oKhaliD vs Scrub Killa | Rocket League 1v1 Showmatch


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    Free content when someone calls oKhaliD free, especially if that someone is Scrub

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    1. Neons Theory

      Didn't see that coming

    2. Colvic


    3. Vaaleste

      Last time I felt this kind of excitement was when I watched JSTN's 0 sec goal

    4. Mike


    5. Pulkit Prajapat

      both are shit

    6. D I

      The amount of boostless offense and defense absolutely floored me. I'm a GC and this really shows how wide the gap is to the top. Very cool series.

    7. Brandon Letourneau


    8. Todd Vergotis

      Scrub I knew you'd win 🏆😉

    9. Boom _YT

      Take a look 💖 inhomes.info/level/ndykscFqgpWfs2s/v-iy

    10. Chef Russ Too Clutch

      Scrub's style is superb. As the meta shifts and changes the player with the best fundamentals is going to stay on form and keep the opponent guessing. When you play rl enough you start looking at it as a martial art in game. Kuxir always had that unpredictable style. He literally sets up feints and opponents to take the bait and he absolutely dismantles his opponents. People get mad about people missing in game and just claim wow so lucky. You already won lol they don't even see the levels change.

    11. WinThie!

      Please ban @annemarierl. Unbearable to see whenever they write something in your chat. It's all pointless negativity and trying to drag down top players for seemingly no other reason than their own insecurities.

    12. Greg Turismo

      Wow that was amazing honestly

    13. Im Smoother

      Youre a genius for adding the extra game to not spoil the ending🤩 lets go scrub hes the goat

    14. Symn

      "I like to predict multiple things" thats... thats not how that works

    15. Anthony H

      Good job Scrub!!


      Okhalid Is Amazing , but im Happy scrub killAd It , boost keeping isn't a sportivity choice in 1vs1 ! (

    17. boaby henderson

      the twitch chat is cancer

    18. Chimera RL

      How can I join jhonnyboi discord?

    19. Snaggeddino

      3:18 name of this decal?

    20. Zen Adeel

      We want kux

    21. Falconing


    22. Falconing

      So with unlimited boost or no boost scrub is better so isn’t he the best

    23. Amurobin

      Scrub has played insanely

    24. Zemania

      scrub is BACK

    25. Red and soulles 13

      I always like to watch scrub he always was insane and still is. And funny is he started as such a young age i really saw him grew up in rocket league lol. I remember his 13 year old rages that i found really funny haha

    26. mr3

      man that was a pleasure to watch

    27. josh rybak

      Need to see jack vs scrub

    28. Adopted Child

      Khalid did that goal explosion on purpose.

    29. Utavaku

      guys what is the religion of okhalid pls let me know if u do

      1. A B

        @chingus you don't say?

      2. Utavaku

        kewl im muslim 2

      3. chingus

        Muslim I think

    30. Chris Moss

      MasterClass performance by scrub. So sick. Hope he does his own INhomes vid on it. I’d Like the hear his thought process

    31. Luis

      I'd still say Khalid is a better 1v1 player as showmatches dont mean much, basing this off of the win it all tournament today as scrub just got destroyed in round 1

    32. Damien Falamoe

      It's so funny seeing all of the scrub haters during the entire thing saying he sucks and that Khalid is way better.

    33. SodaFresh

      It's so weird to see people surprised about scrub being insane in 1s when you havent followed RL for a while and don't even know who khalid is lol

    34. FizeRu

      showmaches is not a big deal, but dude! If scrub play like this in a tournament he will be so hard to beat!!

    35. Villain Chilling

      Can we get a jack vs. khalid

    36. SR

      is this still a thing?

    37. Micah Gambill

      7:30 am for me lmao

    38. Slappfesk

      ggs! Refreshing to see scrubs high speed playstyle beating the more calculated. Hope scrub play more 1s, so fun to watch!

    39. Pantonien

      Not gonna lie, did not expect that.

    40. Hidde Sjollema

      Jesus these Khalid fans are such little whining kids. What a toxic chat when scrub played some of the best rocket league I’ve seen…

    41. Jamahir َ

      just in case someone doesnt know about this, *he's the 2x twelve titans champion*

    42. CptThunderSprunk

      Petition to get player titles added to xp levels past 1000! I just hit L2000 and there was nothing. Not even a crappy avatar border thing.

    43. Jake Setnik Vox

      Okhalid is a great player, but scrub has more years in the game, he's played with and against the best players in the world on the biggest stage, under intense pressure. He's won rlcs and very few players know this game better. The only reason scrub isn't top 10 in 1s is cuz he just doesn't grind 1s

    44. AlexKF

      Clever idea to extend the end of the video to avoid spoilers, definitely worth doing. Thanks Johnny.

    45. Tshokers

      I think they should have done a bo7. Khalid looked a little out of it but I think with more time kalid would have done it to be honest

    46. oROBBIEo

      I never doubted Scrub Killa. Youre the man Scrub. GG to both players.

    47. Hashie B


    48. Nick Penichet

      Khalid still solid as ever but Scrub man, you can't sleep on him he's still a goated 1s player ggs

    49. RalphM25

      before i watch i am predicting scrub losing by a big margin in at least one game

    50. fishy

      can we get some after game interviews lmao

    51. IpownU-073

      Scrub is the TRUE KiNG 👑

    52. Enforcing

      Everyone saying scrub is trash when he’s a pro and top 100 and their stuck in plat

    53. Kirk

      Scrub is the goat

    54. Hug0addicted

      Wtf was wrong with everyone in chat? Lmao

    55. windshield washer

      havent seen high level 1s since around the guantlets but its so good to see how scrub is still trying to evolve, and its good to see Khalid not just be the guy of the moment, both these guys are true warriors!!!

