School Love - Stand Up Comedy by Kenny Sebastian | Best & Worst Memories Crowd Work

Kenny Sebastian

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    A new show format where I ask the audience their best and worst memories and we laugh our way through our trauma together!

    Instagram: kennethseb

    Special Thanks to The Habitat : indiehabitat

    The Habitat Audio Team:
    Yash Rajiv Barse

    The Habitat Video Team:
    Vivian Castelino
    Harsh Shah

    Edited by Kenneth Sebastian

    Sound mixed by Nishant Agarwal.

    Subtitles and Colour Grading by Saketh Koundinya.

    Ps: Things are terrible out there, Hope this gives you a moment of relief.


    1. Kenny Sebastian

      Thank you for the lovely response! Btw, There are fake bots in the comment section pretending to be me and offering investment ideas. Please ignore them. Ps. House lizards are sweet. Don't harm them.

      1. shagufta sayyad

        And I fainted thinking Kenny replied my comment🤪

      2. Shuvangi Basak

        Just love the way you smile....I'm a big fan of yours Kenny....hope to meet u one day😍

      3. Shradha Sharma


      4. BeActive Behappy

        Since when have a bots started being real

      5. Sam Mathew

        Your are one among the best.. just love to watch your shows 🔥🤩❤

    2. Mani Rathore

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    3. Swarali Patil

      He’s backkkk!!!

    4. Kanika Kasliwal

      Such a cute video and funny as well ☺️😂

    5. Shivang Vyas


    6. Sumita Bordhan

      Woahhh love your all videos my brothers like you also because you are malayali and a Christian like us we cannot relate to you more you are the ultimate example of "relatable af"

    7. Sneha Simon

      Right after you spoke about peope choking while eating, I choke on my yogurt 😂I will still continue to fill my stomach and laugh my ass off.😂

    8. M M

      okay I really love you and your decent humour 🥰🥺

    9. Ka**n Encrypted

      Kenny freeze it your nose is melting!

    10. Vinayak Praveen

      That was amazing… that martin guitar though!!😎

    11. Benny Tyler

      This is ma healing time. I need moreee

    12. Mili bb

      Good one 👍

    13. Anusha M Bhat

      His laughing sound of "puff" was so cute though


      11.19 minutes of my life spent right ❤️🔥

    15. Revati Shridhar

    16. Pooja M

      This is not so funny. Ur earlier videos were wayy funnier

    17. sandheep ss

      where can i see the full show?

    18. XXj1_ yup

      Focus on studies sounds fucking stupid but it's true. Like relationships fuck up ur brain man. Not just for studies, but for everything. Interacting with other people, talking.. Its like this constant pricking sensation at the back kf ur mind. And if u lose them, nothing else matters. U collapse. Not to be an aunty but dont start a relationship till u get a job and are stable to deal with this shit

    19. Ruthwick Gunipati

      The initial jokes were kinda cringe

    20. Suhani Choudhary

      INhomes just recommend me this and yes now i just love this guy's videos 😀

    21. Thanmai Boss

      Me who is a guy/intelectual/love guru : hehe my advice worked(almost).

    22. Mahima Baghel

      i am eating and watching this 😂😂😂

    23. Abhishek Singh

      "because every guy thinks every girl likes .... them" was epic and real 😂😂

    24. lakshya raj

      what u tell abut the guys is very true😂😂(she loves u)


      Kenny's Biggest Scam "Changing the word FUC**NG AS FREACKING" I noticed it buddy XDXDXD

    26. abhishek sharma

      is it comedy o some kind of psychothepy session :D

    27. Reema Virushka

      Hi Kenny. Maybe you will miss this comment. But just want to say the way your comedy is so relatable. The topics you choose too are amazing.From chai videos till now you never disappoint. Keep up the amazing work ☺️

    28. Jyotsna Baghel

      O dude, do more of these no?

    29. adi patil

      chk chk chk chk chk, i am disappointed kenny

    30. Devika C R _4PS19CS027

      You're such an amazing comedian sir!! And could you please tell me how to improve communication skill, please sir !!

    31. Pema Lamu Sherpa


    32. Bharti Watts

      Finally Kenny is posting regularly😭

    33. Gnana Prasuna

      people say that you loose charm and spirit as you grow old but this man seems to be an exception of nature, don't know how but this man turns cuter and cuter as the days pass

    34. Plein de vie

      this is some good shit during the worst times ! :D

    35. music feels

      I love the way how even the audience participates in his jokes. I am super introvert to even think about it. I would just laugh at his jokes but say nothing.

    36. Sri Nidhi

      This one is actually ur best episode in the series of best and worst memories the last dialogue of ur father is totally relatable... 😁😁and another word u said her that it's safe when she intentionally said she is fan of u,was an epic and I laughed out loud like anything 😂😂

    37. Brother's gaming

      this Episode is full of f***ing word.whatever enjoyed 😂😂

    38. sai vamshimarri

      kenny looks like he's in a bad mood

    39. Aditya Singhal

      You look like the male version of Radhika Apte.

    40. Solomon Carvalho

      I loved it bro!

    41. Frenetic Brawler

      Loved it Kenny ❤️...always amazing

    42. Kaur Puneet

      6:58 no rule only foul fights lol 😂

    43. Linn Dabre

      Kenny you are the best.... Thanks for always making us laugh❤

    44. Saurav Shrivastav

      Kenny please make longer videos , 15 minutes feel nothing , I can "STRAIGHT UP" watch your videos for more than an hour. You are one of the best comedian (not Komedian) of India.

