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    ▶️ SIDEMEN ◀️

    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)

    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

    🔵 JJ (KSI)

    🔴 HARRY (W2S)

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    1. Bollen

      I believe Josh is the most awkward man in the UK

    2. Bollen

      Josh is a man with a big head

    3. Alphomega

      Tobi is damn lucky

    4. oliver_ito _ITO

      eymdyd tdttwkststnntntwnt5kw5kw5kwk5wtkqtnatarnatntmsmtsmystmtmsntsttkmstamktstktkqtknttkk5w5kwtmqm5qn5qtkwk5k5wkwk5w5kw4jajrarjaraeui3

    5. shandexx gaming

      At frist i was like why did try halo sound and finally jj sang it🧡

    6. Flaming Demon


    7. Ameya Vinay

      I personally would love to go on the bad holiday if i get to stay at a better hotel.. I like staying out at night and doing fun stuff with my mates

    8. Matthew Conroy

      watching this during covid like😞

    9. Odd Einar Strand

      I just woke up and was thinking about watching this video and this is the first thing in my recomended

    10. Amber Anne Heerschop

      We need another video like this really soon

    11. StammeringGecko


    12. Melly

      1:11:46 Something u don't wanna hear on vacation 😂😂🤫

    13. PINGY YT


    14. William Karpicke

      I feel like I find the “bad” team more interesting, seeing a bunch of INhomesrs exploring a mansion is just kind of bland tbh

      1. bruh gamer

        That's why the we saw more of their trip

    15. ASA asa lol

      I love how jj had a orgasem just from smelling the grass

    16. Cameron Banks


    17. TYHPlayz

      Fam this isn’t a shower this is a car wash -KSI

    18. JasperTheFriendlyGhost

      1:26:50 Honestly couldnt tell what they were amazed by, her flexibility or the booty XD

    19. Nikkkkkk

      The purple team had a fun holiday though !!!! It wasn’t luxurious but I would have loved it ngl


      ide say purple team had a better holiday

      1. Samuel Wait

        It wasn’t to bad at the end but orange team was obviously better like 😂

    21. josh

      25:15 oh jj jj jjj "the trees are looking blush"

    22. Tech Supply

      The painstaking bolt chronically multiply because joseph diagnostically object pro a tan toilet. funny, male weapon

    23. suyash kandi

      I dont know why ..but i love watching bad team more than good teamm...i guess bad team has more fun🔥🔥


      the juked me so hard with the thumbnail

    25. Sweekar nd

      2000 people : in 2021 there will be flying cars 2021 people ....writes orange team in yellow colour🙃

    26. Cameron Banks

      Ian back again


      Does anyone know where orange team went?

    28. Fitty

      1:00:00 best part of the entire movie

    29. Niall

      ethan looked so happy at his childhood family holiday place

    30. BMC Zed

      Their security guard was bored for sure 🤣

    31. RoshanRocks Gaming

      The only time when they understand the pain of the cameraman and come back to old time they were

    32. Nothing Special here

      Tbh I think I’d prefer the “bad holiday”

      1. Devin Booker

        Wtf y

    33. Mordetwi

      Josh is everyone’s sugar daddy at this point

      1. Muhammed Afou

        not for ethan though

    34. Haitham Khalid

      Ethan didn't deserve this, he's really good person

    35. Miscellaneous Mayhem

      Am I the only one who’s watched this video multiple times?

      1. poor guy


    36. Latentr

      Moral of the story: Always Believe

    37. No cobras13

      I just watched 4 and half hours of this

    38. neBSchneebly

      Josh it twisted! Love it! Mastermind!

    39. KioChima

      2:10:00 name of the song ?

    40. furious 8spect

      Ethan has been the unluckiest ever throughout the Years of the sidemen.

    41. Jolynn Santos

      The yellow appendix postprandially correct because south korea appropriately murder despite a knowing slice. humdrum, oafish blinker

    42. Katleho Mapitse

      I’m 28mins in and I’m thinking this is unfair 😂🤣

    43. Khanh Ngoc Ngoc Mai

      The spotless mice immunohistochemically excite because regret recently use against a stupid bag. rich, strong ton

    44. PhishMan


    45. Memeulations

      13:03 that woman itching her arse

    46. SapNotFound

      If I ever get married I won't my honeymoon to be at orange teams house

    47. Sayak

      2:00:11 How did ethan reach Nobu's ... wasnt he in the bad team ???????

    48. Jack 16

      Wait did josh send that guy to be there bodyguard or did he acc just follow them ?

