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    FaZe Jarvis Vs FaZe Kay in a Boxing Match (Older Brother Vs Little Brother) ft. @FaZe Jarvis

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    1. MezRade

      Damn you really got kicked outta faze 😔

    2. UvXCxpitxl

      Take out faze outta yo name

    3. iimAqua


    4. Waleed da bosss


    5. Sebastian Perez

      bryce hall you fell with your own push 😂😂😂😂

    6. Wxterr

      5:14 yeah Michel Le predictions are terrible

    7. 1080p

      little did he know he got knocked out

    8. Tabii

      yo rice is rich af if he puts his life saving on Jarvis

    9. Yeetking88

      Austin through Bryce down. Team INhomes

    10. Chikush Odiz

      Who’s here after Jarvis was true to his words and knocked Michael out

      1. Lethalbear


      2. Kimberley


    11. Doctor.Respect _YT

      I’m the millionth view

    12. Avoca Boys

      Jarvis is gonna get bashed

    13. Holden Bass

      7:56 rice is this the money your betting on Jarvis

    14. LNV_ JOS

      Bruh did Jarvis say 19!! I swear he just said he turned 16

    15. Filip Osciak

      one day left and jarvis is gonnna kill micheal le

    16. lmye_valorant

      All I know is that jarvis would win

    17. josedjesus08

      If Jarvis wins the fight epic has to unbanned him

      1. L1k.N17


    18. Zaineb Ali

      I subed oredy

    19. kachi

      7:05 adins laugh stands out so much

    20. Boxing tips Free fights

      Look how much cap is put into this video drive it wasn’t even hitting his brother and his brother was already getting knocked out Jarvis you’re not gonna win Lee is going to win you’re gonna remember my word

    21. Ghooloomzadeh 24_8

      Let’s go Jarvis

    22. Brayden’s outdoors

      Let’s go 2 days

    23. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2.............

    24. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon..

    25. Jelly son

      I hate brus hall

    26. Thumsyz

      it has 666 dislikes im scared

    27. ArmyGhost299

      Why did Bradley paint his nails? Like cmon man

    28. DailyAnimations

      thats crazzzzzzzzzzzy but who asked

    29. REVENGE OF

      Im sorry this press was a whole joke. Cmon a Tiktok dude.. Team Jarvis

    30. O M

      3:37 did him dirty

    31. Ashley Coggin

      INhomes over tiktok

    32. Lxgxrity

      I think bryces punch was so strong he dropped his self😂😂

    33. Behroz Rahimi

      Who’s that guy in the blue Gucci’s cloths

    34. Gawdfn

      Michael finna knock him out

      1. DkTutorials

        @hinick74 aly😂

      2. hinick74

        @Gawdfn fortnite kid

      3. Gawdfn

        @hinick74 Ong he is trust look at his training vids he punches faster mane we could make a bet Jarvis jus be at his house all day like a wack as nigga I’ll fuck him up and I’m a ufc fighter

      4. hinick74

        you’re joking right

    35. lucas

      H e L L o

    36. GamingwithHunter Hunter

      bruh that was a 20 secnd fight

    37. kage no ikar

      They fought for 10 seconds

    38. Rudy Harris


    39. Deadly tanner

      Jarvis is gonna be using aimbot for this fight

      1. Omarie

        B A N N E D F O R L I F E

    40. Qwiks

      When IS IT?

    41. Wut you give me

      Man its gana be epic and I wish Jarvis wins all prayers from subscribers Jarvis winnnn

    42. Life of Bentley and Royce

      Who else seen admin ross

    43. Ayden Ingram

      Rice gum vs Logan Paul

    44. Jaxon Does things


    45. Sunshine_ByPolar

      Cool more youtube boxing

    46. Lewisdagod

      Jarvis is winning the boxing match 💯

    47. Sofia Olsson


    48. John Endicott

      Jarvis sucks

    49. Zeldris Gaming

      6 days

    50. Invasion gaming

      This is all cap

    51. VZN DOSSA


    52. VZN DOSSA


    53. Nathan Wolff

      You put no power on him Michael he actually put up some fist

    54. Rimbve

      Justmaiko gonna get knocked out like spaghetti

    55. Benito Trevino

      Rice in the back ground at 7:58 🤣🤣🤣

    56. Jace McPartland

      I hope boxing won’t change jarvis

    57. Lionel vllaqi


    58. nakima miller


    59. David 48

      FaZe Jarvis vs Logan Paul who wants to see it?

