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    This holiday season, the best gifts come with a bow. 🏹 Watch the new trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Hawkeye,” and start streaming the Original Series November 24 on Disney+:

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    Disney+ and Marvel Studios invite you on an unexpected holiday getaway, unwrapping a brand-new teaser trailer and poster today for “Hawkeye,” a new series set in post-blip New York City. Former Avenger Clint Barton has a seemingly simple mission: get back to his family for Christmas. Possible? Maybe with the help of Kate Bishop, a 22-year-old archer with dreams of becoming a Super Hero. The two are forced to work together when a presence from Barton’s past threatens to derail far more than the festive spirit.

    Starring Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye and Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, “Hawkeye” also features Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon, Brian d’Arcy James and newcomer Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez. Helmed by Rhys Thomas and directing duo Bert and Bertie, “Hawkeye” debuts exclusively on Disney+ on November 24, 2021.

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    3 दिन पहले


    1. Spinning Back Side Kick

      Looks like they made a slapstick comedy series with a dash of woke.

    2. Sylvia Eppard

      rogers the musical has me dead 😂

    3. PatokVideosNgayon

      Looks fun!

    4. D Leon

      That font and color title logo is horrendous but the show looks good.

    5. Code Name : Ayip

      I see that they have to compensate the bow and arrows action with the festive season. What? It is true...

    6. Aminur

      DIE HARD meets avengers

    7. aurum


    8. alison williams

      If think there is a better, sexier or funnier avenger than Hawkeye you are wrong. Very very very wrong!

    9. Mr. Doggo

      Jesus loves you

    10. Assassin

      Worst character portrayed ever 😄🤣

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        That's on the writers. On the comics Hawkeye is way more than how they portrayed him in the MCU.

    11. Names Names and more Names

      I’m so glad Hawkeye is finally getting his own thing and it’s christmas/action? this outta be good.

    12. Connor Hartman

      This looks like a joke and I find that to be very good

    13. Jakeswiss

      Hawkeye is so underrated

    14. Ijeoma Asomugha

      What's happening? 😲

    15. Mario Galvez

      Can't wait....guess what else can't wait....child support payment...good luck hawkeye

    16. BajaricaN

      I'm not feeling this trailer's tone. This looks like a waste of a great actor and good character. Comedy should be a back drop, not a focus. If the show ends up like this trailer, then Marvel will be 2/2 with their "official" shows.

      1. Nuwan Delacruz

        It's a Matt/ aja comic run inspired.

    17. Jon Russell

      This Bond movie looks good

    18. Waqas Nisaar

      My year is not complete without Marvel.

    19. Moe De Luca

      Really look forward to this!

    20. Aidan Maxwell

      Best marvel trailer ever

    21. AJBOOMER 1

      Can't wait LETSSS GOOOOOOOO

    22. The sever shadow

      Well it's about time

    23. Constance Moon


    24. _Sqwid

      Even now, hawkeye is still denied a movie lmao

    25. David Page

      Thanks for ruining Kate bishop and actually just making every character the same so many interesting from the comics you’ve taken and ruined screw you marvel

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        How did they ruined Kate just based on little footage of her?

    26. versiouy

      he looks so old.......

    27. Diego Mora

      This could be the first good Disney + Marvel series.

      1. versiouy


    28. MrJjenkins75

      Die hard meets marvel

    29. LA tx

      Already in love with Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop! My new favorite!

    30. Beatriz Zacharias

      Marvel giving us a fine addition to an annual Xmas marathon

    31. Ajay Dhodiya

      I thought Black Widow's sister would come to take Revenge

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        They won't show everything in the first ever teaser. Yelena was confirmed in this miniseries long time ago before the Black Widow movie was out. But most likely she'll be a secondary/tertiary plot.

    32. Francisco P.Garcia

      Hamilton *psst* Rogers is where it's at.

    33. Disney channel YouTube


    34. Hailee Jones

      Yes just yes…

    35. Tushar Metkar

      Kay chutya giri lavliye pratek carecter var faltu movie kadtay ugach June vishay dakhun

    36. gaj

      This actually looks like such fun!

    37. quantrill

      Hankeye and black widow, the useless avengers. The movie of black widow was awful awful, this looks even worse.