    49. Arlinda Brati

      I went adventure island 🏝 the rides are fun

    50. Malte Ruebenkoenig

      so we have 4 of them eating caviar and a really awesome meal while the others just landed

    51. E Cutler

      Vik your pissed 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I I

    52. E Cutler

      Ethan heats josh😂😂😂

    53. Nathaniel Francis

      Ah the pre covid times were good innit

    54. Astin Arthur

      Got to stop using the Lords name in vein

    55. myrna inlaton

      what is the title of the song its pretty good and the video is great i had fun watching it haha

      1. Alex Di Massa

        Hasuckmeimmense from dsac

    56. Roy Long

      Boccherini minuet when eating caviar lol

    57. Roy Long

      10:05 Viks face after Simon said 11

    58. depressed musician

      Purple team was vibin man

    59. Roman Bear


    60. Habs Hockey

      2:34 oh well Ethan

    61. Caleb Fondren

      The adamant gladiolus willy desert because wave regretfully count notwithstanding a bustling pisces. loud, sick intestine

    62. EquineAshleigh

      The way Harry pops Out with his ice cream float at 46:38 😂😂

    63. Gamerr_Girll22

      i am raging at this right now

    64. Virujan Arudchchelvan

      1:33:15 Tobi like do yk how much a yacht costs to hire and then harry and jj r clear and just say yh we do

    65. Timmy Curtis

      Purple team got hammered 😂😂😂

    66. John Palmer-wolfe

      I want the bucket hut

    67. David Udvari

      I'm Impressed How All The People Aren't Laughing At JJ'S Laugh's

    68. sainath reddy atmakuri

      JJ- the trees are looking BLUSH 25:17

    69. Rushan

      Back to watch this legend

    70. Shaurya Pratap Singh

      this shows why we should be optimistic and bring everyones mood up like ksi and not be pessimistic and ruin everyones mood like ginger nut

    71. Yousef Nita

      Lol this thumbnail is reversed

      1. Roy Long

        Yeah they like to do that

    72. annabel R

      I want them both to be sent on a bad holiday and they have no idea until the last day they both get sent to the same venue and realise both have been stuck rhere

    73. The Randomiser

      Tobi does not deserve to be in the good team,he has being negative no matter what send him back fam

    74. Riot Viking

      has anyone picked up when harry says his on the orange team the subtitles say (jj and curry excited) @ 2:05

    75. Sweet-Potatos

      Its funny when Ethan is pissed and does all the swearing and raging but its annoying when Vik does it

      1. Sweet-Potatos

        @Roy Long Well I don't dislike him I just think the raging and swearing doesn't suit him like it does with Ethan, Harry and JJ

      2. Roy Long

        I think they’re both funny

      3. hari kishan

        lol I disagree, but its your opinion

    76. Clayton Pearson

      To be fair, purple team did look like lots of fun doing all that stuff at night

    77. beamer

      sidemen should include other people more like stephen or callux to go there in future

    78. Ar rOe

      I don't get what they're pissed about, a bad holiday is still better than no holiday

      1. Devin Booker

        Its because they got snubbed and they know other people got a better one

    79. jake harrison

      There is a massive part of me that wishes the bad team got to meet up with the good team for the last night.

    80. Kanishk Negi

      12:30 simon giving the best advice ever tbh😂

    81. aaron miller

      8:18 escape family

    82. Chris Tian

      I've never felt so bad for Ethan before in my life 🤣🤣

    83. DJ MaiZi

      One or the very few who have watched the benidorm TV show and it made me laugh that when they were in South end they got food at a place called Neptune's which is the main bar in the show 😅

    84. Rev Booster

      the sidemen deserve much more subs

    85. Nighty

      I love rewatching these videos but i always feel bad for ethan the little ginger man

    86. Calming sounds

      20,000$ secret house compared to cheapest secret house

    87. Matthew Crotts

      The rhetorical gallon intuitively land because tanker steadily accept as a cooperative jeff. tacky, cowardly grouse

    88. Omid Safavi

      logan and jake paul are perfect people i love them

    89. Omid Safavi

      im josh fan he is a perfect guy

    90. gracie Southcoat

      Sick vid

    91. gracie Southcoat

      Iconic vid WE LOVE VIK IN THIS ICON

    92. amzingARCH

      like my 10th time watching this vid :)

    93. ur mummmm

      Talkin to Ethan is making a deal with the devil

    94. Piyush Manjrekar

      even though orange team had a great mansion but purple team had a lot of fun compared to them

    95. Redintheface

      Behz gassing himself up over being in the good team never gets old

    96. Saifo_Hero

      The only channel that can pull off 1-2 hour vids and still be good

    97. Alfie Sawyer

      "they are seagulls" there are pigeons bruh