Kodak Black - Senseless [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black

Kodak Black

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    Kodak Black - Senseless
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    15 दिन पहले


    1. Lil Ant


    2. your uncle Bobbert

      Damn he really fucked over nba young boy

    3. Efty

      thats a whole copy of make no sense by nba young boy, but it good tho

    4. K Jandro

      Kodak gone get a Grammy y’all don’t even see it coming tho 🤦🏾‍♂️

    5. Master creative Butcher 05


    6. Big Steppa

      My Nikka Don’t Make No Sense His Name Fuxkin WAM BAM

    7. pinktaco646

      Dude got fat

    8. Reese Craw


    9. Ade Owens

      A Weezy freestyle over this beat would make this 2x legendary

    10. The Red Balloon

      Simple but effective 🔥💤

    11. Angel Nava

      I fuck with this shit cuh

    12. reggie slimmme

      This song should be posted on Spotify asap🔥🔥🔥🔥

    13. Neighborhood Wood

      This a slap dog. "A minor in designer I was robbing for some jeans"

    14. blackoss93

      The goat of Florida

    15. CEO CletheDawg

      Kodak really low-key raw he ah beef with anybody when them drugs n em

    16. Jaysoddfutr

      This sound like old Kodak

    17. Mikev P

      All I understood it’s when he said 2015!!!

    18. Emerson Kelly

      This is the best thing of 2021

    19. PieceControlStew

      Kodak Black got you guys in a shadow clone Jutsu

    20. Thuthuka Simango

      “All I wanna do is hit a lick and hit the mall” 🔥✨ -Kodak so real

    21. iiKingElvin

      Dis joint sound like need it by yb n the migos. dat nigga buddah tuff eshit

    22. Terence Hull

      Is it just me or is this kodak's version of youngboy's make no sense

    23. Danisha Roy


    24. Rxcxaa

      Why is nobody talkin bout the girl in the yellow😀

    25. Everything 1k

      I’ma step that’s on my z, just told my nigga… follow my lead.

    26. Gilbert Delrosario



      I like da Rolling Loud live version of this song better than the studio version...is it jus me?


      Kodak hair look like dying coral

    29. Joseph Lopez

      Idk but it’s kinda sounds like makes no sense by NBA only the start

    30. Nate Carter

      @kodakblack 🎤 S e n s e l e s s 🎶 P r o d u c e d B y @buddahblessthisbeat O f f i c i a l M u s i c V i d e o 🎞 D i r e c t e d B y @killerjack___ 🎬 O u t N o w 🔥 🔥 🔥 - Distributed By 🤜 @natecarterphoto 🤛

    31. Gilberto Amparan

      This sounds like nba yb

    32. Tyrell Davis

      This shit go to hard my morning song🔥🔥🔥

    33. Yatca

      Yellow baddie?

    34. Dallas Gary

      This shit go so hard

    35. SauceGod Brandon


    36. A1 MIKEYY

      For y’all who ain’t know the beginning was based off nba young boy make no sense

      1. Chop

        I knew

    37. TheDonM

      Who else be singing this in they head randomly

    38. 217ESCO (Tbeats)


    39. FelineFokus

      The fact that this is better than the annoying migos song is why I love it so much. I think this is what black artists should do. Make their on content using their community and keep it hood rich💯 ☺ we don't need them don't give up your peace to be controlled and fucked by Hollywood 🖕🏾😇

    40. FelineFokus

      And Cardi b coming in for the steal in 5,4,3...