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        On the comics they are way more than how they portrayed them in the MCU.

    38. rookie bae

      This looks better than any marvel show yet

    39. Potahtwah

      So, this seems a lot more comedy focused, with the jokes, and rogers the musical, so that's a nice change of pace. Though I can bet something batshit insane will happen near the end.

    40. Mirza Polutak

      No more bullying of Hawkeye yaaas

    41. jo22k

      Oh this looks fun!

    42. Ironically Sardonic

      ROGERS The Musical lol yes please

    43. English Gentlemen

      Why do most women in films now have to tell us they are the best at everything .Narcissism and self praise didn’t take long again.even my young daughter as stopped watching marvel and says it’s boring

    44. メpapamilk


    45. BeezWaxTV

      Everyone gets 1, I guess.

    46. Anam Khan

      Hawkeye finallly getting the respect he deserves >>>>>

    47. ranger wolfhound

      new Christmas movie

    48. Kicks1981 35

      Disney. 💰💰💰💰

    49. Papa Smurf

      Bubble Bee be like WTF ...........

    50. Yuvansankar Yuvan

      We want tamil version

      1. Alberto Rojas

        When will Raj Comics introduce the "Raj Film Universe" for the world to enjoy???

    51. King Shark

      I honestly don’t care about the actual show, but boy if the daredevil and Wilson Fisk rumours are true I cannot wait

    52. Michał Mierzejewski

      "How Hawkeye became the most favoritue superhero for a lot of people" 2021

    53. Arsonist


    54. VertX Kuro

      Another edition to marvel M she U where our dear old Hawkeye will be treated as sidekick on his own show.

    55. Bacca and the Squad

      There chemistry is gretc

    56. Bacca and the Squad

      I don’t think I have been more exited for a marvel project ever then this

    57. Baby Fox

      I'm wondering if we're going to see Yelena in this one

      1. Baby Fox

        @Alberto Rojas YAY! I'm so excited to see her! She's my favorite character of Black Widow's movie, I love her relationship with Nat

      2. Alberto Rojas

        Fun fact: Before MARVEL Studios' Black Widow was released, BW/Yelena Belova was confirmed to be in MS' Hawkeye.

    58. G-M

      1:17 Hawkeye when Captain Marvel speaks

    59. Stephanie Broadwater

      Rather a black widow show features he getting banged regularly

    60. Marissa Mejia

      I wonder if Yelena is going to show up in the series?

      1. Alberto Rojas

        Fun fact: Before MARVEL Studios' Black Widow was released, BW/Yelena Belova was confirmed to be in MS' Hawkeye.

    61. machine maniac

      The first time i saw the trailer, i thought, oh, finally, a hawkeye got a movie.. i spoke too soon.

      1. Alberto Rojas

        List of upcoming MARVEL Studios' MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Phase Four television series/specials (Disney+) Hawkeye Ms. Marvel Moon Knight She-Hulk Secret Invasion The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Ironheart Armor Wars untitled Wakanda series

    62. Rakesh Tombera

      Well I guess.. nothing is perfect..

    63. A Jae

      Jeremy Renner could have played a hobbit.

    64. B. Murphy

      Super cool that we're loading up Kate Bishop so as to have "younger" stars to carry on the franchise, I guess. I just want to know if she can teleport...

    65. Stiles Is awesome


    66. Aidan Boylin


    67. The Sound Unit

      0:58 Nooooooooooo tea towel round the shoulders. Unhygienic 😂

    68. Jeff Patterson

      This looks like fun to watch

    69. Nadir OUMAIMA Official

      what did i just watched?

    70. K Factor

      I did not realize how interested I'd actually be in this show. Really like the Christmas theme

    71. TRIGGERX -isaac David john

      The main reason I like Hawkeye because I love archery.

    72. Streaming King

      Marvel has become a comedy studio after Wanda vision series

    73. glowytea

      he sure as hell felt like james bond

    74. j.


    75. lrvdo

      With him dressed up like James bond, this feels like a 90s hollywood action flick.

    76. lrvdo

      Rogers : the musical One of the oldest musicals (~85 years) known in the human history with Steve Rogers in the original cast in a cheerleader outfit.

