SEC Shorts - Texas wants out of the SEC

SEC Shorts

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    It was a rude awakening for the Texas Longhorns as they travelled to Fayetteville, Arkansas to face off with the Arkansas Razorbacks. The only thing they left town with besides a loss was the realization that they are most certainly not ready to compete in the SEC. Lucky for them, there still might be time to sneak in and shred the contract.

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    1. Tull Farley

      “Texas”, but wearing OSU’s bright shade of orange? That’s not burnt orange..

    2. Ron Kwiatkowski

      Hey Texas and Oklahoma fans have fun watching ok state and Iowa state making the playoffs when the big 12 keeps their bid while you go 5-7 every year. You made the bed, now lie in it

    3. steven shelton

      Don't worry 2nd game next year you have Alabama.....oh.....

    4. koiun dwrru

      Arkansas has been waiting for this moment for 30 years. This is what a REAL rivalry looks like.

    5. Matt Smith

      Hilarious. they're trading KSU and ISU for bama, auburn, LSU, UGA, UF, and they think they're going to win something after not having won the big 12 in over a decade. Bleeding hilarious.

    6. Casey Palmer

      Lol Horns Down forever!

    7. Eric carter

      Texas is 0-10 against the SEC!

      1. Nick Bradley

        They beat Georgia.

    8. Philip Ferguson

      Rumors are Bevo has entered into the transfer portal.

    9. Scott Mitchell

      Best one yet!!

    10. R E

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 Aggies are 💀💀💀💀 right now!

    11. Devin Scharnhorst

      SEC SUCKS BIG 12 Expansion

    12. Preston Bishop

      Austin ain't SEC country.

    13. silentwulffff


    14. JBRocky007

      Make sure to watch this and all of their video's with Closed Caption it's the bonus content.

    15. Jeff Hinkle

      I would like to see Texas out of the USA

    16. Theguy01

      Dude how do you guys not have more subs!?? I despise the SEC but damn these skits y’all come up with are legendary 👏🏽🙌🏽

    17. Victor Reyna

      Lol lol this is funny

    18. Earl Cousins

      That was really cool! GREAT JOB! As an "Aggie" fan I can't wait till we renew our Thanksgiving game with the Horns! Go Aggies!

    19. James Fetcho

      LoL 👍😁👍

    20. tchrishoward

      POD A = Southwest Conference

    21. Scottie Beam'em

      Texas gonna be a the Geek's lunch table with Vandy and Mizzou.

    22. ᴆ ᴀ ᴙ ᴄ ᴙ ᴏ ༏ ᴙ

      I was not aware that Texas and Oklahoma was moving to the SEC. Wow!!!!

    23. David Perez

      Anybody else thought they were talking about the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)?

    24. Ricky&Ricardo

      If "I was the best person in jROTC, now I'm going to totally own the Marines!" were a college football team...

    25. William Simmons

      Do one where the "championship caliber" LSU tigers get their shit pushed in by the "sissies in blue" now that would be great, LOL!

    26. William Gullett

      Oh no!!!! Its Wayne Brady!!!! Run!!!!

    27. William Gullett

      If Texas can't win in that conference how do they think they will win in the loaded SEC?

    28. Mike Haarstad

      Me, a Nebraska fan, all I can say is... Don't do it 😂

    29. Thomas Harp

      Don't get too down on yourselves longhorns. Nobody is immune from a rag session. In this league tough losses will come. Truly any given Saturday in SEC.

    30. Matthew Ory

      I love the muffled screams at the end for the renaissance bank commercial.

    31. Greg Turcott

      Part of it is that Texas in Austin is a very academic school and does not fit in.

    32. Michael Marra

      Hilarious considering Texas hasn’t ever had problems with SEC teams before.

    33. sannio komi

      I like Arkansas coach, he's down to earth and humble.

    34. Earnest Peeples, Jr

      Texas is not running....OU is not gonna do any better. No Duh, SEC is the Strongest Conference....Arkansas did win convincingly...but when have they been relevant in a recent time. Glad they won and beat a ranked opponent, bit until ya'll do that to LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Florida, etc....calm down. Everyone who leaves for a new Conference will deal with this until thier feet get wet...

    35. gwhite713

      Watch out Arkansas, we have Joe Milton, and we are winning a national title this year because well, Joe is a big dude and can throw the ball across the TN river where it will land somewhere ten yards beyond the bank! 😂🍊🍊

    36. J. Peace O

      So funny

    37. Hi

      Jesus loves you

    38. gwhite713

      Arkansas when Texas asked to join the SEC: "No, way!, Don't want them, we know who they are!" Arkansas last Saturday night: "Welcome to the SEC! There is more where that came from! "WE OWN YOU!!!".. LOL

    39. Steven McPherson

      That was awesome! I’ve been laughing since Saturday night but that put the cherry on top. Sadly, for UT fans, it’s not very comical since this little skit was founded in reality!!

    40. Radford University

      Haha, another year, another overhyped Texas team

    41. Ds Kicks

      The workable humor accordantly improve because november mostly plan versus a tangible authorisation. normal, premium puffin

    42. Joshua Ore

      Didn't think the hogs would do it. But damn they proved me wrong I hope they have a great season. 👍

    43. Markus Hayden Sutherland

      Best episode yet!

    44. Nope Wipty

      Yeah mizzou could beat Texas

    45. Cowboy Slow

      I’m weak lmao 🤣 that was huge for us hogs fans thank you so much love our coach Sam Pittman. I’m just love listening to him. I would run through a wall for him

    46. Sour


    47. Brent M

      Lol great reference from the watchmen movie with Rorschach line “I’m not locked in here with you…you are locked in here with me.”