    60. Let’s get 1k With no vids

      It’s not even been the 12th yet

    61. Nathan Sansano

      Plot twist : jarvis will have aimbot in the fight and hit every punch broooo thats fire if it happens After the fight* Jarvis: uhhm im making this video to announce im banned from boxing i got caught aimbotting on my match on june 12 and uh i dont know what to say. CRIES*

      1. Jeoq

        Haahahhahaha 😐.

      2. Tml_elimz Yt Skits

        Hahahahahhahahahaha. 😂

    62. Tsunami Games

      Jarvis gon win EZ

    63. _your.boy.jamal_

      I’m just filming

    64. shurmyafelix Felix

      I guess there's nothing called covid-19 😮

    65. Ashton Edmonds

      I hope bryce gets knocked out lmao

    66. Loren Mercedes morillo

      Who really cares about this

    67. YT_fross

      Never gonna like faze jarvis

    68. Roxcz

      Rice was flexing his money on the jet😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    69. Hudson Poole

      Bryce hall got sat down

    70. albaner der echte


    71. albaner der echte


    72. albaner der echte


    73. albaner der echte


    74. Bri Murphy

      Were going to see Micheal le June 12 and see if he about what he says

    75. Yoboi acey

      Y’all really think Jarvis is gonna win y’all must have not watched Michel le see I’m a big fan of Jarvis but boxing it’s a no

    76. Arlo Arias

      Bryce hall is gonna get knocked out ngl

    77. Shivram Alackan

      Total KO lmfao

    78. Rafael Sanchez


      1. Rafael Sanchez


    79. S PoPiN

      Michael is geting clapped by jarvis Like in FORTNITE IF JAVIS WASNT BANED

    80. LT Jaz

      Micheal winning

      1. S PoPiN

        What did you sayyy ThIs is not cool This is not right

    81. Itz Crxnkz

      Jarvis and kay can’t fight

    82. Pervy dom

      My anxiety I could never 💀

    83. D2TRAPZ87

      I bet £1000 that Jarvis will knock out Michael Le in the 1st round

    84. Husky Mendoza

      Let’s go INhomes

    85. Jade Le Saint

      Hi guys Jarvis is my favorite INhomes

    86. Aidan Ramzan

      I'm 14 5'7 I'll box Jarvis lmfao

    87. GTA boys

      Bro Jarvis got 4.58 mill subes

    88. Giorgi Dilaniani

      Bruh i realised that i am taller than jarvis im 5’9 and im 13 🤣

    89. Damian Gill

      Jarvis is winning fr

    90. ROBLoX NEWMAN ✔️

      0:22 rice gum savage

    91. UpliftSZN

      Ricegum never took off his AirPods lmao😂

    92. Smokey 420

      Jarvis gotta put tiktok to rest

    93. Tng Surf

      Jarvis is wining definitely

    94. Aarav Bathija

      Hey jarvis is fight is at June 12 my birthday is at June 19 th

    95. Gᵢₒ0_ₒ ᵢₛ ₜᵣaₛₕ YTシ

      Who is waiting for the fight👊🥊

    96. TopMarvelClips

      Bryce goin full in

    97. Oreoshi

      You can tell that Faze Jarvis is holding back from that training he doing well

    98. The gizza mathia

      I thought it was 12th of june

    99. trevor mansamou

      part 2 pls kay

    100. Bongos ➐

      Bryce Hall = 🤡