    45. Rida Zainab

      He is a decent but hilarious guy

    46. 6082 BHUMIKA

      when are you coming chandigarh

    47. Monika Singh

      Kenny going dark 😂😂😂😂😂 loved it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    48. Ishita Shakti

      Wow man, this was so freaking good! Like from the start to the very end!! Seriously, Thank you so much!

    49. Joker Baby

      Chetta ore pwoli

    50. Kumaran K vanan

      This man is just a freak , he's not even trying to be funny he's just funny's in his DNA ... whatever he says his body language and the way of talking makes me Laugh out Loud... being a fan for so long

    51. Neehar KVN

      Pch pch pch 🤟🏼👏🏼😂

    52. Riya Diwan

      this is legit one of the best crowd works everrrrr😂😂🙌😍

    53. Manya Khurana

      U don’t know for how long I ignored u as a comedian coz literally I’ve been listening to Akash , Abhinav and Harsh . This is the first video em watching..and 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    54. trina tay

      This made me laugh on a pretty rough day. Thankyou :)

    55. Sona Balaji

      Kenny being one of the best youtubers, has over 2 million subcribers and working hard to make us smile, yet hearting our comments🥺❤


      King is back

    57. Ayesha Dhankwala

      Thanx kenny...needed this therapy ❤

    58. Nirmal

      Has something changed about Kenny bro or is it just me?? 🤔

    59. Khushbu Luhar

      Kenny is love

    60. Vishakha Kumaresan

      Just what I needed before getting into exams !

    61. Roopali Neeraj

      I love how Kenny's face twitches and cringes at the same time when doing a cringe joke for the laughs😂 'Everyday is a gift' 😂

    62. Mani manjeera

      homeopathy thing is ultimate 😂😂

    63. Uma Patil

      Whenever Kenny says Fuck, subtitle writing guy goes like "tch tch tch" and writes "Freak" instead of fuck. 😅😅😅

    64. Samira Javkar

      I never comment on any videos but this video was so good. Kenny you are the most amazing person i have seen. I really love your videos, hope to watch you live someday. Also waiting for the long recording of you talking. ❤️

    65. athira ramesh

      Ending is just how every dad reacts... 🤣🤣🤣so true.

    66. Tanya

      I love you 😭♥️

    67. Harsh Jha

      Wonderful video, Kenny! I'm watching this while at work and it was worth every bit of risk taken! :D

    68. Kakali Rabha

      I'm literally dying to see you live! Please do come to guwahati someday!! Love this series so much

    69. POokie Productions

      Motto motto sama!! Arigato gozaimasu 😂

    70. Sneha Mukherjee

      Kenny taking my name is my best memory ever!

    71. Saasha Iram

      I just love how Kenny laughs at his own jokes.... Those sputtering sounds always gets me laughing!! 😂😂

    72. reenika vasudev

      Kenny you are AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. The house lizard bit 😂 Terribly Brilliant ! 2. And the way you said "What a charming guy !" 3.That awkward silence bit 😅 and of course your dating advises and school date rejection one 😝 Alcohalism... yayyyy! I found this video quite short in duration Kenny. Hope to see more of the fun stuff coming.

    73. Shubham Sinha

      play the damn martin kenny play it

    74. taanish kumaar

      I am a homeopath 😂😂

    75. manoj jain

      Amazing!!!! Good and worst memories is the best series..really loved are amazing..keep going😊❤

    76. Konark Pareek

      Still remember how a few years ago during my board examinations I attended Kenny’s show at BITS Pilani and my parents were hella worried about my chemistry exam the next day! Now to be graduating next week and still watching Kenny brought back that sweet memory!♥️

    77. Arun Prakash O S

      Why no audio

    78. Shyam Sasi

      ❤️ from Kerala

    79. Jutika Patil

      no one : kenny: ppphewwwffff every 2 minutes

    80. Vaibhav Chaturvedi

      Fun Fact : Kenny Sebastian's comment section is one of the most wholesome ones that you'll ever see.

    81. anusha vaidyanathan

      Awesome awesome !!! Anyday anytime your videos can just change the mood we are in..(I mean change from sad to happy not vice versa 😛) Keep them coming Kenny !! We love you ❤️

    82. Zoraavvar Tohan

      I think I too will start homeopathy

    83. Sonali Basak

      I can't explain in words how much I like his comedy.loved it.

    84. Swathi Adoni

      Vibing with your dad 😂😂

    85. varun sahoo

      I’m regretting why I even thought of watching it after his shittier than shit performance in Netflix

    86. Jackson Joseph

      All Mallu fathers are like that. . . Same my Dad after being saved from Covid first wave he was like no need of these treatment I would have been alright myself🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    87. Merryl Alexander

      Kenny this is an amazing series. Also, we need the next episode of simple Ken soon☺

    88. Surendra Purohit

      Holy fuck. That guy was approaching girls when he was in 9th grade. I got to know about the concept of co-ed when all this Taliban crisis began.

    89. Shahrukh Qureshi

      That hyena sound when Kenny asked who's dying?

    90. Melina Shrestha

      Kennnyyyy finally 😩💜 lots of love from Nepal . Keep uploading more love youu💜

    91. Aliji Jii

      I am sorry please

    92. HSEMINA

    93. Radhika v. chinnapan

      Enjoyable video Kenny

    94. HSEMINA

    95. HSEMINA

    96. Ayendri Mitra

      I love this show worst and best memories! It gives me hope that the worst memories I am making rn will eventually be laughed out by me afterwards 😅😂 Thanks Kenny

    97. Ambition

      This was such a dope video

    98. An Indian

      Everytime I see Kenny Sebastian, I remember only 2 things at the instant. 1. Ye teja teja kya hai? 2. Why I don't do standup comedy on politics. 😂😅

    99. Kazabite Boltiz

      kenny, make one for tmrw also ok? good