    48. Aaron Lopez

      "Richest non-bowl eligible team in the country"🤭

    49. Donald Jacobs

      You are the bomb! I laugh so hard. How about a beat Bama burger

    50. CJ Steg

      In football, texas will probably be lower middle of the pack, but they should be one of the better basketball teams at least

    51. Mike Schmidt

      I wonder how Texas fans feel about this one.

    52. txlonghorn82

      Ha Ha. Get your licks in while you can. We don't often play or lose this badly. The posts below show no one expected Texas lose, especially this badly. As usual, aggy lives vicariously through other teams (if not the whole sec) because they can't beat us. This is why they wore beat Texas t-shirts to their game against CU.

    53. Kevin Sontag

      dont worry Texas you may get to play the Gamecocks. They will be the highest paid non eligible team most years.

    54. Austin625

      Best clip you guys have ever done !!!! Texas Sucks

    55. Darren Gray

      As a Mizzou grad, I am supposed to dislike Arkansas. After Saturday, they will always have a place in my heart...until Nov 26th.

    56. Daniel Faubion


    57. Ch Ad

      Fourth time watching!! WPS!! 🐷

    58. SCO23

      Karma's a Bwitch, Texas!

    59. Juwan Hunter

      This would be much more satisfied if both Georgia and Arkansas was in this

    60. niceguy999918

      The SEC is going to kill the Longhorn program. You will fit in right next to Missouri, Miss St and UK. You know the middle of the pack.

    61. Lance Thompson

      OMG the SEC is full of itself. How many SEC teams had a winning record last year? That's 4 if you didn't know and one of them was 6-5. THIS IS THE SEC! 🤦‍♂️

    62. Logan Ohlhaver

      I’m a Texas alum and fan and this is freaking hilarious!

    63. Music

      OMG that was so good. The Watchmen reference. Welcome to the SEC, son.

    64. Darrius Marshall

      Put LSU IN THE POD.

    65. Darrius Marshall

      I'm a Longhorn Fan...and this is kinda hilarious 😂😂😂

    66. LostAggie66

      Great Video

    67. Tri Le

      OMG Hilarious

    68. aCycloneSteve

      I watch this every day and laugh. :-)

    69. egymario

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    70. Kathy Olson

      LOVE IT!! Buh-bye Texas. We won't miss you!!

    71. Eric Curlett

      🔥 🔥 🔥

    72. freejvaK11

      Who would have ever thought we would see an SEC short of Arkansas dumping on Texas. What a great time to be an SEC fan.

    73. Christoffer Nordborg

      Who would have ever thought we would see an SEC short of Arkansas dumping on Texas. What a great time to be an SEC fan.

    74. Jay McDavid

      Texas most overrated football program ever since Colt was too scared to go back in against BAMA defense in rose bowl

    75. tgojay

      "horror sounds of realizing this is all universal karma for Bevo going after Uga"

    76. Bama 2 Da Bone

      Who remember the SEC short where Arkansas was clowned for hiring Sam Pitman ?

    77. Leon Love

      It was good until that crying dork at the end.

    78. Future Coleman III

      I am from Memphis and we love the Razorbacks over here...along with our Memphis Tigers...So glad to see the Razorback fans chant Pig Soi...Great time to be an Arkansas Razorback...Also, the Razorbacks have one of the best looking Stadiums bar none...Go Razorbacks!!!!

    79. Lindalee Law


    80. Brian Fisher

      Texas is so screwed. Horns Down!

    81. sexi7o23

      Who would have ever thought we would see an SEC short of Arkansas dumping on Texas. What a great time to be an SEC fan.

    82. Ben Hart

      Go bacon bits!

    83. Campbell Boyz

      We need a sec movie !

    84. James Wilson

      Funny!!!! Texas vs Oklahoma sooners rivalry. Texas 62- ou phew 49. Texas longhorns vs texas aggies, Texas 76 Texas aggies 37. Texas vs Arkansas,Texas 76 the hogs only 23. Maybe you should do your homework before you make yourself look VERY uninformed!!!! And another fun fact,Texas has almost 3 times as many national championsh as Chokelahoma in All sports! We bad!!,we nation wide!

    85. Angry Pilot

      I really wanted to see someone in a A&M jersey screaming “WELCOME TO THUNDERDOME BITCH!”

    86. Tyler Gipson

      "We could be the richest non-bowl elgible team in the country." LOL

    87. loute29372

      Who would have ever thought we would see an SEC short of Arkansas dumping on Texas. What a great time to be an SEC fan.

    88. 4-UP

      Texas Tech:PAC 12 here we come!🏄

    89. K Williams

      $742Enola Bless somebody who truly needs it 🙏🏽

    90. Yeezus

      my dumbass thought this was the securities and exchange commission

    91. Anacin

      Life time Longhorn fan here, this is deserved and Hilarious!

    92. Rendy Tanuwijaya

    93. james rosella

      Its the tale of the dog chasing a Cadillac, catching it onw day, and not knowing what to do about it.

    94. Paul Hudson

      Enjoy yourself for now! The only problem with knocking Texas down, they will get up! In fact the trash talk may even help speed up the recovery! 🤠✝️🍺🎱

    95. James DeWitt

      UT is the worst Texas team been garbage since McCoy and Shipley

    96. Twice Defiance