    56. leo

      sean_mchugo10 comments after every scrub goal got me lmao

    57. MrDjones55

      Scrub is faster and more impressive than he's ever been. I'm honestly happy that he's back playing showmatches.

    58. Juuan Wick

      Ever since scrub turned off his camera on stream he’s been a different breed. I respect the grind

    59. Sumthin x Stupe

      Crazy how much people hate on Scrub Killa… dude is literally a world champion 😭

    60. Miguel Antunes

      sean mchugo getting saying "luck" after every scrub goal has me dying lol not that I like scrub though he's a spoiled and arrogant kid

    61. MoneyMan10

      We need a 1v1 with okhalid and firstkiller

    62. MoneyMan10

      I don’t follow much RL but I do know somethings. But I did some googling and we need to see an okhalid vs firstkiller. I didn’t see a 1v1 with them 2 so we need that

    63. Fennec_RL

      I'm not sure what's wrong with Khalid lately.

    64. Cool. Kid

      All we want is okhaild vs firstkiller

    65. Takitibi

      I don't like Scrub, but here I was cheering for him because I wanted to push Khalid off the throne, he played incredible! Scrub with low boost is insane, I knew that he is good without boost from back a few years, but playing this aggressive is mad. Congrats to Scrub, ggs!

    66. Vincentzo

      This was a very entertaining match!

    67. Mark Hoag

      Nice job by scrub. Long time fan

    68. RADREDG

      Jesus the chat is so toxic, both players are good, if your favorite player loses who cares? Grow up and get over it.

    69. Shiryu_TheAlmighty

      5:42 … look at the chat. Tell me. Is that guy R3tard3d? What do y’all think.

    70. ColeNye

      Khalid washed

    71. Troy Wallace

      The best 1v1 player of all time does it again. Amazing

    72. MYK11 SHER

      these guys suk

    73. agelem

      OSM in the chat trying to stay relevant and getting attention

    74. Daud Bagaev

      Jhonnyboy stop simping for Okhalid... Damn bad spectator

    75. Daud Bagaev

      Ngl Okhalid is just getting worst... Skrub Killa is normally just better then that paisient kid.

    76. JAZF

      he wasn't kidding when he said i don't play much 1s but im a world champion

    77. cheese ball

      pros:watch rlcs and you'll get better johnny boy:i am 4 dimensions ahead of you

    78. Double Swords

      Khalid v Jack. Make it happen

    79. Matthijs van Emous

      scrub is inform and okhalid a bit less

    80. *

      Bro scrub is so lucky at the last goal of match 2

    81. Adham But saif

      Everbody is talking about how good scrub is, but no one is appreciating how good okhalid is.

      1. Edward Neal

        lol cause scrub won bro and khalid is talked about so much

    82. Lorenzo Solis

      khalid used the most cheesiest mechanics and still lost. Scrub is on some other shit right now.

    83. Marc

      The video length spoiler "fix" is a nice touch.

    84. tomas Bakker

      daim daim daim

    85. jokke

      People really hate on scrub but he just genious player

    86. marbles

      the chat is roasting scrub so hard Jesus christ. This is what happens when you have one bad season in rocket league folks

    87. California Pokémon

      Scrub has always been insane. Scrub vs Jack!!!

    88. Wilford Brimley

      Scrub is the master of getting those little annoying touches that instantly stop the opponents pressure. Imagine having ball and a huge boost advantage and someone hits it 3 feet away every time to make you start over. Glad he's back killin it. People forgot lately that he's one of the best to ever do it

    89. clashy

      sean_mchugo10 isn’t a big fan of scrub it seems…..

    90. ZiGi

      Scrub Killa is the RL villain we all need

    91. Havok Clips

      Love seeing people insult Scrub knowing full well those players haven't even reached champ

    92. Yush

      As a scrub and ap jack fan I could not be more ecstatic, my heart rate was literally like 200 through the end of game 4. When scrub is on form I think he could give everyone a run for their money.

    93. YahooMan

      scrube played great but khalids gotta switch back to his old playstyle cause from these recent showmatches hes had he isnt nearly as dominant and scary as before. alot of his flicks are weak and really easy to save for someone like scrub. idk why he stopped bounce dribbling i think he did it twice maybe 3 times the whole series.

      1. Nothing To See

        Most people have sussed him out. Bounce dribbles aren’t gonna work all the time

    94. G2_Lambz

      Those ppl who hated scrub are cryin rn

    95. Thomas Ryan

      Bag of eggs

    96. Camden

      Scrub just dusted off an oldie

    97. UhhCxbra

      Scrub is bad, squishy will squish scrub easy. Only lost to fairy 5-4 in the series when he never touched 1s and now he’s much better @ 1s. Also played fairy in his prime, this doesn’t show anything.

      1. Pessi Koskipuro

        @UhhCxbra Your comments give me suicidal thoughts.

      2. UhhCxbra

        @Nothing To See scrub is washed ranbob who hasn’t won anything in millenniums. You 1s players love depending on the luck based kickoff system 😂,

      3. Nothing To See

        Looool I just saw a recent video of squishy struggling against unknown players in 1s… also squishy isn’t even good at 1s and has a trash kick off

      4. James McGoran

        You know nothing

    98. Jopie Pro1

      What makes scrub? For me his preflip game

    99. Reverse_rl

      What team does scrub killa play for as of now?

    100. Quick Fix

      why it looked like khalid was throwing hard