Turn into balls - Tutorial


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    Turn into balls - Tutorial

    Hey guys! Watch my new video: Turn into balls - Tutorial
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    1. Karissa Wolford

      It looks like he did not pause it

    2. Med Sam


    3. Ronniya Shorts World

      Wow Amazing skills 👏👌🙌😍👍

    4. Joseph Joestar

      مليون مبروك 😌😌😌

    5. haki ki

      Please try with yellow ball.

    6. Reena Blessen


    7. naked guy


    8. luxcy

      He didn't paused the vid

    9. need you


    10. Оксана Орлова

      Все круто но

    11. Arif Khan


    12. Marie James

      Your phone is upside-down

    13. Gusta Aulia


    14. Draw With Anureet

      How ?? But Good

    15. Firoza Dola


    16. PRENSES S

      Lan video açık kalmışdı😂😂😀

    17. Wiktor S


    18. Natalia EsGa

      Muy chuloo

    19. Sunil Babu


    20. Lalita

      You have not push that button

    21. Ειρηνη Τσ.

      Such a lovely couple!!!Holy Mother may be with you 🙏🕊️💓

    22. Karina Quiroz Delgado

      Qué divertido

    23. Шишка 666

      made on samsung camera

    24. phani jata

      In mobile you not pause

    25. Music CC


    26. Ayeca Moves


    27. food challenge


    28. AS_KA 07

      Where is the grandpa?

    29. Kraexy St

      What's her name tho?

    30. Handsome Squidward

      At least they show the end result

    31. Amber Rose LOVE

      so cool

    32. Royalty Paulinnho

      So funny

    33. Royalty Paulinnho


    34. Random Youtuber

      Poor grandfather full support on shes I don't know grandchild? And don't know what that girl is doing in tiktok

    35. Mimi B.

      i like how they actually show the end result. a lot of people don’t do that

    36. della gita puspita

      that's cool!

    37. Abhinav Doke

      Tujhe ball dabache ahet g

    38. Riya mcdonie

      Wow 😘😘😘

    39. 《Always_{prensesiniz}🔮》♡


    40. Kayleigh mae Fluen

      I just appreciate the dances I could watch all day

    41. Wolffi Wolff

      I really love the way how smooth she dances to this melody

    42. Rr food plaza and chaats Bangarpet

      Really dance is wonderful

    43. ReiDosZillas 0107

      Is dance this fortnite?

    44. sussy baka boy

      Blue balls

    45. Yuli Ana


    46. Amra

      This actually has effort in it which you don’t see often when you watch youtube shorts

    47. Zuko


    48. Sk Shabaz



      He not pause the video

    50. Anchari Chan

      I’m proud for TikTok for the ones that actually show us the result instead of people not showing it

    51. Hashim Malhas


    52. bowen voowy

      Finally one that shows the result, not just the recording. Good job to you!

    53. Emily An

      Finally one that shows the result, not just the recording. Good job to you!

    54. Cemal Ozturk

      Cool video

    55. bodoti qwiu

      Yes finally results from a video!

    56. fouoii gyhh

      This is so cool!!!

    57. Masis Nahabedian


    58. منتظر دحام

      30 مليون مشاهده عله هاي 😂😂

      1. عبدالعزيز المساعيد

        مو حرام

    59. fortnitw pro Got

      Who’s the girl

    60. حيدر علي عيدان

      Please 🥺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 open paqe me

      1. hen ko


    61. bb fashion models


    62. bofooit gojo

      That is so coool and simple effect.

    63. اسعد الاكسندر / asaad alksandr

      To everyone who reads this statement: It is true that I do not know you and cannot see you, but I ask God to fill your beautiful heart with joy and cry from happiness 😴❤️ ....

    64. Fahim Godid

      Nice with blue ٠

    65. Ask to seduce Miss

      Editing can do everything ;)

      1. bofooit gojo


      2. Wtrqlswgyl Mblywtkrcy


    66. Bloody Envy

      Lol the camera angle is not even with the ground it is tilted to much it is so obvious..

    67. BTK Compilations

      I will have to try this transition :)

    68. أبو  رجوى

      بغيت ليك الرزق لي ما يتسالا ولا يفنى إلى مافرحنا بشي أبوني الله افرحك من عندو

    69. Will Budic


      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        ماكو عربي هناه!!!

    70. Roland and Shukura

      If you’re reading I pray God bless your day, your mind with positive energy. Keep you happy, freely, peaceful and keep loving yourself in the hardest moments in your life. Take care to those that can’t read this either 🙏🏾

    71. بشار وليد


    72. Matthew Harvey

      O . o

    73. Mahacine - محاسن

      Amazing 😯😯

    74. Katclasher 93



      ha ha haaaaaaa

    76. BoyInTheRoom

      𝙈𝙖𝙜𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝘿𝙤𝙥𝙚

    77. Polar Bear

      I'm bear

    78. marco max

      To those who come late like me 😂😂: I mean, I mean, this is the slogan of someone who followed you.🥰💞💞

    79. Abdullah Alhamzi


    80. Abdullah Alhamzi


    81. Abdullah Alhamzi


    82. •ARMY FOREVER•

      Super nice 🤩👏.. wonderful👏👏

    83. جون جون

      ماكو عربي هناه!!!

      1. om waseem abo Arqoub


    84. •𝙆𝙞𝙢𝙏𝙖𝙨𝙣𝙚𝙢•

      في عرب 🧐😎

      1. om waseem abo Arqoub


    85. Little Dreamers Education

      Well done and what a great video!! From your friends at ❤️Little Dreamers At Home!!

    86. Hari Tube

      Short property deserves a full mark who agrees with me

    87. UmBrElLa GiRL

      "Turn into balls" That girl:ok.

    88. سوق العصر الحديث Market modern era


      1. جون جون

    89. nathan macdonald

      Very accurate channel name

    90. Little Magician

      Wow amazing

    91. Brian Cook

      Omg like that is si giid and i just saw what she did so cool that she shiwed fir a tiktik. So when you see her tiktok you know what she did. Rember that now .

    92. Marc Cyberston

      fortnite balls

    93. zixarru

      This is pretty cool it’s like a optical illusion

    94. Spyinx The Kitten

      Everyone: talking about the balls and crap Me: why is the phone upside-down

    95. EightySix

      this isn't foolish anyone even if they are only seeing the phone lol

    96. فراشه الحقل Yotyuper

      حيله رائعه وذكيه

    97. Haitam Ha


    98. Omar López

      Que bueno que estoy estudiando👌😌😌 gracias a estas personas cada vez quiero superarme , mejor hago deberes y sigo estudiando adios

    99. Hector 7057

      I got to go to college.

    100. LilMidgey69

      Ight, but who is she she kinda hot yo.