The magic of battery and water


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    The magic of battery and water

    Hey guys! Watch my new video: The magic of battery and water
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    1. Shone Joseph


    2. Tristan Moglia

      Y a un trou dans le verre au fond est quand elle montre le verre bein il est fissuré

    3. Jenny Mcanlalay


    4. aim 1000

      You looking very cute🙄

    5. 🔮[TeamOrdinary] - yNhOk🔮


    6. Soumya Ranjan


    7. Breanna Babin


    8. Mercedes Garcia

      Good idea

    9. DJAOUAD (": gg xd

      Thats veey good

    10. Nurayda Şıxməmədova


    11. Hwk3r

      I have eyes like a hawk, this video was reversed. I can tell easily because she blinks her eyes weirdly. Moments are also weird. And if you look, the battery is already wet at the beginning.

    12. Ana Nunes

      Omaigode 😎😜😱😱😱😱😱

    13. Abbie Fabulous


    14. Prabhatir Sondhane


    15. Poppy333

      She doesn't even put the battery all the way in the water. I would think for it to work she would have to submerge the battery all the way in

    16. Sugar on roblox


    17. Husnul Habibie

      it's reverse

    18. Mj Buenaobra

      😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😰😓😂🤣 dmjdgi to haha order to come

    19. Ranel Sakirzyanov

      Обратная съёмка

    20. Mamata Behera

      Reverse video

    21. Desmond Porter


    22. ADRIANA Cristini

      Eu sei que é atacado muito baixar calhou muito aquilo é formar um furacão lá 😂😂😂😃😍❤️

    23. jjproject


    24. al_psycatikka

      What is her name??? 😅

    25. A Beeans

      Let's put an electric current in water what could go wrong

    26. @ni👅✌


    27. rj bu

      Who is she

    28. OP NARUTO

      Reverse video to see the ugly truth

    29. Leslie Hodge


    30. ELSABE OONS v30

      I drink water

    31. Ayan Naveed

      Wow wow

    32. Biplob Biplob


    33. Sarah Vazquez


    34. Romina Angelica De Guzman

      it.s so true

    35. Amyhuang Huang


    36. Elliot Covington

      Water tornado

    37. Ali FF HERO

      Reverse video

    38. Kokok

      Is a waffle powerful tool looks like tornado

    39. Tausiful Islam

      It was reversed🙄

    40. Shaheer Alvi

      She picked up the batery so the water drop came up with it she is beautiful but see it carefully

    41. Shaheer Alvi

      Because when she was picking the glass up it was so quick

    42. Tarmidi Project


    43. FAB K Nirmal

      Beautiful doll❤️❤️❤️

    44. 王玄洲


    45. Любовь Бухарина

      Создалось электрическое поле. Читая физика, никакой магии.

      1. A. Zervan

        какое поле,все ее "фокусы"видеомонтаж,и она их скопировала у парня одного,не найду ссылку наверно...Тут обычное обратное видео,создала воронку,засунула батарейку,пару сек,вода прекратила круьиться , вуаля,Так еще в 30- е годы Чаплин делал..Топорь опускался в миллиметре от пальцев ноги ротозея Чаплина среди рабочих в кадре,неискушенный.зритель охал ахал и говорил вот повезло,зачем так рисковать ради фильма....

      2. literally a full bag of shit

        Для людей, которые не знают физику, мир полон "магии")

    46. Brenda Liscano

      Hi sup hybL you 👧😍

    47. Sujata Pal

      Yo does that really work

    48. ranjeet aman dubey

      Which tune is this

    49. Z Davi futebol official

      You are bealtiful

    50. Morris Games_YT

      why is her shirt plain blue

    51. Your boy JJ

      Dont try at home

    52. khushboo Vaghela


    53. hα ᖴα


    54. Ahmad Jamil

      So beautiful nice looking baby

    55. Rajnikant Kesarkar

      Reverse video ..good thought ..!

    56. Anjali Aggarwal


    57. oqrrx

      Second comment lol

    58. SLAPY X

      first comment