Teleported into phone - Tutorial


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    Teleported into phone - Tutorial

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    1. Anna beatryz Pereira

      AMOR. Kkkkkk

    2. Qurbanova Mahsuda




    4. Isadora Oliveira


    5. Jale Özata Dirlikyapan


    6. mahee mahima

      The way she swings is awesome 🥰🥰

    7. Huong Bui

    8. Raudatul Hasanah


    9. Claudio Albuquerque Cimas

      Lindíssima 😍😍

    10. Suman Arya

      Wow beautiful

    11. Antonio Almeida

      Penna que a menina parede o boruto 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    12. Epolo2838

      That have a iPhone recording and and a iPhone


      Musical name

    14. Huyyhkcvcnnnvcc iện Nguyễn văn

      Giả trân ghê

    15. Panchal Mahesh

      I love you black and red

    16. BRIYANI G17


    17. Ismoil Djalilov

      I liked her dance


      Phone to another phone to another phone 📱 🙄

    19. fans DEL asesino


    20. Stanley Proctor

      This woman is fine in those outfits and shoes..... DANGEROUS

    21. raynic tube

      Lol 0:01

    22. Prescilla julie Ada mve


    23. Maria Shehna

      He kind of like these behind-the-scenes they look really nice

    24. Bandaru Nagaraja

      Every one is saying that they have shown the end results ! What are those end results?

    25. Angie Maldonado

      That is cool😊🖤❤😊🦋

    26. Jikalo Taro


    27. SatrioWahyudi

      I thought the girl wasn't screaming, but she was happy🤔🤔

    28. Ashrar Ash

      Pfftt hahahaha🤣🤣

    29. Piotr K.

      Czy wy jesteście z Polski???


      it is calling turn into a phone !

    31. PUBG fan

      Phone case my case

    32. Smil3 More it looks good on you

      She is so pretty 🌺

    33. Jaden Willett

      So there’s a phone recording a phone recording a phone

    34. Sonicsupergamer and Friends


    35. K-Popfolife

      Did no one notice that the phone in the ground is upside down yet the camera isn’t?

    36. Ukraine fluid

      I love how she was dancing at the start lol

    37. jp


    38. mxviic

      Im so glad they showed the results.

    39. Dalva Cristina


    40. Donna Mendoza

      Bruh i got the phone lol

    41. Gary Co

      It phoneseption

    42. Valeria Isabell Camacho

      Pense que la morra estaba bailando

    43. ETHBK

      Is that Minx?

    44. Arzen Yu

      the fact that they hit the phone so hard

    45. Alipoor A


    46. sam Bul


    47. cee cee

      What was she doing at the start like literally

    48. Rounak Rai

      Tf just happened there 😂

    49. ايمي ستار


    50. Sajali Navarro


    51. iraklis repeticia


    52. locura snbk


    53. Etelvina Santos


    54. Milena romero lopes

      Muy grasios🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍😘😘😘

      1. Milena romero lopes

        Luisa una niña

    55. RaydenBrookes

      Everyone talking about whatever they are talking about. Me wondering how many phone are needed

    56. a fucking paper bag

      "Stop" "Move" " *_G._* "

    57. marisel alvarado

      WOW Watu how!😃😂😉

    58. Lia

      Why is the phone upside down ,the one recording

    59. kitti prasai

      ทำได้จริงหรือเปล่าเอาดีๆ ทำได้จริงหรือเปล่า

    60. Arham Haris

      Wow amzing

    61. Lillyanimates


    62. Maria Gabriela

      Maravilha da vida 🤩

    63. Tribagas 97

      I don't know I don't care

    64. Jake Haji

      Pew pew

    65. Caro Lain


    66. Adam Gans

      Nice 🙂🙂🙂👍🏻

    67. -_-


    68. ام احمد شموط


    69. Lenovo A1000


    70. Fred Emma Tellier


    71. 정홍빈

      samsung phone?

    72. adrita jahin

      I have a question🤥

    73. Nasrudin

      Pengagum tik tod

    74. Дзурабова Эсет

      Не страшно ха ха

    75. Selin Issa

      I like how she's dancing at the start ✨💜🦋

    76. Meg

      This girl gives red hair ashnikko vibes..…

    77. EDA Polisi

      7 is the best but u look goid in anything

    78. RosyEve

      I thought that was minx

    79. Dayane Oliveira


    80. GlowHarder

      My brain shut down after the second phone

    81. Hagar Elwy

      I thought she was minx for a sec lmaoooo 😭💀

    82. Christine Kamunge

      I like her hair. 😃😍😛

    83. Pabitra mohanty video

      What are you doing darling

    84. Zumber Ajdara

      Wow 😳👍

    85. Ivanna Perez

      Yo no entendí

    86. chrikke

      Would have actuallu been good if you werent visible on the sevond phone on the way down

    87. G̶a̶m̶i̶n̶g̶p̶o̶w̶e̶r̶a̶

      "Roses are dead🥀" "Violets are dying" "Outside im smiling😃" "Inside iam crying" "I wish people would notice my content💻"

      1. Someone on the internet

        Don’t self premote

    88. 「 Mizuno」

      Glad that we see the results :>

    89. NavsweetCandy

      🎶for the first time in forever🎶 🎶they showed the results 🎶

    90. エリザベス一世


    91. Tomas Amador

      a que Masisoo truco😃😉

    92. Ming Tuệ

      ??????? Can't understand . _.

    93. 《♡Soba♡》

      yesh thx

    94. Roz Roblox

      شعرها كانه زق

    95. Broopitye

      I want to kms right now thank you

    96. ≈Саша^

      Ээээм и что (то чуство когда я думаю что я одна русская)

      1. Busya

        Не одна

    97. Vic

      She kinda looks like minx

    98. Bayang Mansarani


    99. Dinah Samuel


    100. •ᴋᴏᴏᴛᴀᴇʙᴜɴ俊•

      I really liked it AND I AM NOT LYING GUYS 😂😆