    77. Ateez Comeback2


    78. Manutdrater

      This actually looks very cool

    79. Jonah Shaw

      Finally... The most underrated character in the MCU gets a show

    80. MarMi00

      So it's the new Die Hard?

    81. Anurag Choudhury

      Now Make a Hulk series too...

      1. Newt

        @Anurag Choudhury That currently isn't viable seeing as Universal owns the rights to Hulk, I'm just saying She-Hulk is probably the closest thing to a Hulk show right now. Also Hulk is in it, and seeing as he is the cousin of She-Hulk he'll probably have a significant role.

      2. Alberto Rojas

        The television series, MARVEL Studios' She-Hulk is set to premiere in 2022, and will consist of ten episodes. That said, Hulk/Bruce Banner will appear in MS' She-Hulk. List of upcoming MS' MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Phase Four TV series/specials (Disney+) Hawkeye Ms. Marvel Moon Knight She-Hulk Secret Invasion The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Ironheart Armor Wars untitled Wakanda series

      3. Anurag Choudhury

        @Newt I was talking about a incredible Hulk series. Based on Bruce and Hulk

      4. Newt

        They are, She-Hulk! Although the title and show is based around She-Hulk, Hulk, Abomination, and probably more Hulk characters will be appearing. It's called She-Hulk since Universal still has the rights to a Hulk stand alone film or series.

    82. Sara's Fashion World

      Helping Others In Their Tough Times Of Need Is The Best Gift Of Humanity So Your One Click Can Change My Whole Life 😇 God Bless You

      1. Cooper Davis


    83. alec cap

      He's looking way too old for this part

    84. Rizaldi Satrio

      Finally, the weakest super power movie!

    85. Fit Fraternity

      Does it have ras al ghul tho

    86. Sophonie Mpela

      After the Avengers are finished Hawkeye is spending with his family 👪 on Christmas 🎄

    87. Nikolai99

      When will be first hawkeye or spiderman no way home

      1. Alberto Rojas

        MARVEL Studios' Hawkeye (television series) is set to premiere on November 24, 2021, and will consist of six episodes, concluding on December 29, '21. MS' Spider-Man: No Way Home (film) is scheduled to be released in movie theaters in the USA on Dec 17, '21. List of upcoming MS' MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Phase Four films (US) Eternals - (Nov 5, '21) Spider-Man: NWH - (Dec 17, '21) Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - (March 25, '22) Thor: Love and Thunder - (May 6, '22) Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - (July 8, '22) The Marvels - (Nov 11, '22) Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania - (February 17, '23) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 - (May 5, '23) Fantastic Four - (TBA) List of upcoming MS' MCU:P4 TV series/specials (Disney+) Hawkeye Ms. Marvel Moon Knight She-Hulk Secret Invasion The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Ironheart Armor Wars untitled Wakanda series

      2. Newt

        Hawkeye, but since it premieres the day before Thanksgiving, Spider-Man No Way Home will over lap with Hawkey IRL.

    88. Ivan Romero


    89. Ajazul Khan

      Isn’t he looking like Gordan Ramsay

    90. Anna Shen

      Can he be the next 007?

    91. I Hear Pictures

      It somehow saddens me to accept the fact that the woman with Clint is not Romanoff * sobs *

    92. WEEB

      I was enjoying watching the trailer and was thinking that this is a movie trailer and I will enjoy it in theatre...but turnet out to be a Disney Show 😭

    93. Luciano


    94. Juan Catalan

      Lol I when she falls through the sky window he’s like “Seriously? You came to rescue me and this is how you do it?”

    95. Fei Yu

      Will Hawkeye’s wife be jealous? Like for yes and comment for no. 😊

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        Jealous of a young girl he's mentoring?

    96. Epic_Jab

      This is a Christmas tv show like die hard is a Christmas movie

    97. Bryan Mendez

      It’s the same mid plot of arrow season 7 but you know …Disney

    98. Bijaya kumar Bariki

      I love you bhai 😘😘😘😘

    99. Kurington Kuriton

      Oh, another bestest ever undeserving the mantle taking the mantle. M She U F U