I Bought A Water Park

Tom Simons

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    We went to a completely empty water park! Literally a childhood dream come true lol
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    Do you guys remember the description from the I met Wilbur Soot in real life video? I think it went like
    Today I met Wilbur Soot (creator of the Minecraft But and also You Laugh You Lose challenge), Fundy, Philza, Tubbo \u0026 Nihachu in real life! It was so funny and we had lots of laughs and fun and pog. This is a vlog like other vloggers but I am the best vlogger. We had funny moments and even talked about the Dream SMP and our War VS Dream in Minecraft. It was so fun and Pog Champ

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    1. Tom Simons

      I wasn't lying about vlogs ONCE A WEEK! please check the sub button if you enjoy :))

      1. ThatRandomDogPerson

        @UCywpH7sGPoRIDCZsb1dtGdw Your not mrbeast tho

      2. Square_bear


      3. ArnoldiiSaurus


      4. ArnoldiiSaurus


      5. joodles


    2. Neo LIU

      4:57 "turn out you cant breath down there" -jack 2021

    3. niduoe stre

      “Have you ever heard of GeorgeNotFound?🤨” * nervous laughing*

    4. Hello there  .


    5. Game Cloud

      Guys!!! Fun fact 2 years ago the exact same day I went on a last year trip to this waterpark! I was left alone for 20 minutes queuing up for a ride when I noticed my bus left.

      1. niduoe stre

        Tommy = 16-17. Swims for 4min. Me = 12. Swims for 5hours everyday.

    6. nevaeh Hoosier

      No one going to talk about the poor camera it keeps getting submerged in water

    7. Corben Stiegelmeyer

      the audio is so screwed lmao

    8. Aaliyah King

      "you literally did a military assault course and this is a water park for children" 1:34

    9. Sergio Escobedo


    10. CringyGingy

      I love how he put on cup head music

    11. Lilac_gachagirl123

      I've seen life and death and all beyond 😂

    12. Alex Ash

      have you heard of georgenotfound?

    13. Gamer1409zxc

      Swear AllyLaw done one of the challenge things in there

    14. Darth Dawg

      Is it just me that thought that it was a different guys

    15. Yzzy

      Why does this kid look like tommyinnit ?

    16. LegendaryMasterPlayz

      This sounds like a Mr Beast video

    17. Kacy Kalikapersaud

      I love it how everytime tommy feels like hes gonna die he screams for George-

    18. Garret Minnick

      No matter what this child does it’s always so funny😂

    19. Prodigy

      It looks exactly like Water World in Stoke. Istg it is. If it ain’t then this is it’s identical twin or some shit.

    20. Mr_Sm1ley

      Tommy = 16-17. Swims for 4min. Me = 12. Swims for 5hours everyday.

    21. Matias Cadena

      for some reason, i like to watch this just because i'm going to a water park with my family on june 26th *I have a problem*

    22. Nimi

      The place is so nostalgic.. For some reason

    23. Tea Water_Official

      What waterpark is this- it looks fun

    24. customknitgifts

      Was the video posted Monday or Tuesday?

    25. Senquility

      where is gogy

    26. Ella Nováková

      6:49 - 6:55 - "OH IT'S ALL SPINNY!" XD 10:32 - Tubbo did his falling noise as always, oh my lord XD

    27. ඞNuclearThiefඞ

      y'all need to do this again this is real fuckin' entertaiment

    28. tzqu

      Fun Fact: You Have Watched This More Than 1 Time.

    29. tzqu

      get your ticket of being here the 9,781,953th viewer or less.

    30. Asil Tarek

      i didnt know this chanel existed i have been blesses

    31. MATIAS

      4:15 song???

    32. Ender gamer dragon

      Am i the only one who sees jack look like george

    33. Ralph Allan

      Why the water green or its just me ?!

      1. Ralph Allan


      2. Ralph Allan


      3. Ralph Allan


      4. Ralph Allan


      5. Ralph Allan


    34. Mr Marshtomp

      Moist innit

    35. ★GACHA_UvU★

      I think i watch every single video😂

    36. Noobdz

      The amount of time he said "Gogy" every single ride

    37. Dream

      Tommy... YOU BOUGHT A WATER PARK?! I mean not even going to watch this

    38. oliver

      I know exactly where this pool is

    39. Derpy

      imagine if tommy makes more money in this video than the waterpark

    40. Xboxboi360


    41. Teacher Rodel Pagayon

      Lance battle music

    42. Kurniati Asri Saputri

      #SaveTubbo LMAO

    43. Rashmi Bala

      Show me the ultimate weapon Me: infinity gauntlet Tommy: swimming goggles

    44. Kurniati Asri Saputri

      "i'm 17 now jack"

    45. Rashmi Bala

      almost 3 Million subs wtf??

