I Tricked The Internet Into Thinking I Played Fortnite

FaZe Jarvis

15M दृश्य30 000

    I envisioned a masterplan to trick the internet into thinking I played Fortnite despite being banned by Epic Games back on November 6, 2019th. So I put my scheme to the ultimate test LIVE on Twitch. Here are my findings.

    • Slater: www.twitch.tv/slaterkodish

    📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
    🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

    • Edited by TeaWap

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    1. max04hits

      Bruh he could've just made a new acc from the jump Also I'm pretty sure it was an acc ban not an ip or hardware ban.

    2. Mohammed Alhammadi


    3. Like a G


    4. Very good at editing

      I found out about this 1 year later💀

    5. proclix

      Plis play fortnite

    6. tw0h0p

      c'mon now boys we all know we fell for it

    7. Maison Peoples

      Jarvis getting banned I'm sorry for you

    8. cayden fisher


    9. Cringe Gaming


    10. Cringe Gaming

      *Jarvis* Gets banned *Epic* We got'em *Jarvis* Mission succes

    11. Sammy boi

      Ip ban

    12. thunder gaming and fun

      i mean unban jarvis

    13. thunder gaming and fun

      epic un ban me

    14. editz_24.7 tiktok

      Witnessed the stream lmao

    15. play fortnite please one more time

    16. Lachlan Deniz

      This was the most savage and most evil thing of 2020 LOL F#CK EPIC GAMES LOL

    17. Archie Leggett

      Jarvis you do notice that you are allowed to play FN on a different ac

    18. john wick

      this is really how i thought how hype these guys were when they were scheming the whole crypto scam before they got exposed 😂

    19. daniel menias

      ayo 5:24

    20. The Union Collaborative

      How’s Kay

    21. Mantux


    22. Jelly DD

      1 year ago

    23. Landon Schiller


    24. sml ytl

      Hop. You get un. Band

    25. Eugene Argo

      Epic needs to respond

    26. Eugene Argo


    27. Rapid

      1 like = 1 #freejarvis 👇

    28. TheOnlyNoRabax

      :Me why Jarvis black out IDK :everyone in twitch JARVIS IS BACK OMG

    29. Knox Everyday

      By the time I'm watching this chapter2 season 8 has already started

    30. Venuja Dissanayake

      Who is here in 2021 💔

    31. Stealex


    32. Me

      Damn jarvy

    33. Armani Rivera


    34. mr gamer ruben

      Is it any room in the faze house

    35. mr gamer ruben

      On my PS4 I think I met some one in the faze clan as well they scammed me

    36. mr gamer ruben


    37. mr gamer ruben

      I wish you are unbanned

    38. Tracey Carline

      # unbann Jarvis

    39. TryingToMakeYouLaugh

      Bruh i knew it.

    40. Daily WWE NEWS with Michael


    41. Wayne Wright

      Everybody start a riot on epic games and say FREE JARVIS

    42. IttsAzaan

      Who is Here watching Jarvis vids 1 year later the tweet got posted

    43. Fortnite god Fortnite

      Make more videos

    44. Savage Gaming

      You deserved the ban

    45. AOAgoodman

      ok can you make like a new account

    46. Julius-Ridge Tiatia

      nha if jarvis is better then benjy then mongro is not the best benjy is 1st jarvis is 2 and mongro is 3

    47. Lazerbeam jr

      What would happened if Jarvis played no one would know

    48. Daniel Kitleung

      The girl is so fucking cringyyyyy

    49. Caden Dawson

      😂 got eeeeeeeeee

    50. Jane85 O

      Who else thought the way tewap said "We have never seen a chat be so happy for a human being planing fortnite"was funny

    51. Aden_Crack on IG just get my acc back 👍


    52. Aden_Crack on IG just get my acc back 👍


    53. Aden_Crack on IG just get my acc back 👍


    54. Dragon Plays

      Epic just got trolled sooo fuckin bad bruh epic you moron

    55. Mohammed Alhammadi


      1. Xlhzzzzzzz

        I want Jarvis and Kay to come back

    56. Alice Crothers


    57. dexter jaeger


    58. lex tended

      But I still can't hate him for that.

    59. Lucky One2

      Imsgine all the people that actually thought jarvis was playing fortnite

    60. Noe Maldonado


    61. YTArtix

      The best prank in history


      Please just come back

    63. TheRealZackaKing

      Faze start everything fresh make a new account in general and you good

    64. Scott Skates

      Why isn’t Jarvis unbanned yet?

    65. SkitHead

      I’m late asf but atleast he honest

    66. Blazedup

      Did anyone else notice that when it did a zoom in on the chat, someone posted F**k epic XD.

    67. Xxalphaxguy

      He is definitely playing for one he has controller in his hand and he is moving the joy sticks to

      1. brad lizard 5

        Idk cuz he still moving the joy sticks

    68. Xxalphaxguy

      Hey is he playing he had a controller in his hand

    69. mat corona

      So we not gonna talk about that large food haul in the background

    70. Victor liu

      I knew it

    71. Phat T.

      Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah I like when you get payback and epic games my boi

    72. George Nyambe Sumbwa

      you actually got trolled

    73. TSNLeaderTDyesir

      35k jarvie

    74. Ty


    75. Jamie Shears

      I was watching the stream


      Thanks to ☝️☝️☝️for helping me unban my account. I read a recommended about his service so I tried it. Dude is really a genus


      Thanks to ☝️☝️☝️for helping me unban my account. I read a recommended about his service so I tried it. Dude is really a genus

    78. Kate moss

      👆👆The best absolutely no doubt, I trusted him after much recommendations and he stand to be legit. You have big respect👆👆

    79. Kate moss

      👆👆The best absolutely no doubt, I trusted him after much recommendations and he stand to be legit. You have big respect👆👆

    80. Kate moss

      👆👆The best absolutely no doubt, I trusted him after much recommendations and he stand to be legit. You have big respect👆👆

    81. AargoHere

      why not play WARZONE or Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare or Apex Legends or Valorant or Splitgate?

    82. Jose Avila


    83. QuackQuack

      Looks like j balvin the guy from fortnite

    84. Dominic Wright

      8:43 be like😬😬😬

    85. Itzdemonzz

      You can see his hands moving

    86. ztro.

      This was almost a year ago already.

    87. Lii gamer

      Jarrvis Next video "I tricked the internet into buying crypto"😂

    88. Oscar Box


    89. Kaydence Parker


    90. brawl basher


    91. brawl basher


    92. #freejarvis

    93. Jaylon Knock

      free jarvis

    94. Sarah Biju Joseph

      Fortnite: We banned Faze Jarvis Me dying from laughter

    95. L3NNON

      there is probably people that didnt see this video and got so hyped thinking jarvis was actually making a return to fortnite and then didnt stream for a year

    96. solomon turner

      Plot twist someone else log him out via Xbox

    97. itzjaxonking

      My brother destroyed you

    98. FroggyPlays

      I feel like he secretly plays fortnite off cam

    99. Mickel Rodriguez

      That is halarios

    100. Mickel Rodriguez

      Hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