    41. Anton Palmer

      Poohie from dtw Cincinnati Ohio here rocxin wit Kodak..🔥💯💪🏾💙

    42. Mi5ta Sosaman YDM Ceo

      Yak slided on this one

    43. Isaiah GONZALES

      KTB SG

    44. King Chopppss


    45. Ian B


    46. Joshua dagaur

      Peewee kodak

    47. Julizza alaniz


    48. Julizza alaniz


    49. Julizza alaniz


    50. Julizza alaniz


    51. Julizza alaniz

      Can y’all please go listen to that 1oneway music 🎶🔥

    52. Julizza alaniz


    53. Julizza alaniz


    54. Julizza alaniz


    55. Joshua Pfeifer

      we all gotta Thank Sir Donald Trump for this Song and Video just saying

    56. Joshua Pfeifer

      *As a White kid from Northern California, I get the weirdest looks Slapping Kodak Black, but if they don't like it they can Mind they MF Business. cuz it's SNIPER GANG 1800 BITCH*

    57. Blvdloove

      I’m going to sleep

    58. Shine Again

      Copied yb flow💩💩💩

    59. Brett Sully

      idgaf what anyone says but how can you not like kodak

    60. Atleast 30 Shots

      This not no fucking Kodak,this world is blinded 🤦🏾‍♂️

    61. Chance Young

      Copied yb whole flow

    62. Dirty Dinero

      Yak tha GOAT

    63. Joy Kumi

      Hello everyone I just wanted to come on here and let you know that Jesus Christ loves you and He is patiently waiting for you to submit to Him before it is too late. In my past there were situations that happened to me that could have destroyed me forever but God saved me from it all and I am so thankful for His mercy on my soul. He always protected me, provided for me and loved me even when I was living in sin turning away from him constantly. I know for sure He is the reason I am still here today and I will use his blessing to help others get closer to Him. I encourage all of you to repent of all your sins, give your life to God and turn away from the evil of this world. Please live the right way as He instructs us, I promise you wont regret that decision when it is time to meet Him. God bless you and your families, please be safe and take care much love ❤❤❤❤❤

    64. Tnelly12

      Shits bunk

    65. Jadon Joyce

      Love the song

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        Queen inhomes.info/level/lbyTgc2BjJaYsGs/v-iy

    66. Fredy_805


    67. Fox Gabanna

      This go hard as hell. This the Kodak i like.

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        Yes inhomes.info/level/lbyTgc2BjJaYsGs/v-iy 👸👸👸

    68. MrSplatter r

      10 million

    69. Staylowkey B

      Flaw ass rapper yeen real how tf u change on jack

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        Yes inhomes.info/level/lbyTgc2BjJaYsGs/v-iy🤞🏾❤️❤️❤️

    70. Maksim Sarovic

      brat ke ti kazam iskreno ama pesnava me ima prevozeno dur serev u wc

    71. Maksim Sarovic

      summer vibes

    72. Deserved W


    73. Corey Booker

      Best song in 2021 this year 🔥🔥

    74. ronnie king

      I do no flaggin dog, been snapping dog And I'm Z'd up 'til the feet up, I be zig-zaggin dog 😎🔥😬

    75. Yonder


    76. BreNaja Blanks

      My dawg bike 🥶

    77. Cjae Shiesty

      This junt on 10 million views bro

    78. Mrs. Carter

      I can't stop listening to Yak😩😩😩

    79. Canice Simpson

      This the key

    80. Tony Accardo

      My favorite Lil Haitian nigga

    81. Canice Simpson

      Cincinnati trash 🚮🚮🚮🚮

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        Queen inhomes.info/level/lbyTgc2BjJaYsGs/v-iy 😛😛😛😛👸

    82. Canice Simpson

      Braaaaa 🛅🛅🛅🛅

    83. YaBoyFats_yt

      i feel like im kodak back in 2015

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        Queen inhomes.info/level/lbyTgc2BjJaYsGs/v-iy 🥰😌😇

    84. nano nono

      Bon bagay

    85. Edward Parker

      Only song I can play 10 times back to back 🔥

    86. Edward Parker

      My favorite rapper I should have been subbed

    87. Jermaine Myers

      Who is that girl in the yellow

    88. Bridget Kabamba

      Listened to this for the 18th time today

    89. noldo



      This a copy of fredo Bang nee hit song

    91. AuraTheEnemy6

      im broke family rip XXX he was a legend in my eyes and he influenced me to do better for me watch your back they copying your moves Kodak not me I’m influenced by you hinders the picture I take when I was showing my teeth they was clean and white back then