining on the doorway?

    72. Shad_ ow

      Man the others got suspended don't pull them down with you

    73. SKE shorba

      This aged really well.

    74. CrispyChris 9000

      This nigga really predicted the exactly members who got kicked

      1. reality -

        Fr 😭😭😭

    75. Mike Rxq

      You should try living in Texas it’s very cheap and they have amazing three stories to two-story houses

      1. Mike Rxq

        And also I live there

    76. Michael Hemphill

      Al bc of Justin Bieber omg

    77. Gamingxd Vids

      Hope you find a house to live in🙂

    78. evan

      best prediction of 2021

    79. AERO gaming

      Well what if they just went back into the old trick shot cod days

    80. Soma’s WRLD

      I got a house in Arizona come swing buy it’s a 7 bedroom 9 bathroom 3 story huge backyard 5 acre 😏

    81. FT1226


    82. Joey Forgas


    83. Banele Magadla

      Being banned from fort to banned from California

    84. Country714 1

      Great prediction

    85. XyanKiller

      JB videos lol

    86. Kaleb Self

      Let’s gooo no one likes you

    87. Shanaki san

      This aged like fine wine

    88. ItzBloz

      Im sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    89. Ahmed KayukiTV

      OMG WOW watching this now is so crazy, This is the kind of video they should make for their fans

    90. Dan Plays


    91. gamer_lv 2012

      😔😔😔 faze_kay is now kay 😭😭😭

    92. KASHIL padyachy

      I pray that u have a more successful life after this

    93. KASHIL padyachy

      Let's hope they take u back bro

    94. layup logan

      my parents own a 3 story here in louisiana if u wanna stay. it’s pretty late tho

    95. Ced tzy

      How to predict future

    96. 💥DAMAGE💥

      Aged kind of well

    97. Prod. Angel

      Well...This aged well.

    98. Dark shadow

      How he know this was gonna happen??

    99. galaxdylan

      I have a house we’re you could live in

    100. WaltWhitman

      seems like you've been kicked from more than just the house