I Paid Fortnite Pro's $50,000 to 1v1 - Challenge


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    Who Is the Best Fortnite Player In the World with @FaZe Sway @FaZe H1ghSky1 @FaZe Megga @FaZe Dubs
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    1. Jarvis & Kay Gaming

      I'm the best ok

      1. Peggy Houssou

        We know

      2. Nick Baldree

        I subscribed and do everything go for you OK I hope you have a wonderful day

      3. SøldBeTuf

        If you never got banned :) smh 😂

      4. Benjamard Paalerud

        @Nate Garcia jarvis

      5. NicooLOH

        But ur ban lol

    2. Jaeden Solomon

      Highsky should have won

    3. Plasma Gaming

      He pickaxed a ai and said there the best lol

    4. Maryana Soutter

      I’m controlla

    5. Indian songs freestyle


    6. Ali_ms20 M

      Me too I am controller

    7. C_belt

      Sure I agree

    8. ritzythecrackers

      This isthereal faze sway bro y r u like surprised he isn't the best bro

    9. Omar Sevilla

      N. No

    10. Riti Chona Mehta


    11. charley flynn

      ,, and

    12. Gael Toledo ferreto


    13. Grayson Bozarth


    14. Acers life and mind


    15. Art Lopez

      Mr sky on top

    16. Ozil Muhammad


    17. Ozil Muhammad


    18. DarkMatter X

      I like your mega and dubs have jackets and highsky and asway are no jackets

    19. Rip Juice wrld

      But wireless controller

    20. Rip Juice wrld

      I’m Nintendo

    21. Nur Islam

      Girl can play fronite to?

    22. Tubbs2020

      Theta are not the best fortnite players

    23. SUSYKID🥵

      FaZe sway banned me from his twitch

    24. rocky6755

      Yo megga and highsky were close and sway

    25. Blazin FN

      Faze Sway should have one

    26. Mateo Fajardo

      Jarvis can just make a new acc and can just get a gift from epic games but not using aimbot

    27. Jim Kirby Automotive

      Are you the best tho

    28. Darren West

      Hi Sky is my favorite

    29. Rexo FN


    30. BUTBA

      They all played good

    31. D4RK_M4730 ツ

      Controller gang


      Faze sway is better than mongraal

    33. Selene aleman

      Where is bugha

    34. Adreana Garza

      Highskys face and sways face when there concentrated look like there about to kill someone 🤣

      1. Adreana Garza

        My friend liked it

      2. Adreana Garza


      3. Leigh Sherratt

        did you like your own comment?


      I’m controller

    36. Angelos Kallitsis

      am keebord

    37. YThyper

      I'd rather not play fn than play fn

    38. Lit_Khyss_Gamer

      if they were in my from i would let them add me on fortnite and get my stats up lol

    39. daniel kandekore

      I play on swich

    40. solo

      I’m controller😂

    41. mrenforcer1978

      We have 4 of the bestfortnite players in the world. Where Mongraal and by Bugha

    42. Ziga_YT

      I don’t think sway is bad but i think jarvis is better that sway

    43. Dawn Lueck

      Faze kay

    44. Jamesy


    45. Chef T-rex

      Bugha, fresh, benji, nick eh

    46. Traci Divine

      i wanna 1v1

    47. Wild R4id3r

      Best are you sure

    48. Jessica Perry


    49. Matix Fryer

      Sway is on controler tho

    50. Ψ Bailey Nelson Ψ


    51. Little Mita

      Faze Sway looks like the guy who makes indian versions of any song AKA bunty

    52. Blake mason🦅

      I'm controller

    53. Needlestains

      bro the music

    54. LlamaLV12

      FaZe sway is my favorite too

    55. Sagrario Rosario

      im on pc canchroler and phone and nentendo

    56. Callum Passco

      I am a con chrolar

    57. Samurai Roblox

      Sway drops 4 kills in pubs me in areana with 1

    58. Jorge Molina

      12:00 highsky sounded like a girl

    59. Shadow0076

      Stark industries is the best drop spot

    60. Monty Awouda

      Hasky is netter

    61. Cooper Wood


    62. Blake mason🦅

      I listen to music too

    63. Blake mason🦅

      I land cattycorner some times

    64. Blake mason🦅

      I want highsky to win

    65. Blake mason🦅

      I'm controller

    66. WINDEGO FIRE🔥🔥

      I’m controller

    67. Piececntrltat

      Bro megga picaxed a bot and he says wowwwwww your so good

    68. Imrtalgmr07 on 60 FPS

      I’m on controller

    69. William T

      keyboard and highsky 1v1 typical gamer

    70. samir ali

      By chi hgvyggugvug

    71. Ezra Freddy Frost.

      I like sway and h1ghsky

    72. FLOW TRI

      Top four best ninja fresh bugga mongraal: are we a joke to you?

    73. Xotics

      There literally against bots

    74. Ethan Otero


    75. Mason Hasna

      Yo this was crazy kay

    76. Gabrielle Albert

      controler + keyboard

    77. Asadpro209

      We are in season seven now

    78. Teslaz

      I wanted sway to win I not a fan of mega

    79. Sakhi FullerAikens

      kay the commentator

    80. ROL3X♕♡꧁꧂


    81. Po da goat

      I can play with music

    82. Spob

      The fact that Megga left with 26 kills triggers me

    83. Jay Harrison

      I'm controller

    84. Jet boating hunting and gaming

      Big boiiiiiii

    85. David Bosch

      Kay: he’s pickaxing people that how much of a pro he is!!! Mega: pickaxing BOTS

      1. Xotics


    86. Ghost

      Not high sky

    87. Alex Kocher

      how come megga on the thumbnail has the least amount of kills but megga wins the 50k

    88. Nevaeh thompson

      They were all bots? ..

    89. Ninja pro  0011

      I'm a big fan pleas a DS me NinjaPro007 or 001 I want to lvl pless love your vids

    90. Carrie H

      Jarvis is better duh🤗🤗

    91. Kidcool654

      Keybord all the way

    92. VAL_SURGE

      I would love to be friends with high sky HES so chill and he could be my coach lol

    93. Kjw Robon

      I’m subed

    94. Kjw Robon

      Kay let’s 1v1

    95. Kjw Robon

      I’m control

    96. Xzy

      I’m just saying they or going up against bots

    97. Max Solis

      You can see the depression in sways smile at the end

    98. Attaxer

      I play on switch and I get five or four kills a game

    99. Double dummie gamers

      I’m controller PS4

    100. Evad

      0:55 i would kick them out