    46. Kurniati Asri Saputri

      Lolll the swimming t-shrit

    47. X.millies life.X

      This guy just makes me feel safe, it is annoying knowing that i am going to alton towers in 1 week anf he just went

    48. Sc00trres .r

      Is that in England?

    49. Sc00trres .r


    50. Seen

      Just me prolly but the thumbnail looks like a exploding can of refried beans

    51. May Galasinao

      Jack: hi's struggling *laughing* Tommy: help then Tubbo: *just laughing*

    52. Isaiah_Cuberrr

      you look like tommy innit lol

    53. Raggedy Riches14

      i can tubbo at 6:55

    54. Nexus

      We can all agree that tom is Mr. Beast 2.0

    55. AjarEvil Lina

      This is my biggest wish

    56. Matthew Christensen

      money ok?

    57. Kiribaku :j


    58. Kiribaku :j



      The “where is gogy?” “Where is gogy?!” “Ahh-“ had me laughing to dead!!😭😭

    60. ManLikeEd Gaming

      Tommy InNIt as gone to where I go to the water park 😳

    61. Akunin

      I can now confirm that I've brothed the same air as you Tom Simons.

    62. DrEaM sMpFaN


    63. ꧁ørangepeel꧂

      I had watched something scary before this and it’s late at night for me so I was terrified. Then I watch this and I go to bed thinking What a big wet happy boy 😌

    64. Bond Barryg

      The dependent poet finallly question because asia reilly treat till a true museum. groovy, thoughtful clam

    65. Izzy Josh T. Maniquiz


    66. - Miqael0108 -


    67. Jacob Sheridan

      God love’s u

    68. Cousin Derp

      I can't believe Tommys about to be an adult soon

    69. Jabs Mads


    70. Ezgamer gaming


    71. BlueJagger

      Eehhh it’s funny so fuck the clickbait tot E

    72. KOWARETA

      "ive seen light and death and all beyond" -Tommy

    73. Zak Thayer

      the audio quality tho...

    74. Fitzgerald Schofieldg

      The bashful korean prognostically separate because boat ultrasonographically fit except a mysterious bulldozer. flaky, uneven market

    75. minecraft for life

      shit content

    76. Jakob Plays

      Did anyone else notice the cuphead music at 4:13

    77. PJbutAnimated

      i miss the waterpark '-'

    78. Chrissy Dickerson

      "I think your awesome man!" "i agree."

      1. The Blue Bacon

        hand wash

    79. Callan

      When the intensity of the wave pool turned up it didn’t even look that bad

    80. Micaiah Stewart

      This video is sick

    81. Sour On twitch

      Why is the water so green

    82. Patrick Ziobro

      tommy i bet you cant say you to next time someone says have a nice day to a girl or boy

    83. Bob Lol


    84. Captain Crazy

      Tommy should make another channel where he plays horror games called “Spookyinnit”

    85. Noah Fay

      Water world Stoke

    86. Alan Gaming

      What water park is this

    87. ꧁B͜͡r͜͡o͜͡o͜͡k͜͡l͜͡y͜͡n͜͡꧂

      7 year old me and my friend when we go swimming the first time: 9:28

    88. yeeted Yeeted Depression deleted

      "I'M SPINNIN" bro he is tommy spinnit

    89. john wise

      Imagine buying a water park or renting and you forgot you didn't like to go in water

    90. TyloEdits

      9:08 - 9:12 yo bro they added the Dream SMP to real life

    91. The Meme God

      I’ve been here it’s actually sick

    92. Porium

      Ya’ll my favorite animal is the blue ring octopus isn’t that so cool?

    93. Ya dragon girl

      10:36 he went to brazil

    94. Xenomir

      the audio was fucked the whole video but the video was funny enough to distract me completely

    95. H2

      Things I’ve learned: Water = big wet

    96. SWIRL Logan

      Y is da water green ?

    97. Lea Michael

      The poor camera

    98. ZaYn Plays Minecraft

      MrBeast 2.0

    99. Epic Duck with two k’s

      I’ll be sad when childinnit is gone

    100. Logan Koster

      When they went into the wave pool, specifically when it was racked up, I felt that. My town has this relatively big (ish) water park called Wild Water West, and I got flashbacks to all of the times I went in, and the feeling of moving with the waves. 'Twas making me quite dizzy, I'd say.