Billionaire Kid Vs Billionaire Rapper (Flex Off)


7M दृश्य4 400

    Billionaire Kid Vs Billionaire Rapper (Flex Off) ft. @FaZe Jarvis

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    1. Kay

      LIKE the video for another Flex Off Battle

      1. Ralph Coppola

        Hi hi there hi hi to hi hi hello hi hi to hi hi hello hello hi hi hello hi good hello hi hi hello hi good morning hello hi hi hello hi good morning hello

      2. Bikoiscrazzy

        Wait till you see mrbeast

      3. Bhagi Kadarya

        @Ruben Ortega point pp

      4. Andrés Munguía Leal

        @Azucena Leon no extension but yeah yeah not OK uh-huh disconnect the Lagos in umbrella grande listen to loud

      5. Mantux

        Please do another flex off

    2. tellboy

      Who els have never heard of m k

    3. mini gaming

      The kid

    4. Dedham Castellanosenenddn d dbdvddvddbsndn

      Raper said the cars were his so why does he have the pay it

    5. Rijad


    6. Noah Jacobsen Skillebekk

      Haha your kicked from faze😂

    7. Gabriel Kamoto

      give me a sneaker

    8. oliver boehm

      mk is the best flexer

    9. Trevor Varpness

      Jarvis be flexing

    10. Angel Vicen Lopez

      Yooooooooooooooo the drip on this guys cap

    11. Relaxing and Soothing Music

      I also want to be in the face gang

    12. Relaxing and Soothing Music

      Can you please tell hi sky to add me my name is ice king on 251

    13. G.devjeet Sharma

      Did Jarvis actually got those things for free?

    14. M Gaming

      MK is wasting so much money there are so much people that don’t even have 100

    15. xxxjinkx

      I was expecting Blue face or offset

    16. Nehemiah IUPATI

      Jarvis is the biggest flexer

    17. declan johnson

      Am I the only one who this they just filmed different sides of a house

    18. Satire Gojo

      he burned 17 milll ,has he ever heard of charity

    19. Alvin Cerna


    20. Ian Weinstock

      Is 84 million versus 6 million I wonder who is the bigger flexer

    21. luis garza

      That’s not his cars the one with Frazier

    22. Brookhavan_hacker_5729


    23. Dylan Hogg

      Jarvis have a Lamborghini dose he

    24. drupadh sagesh

      billionaire kid is the best kay

    25. Josef Glover

      I NEED MONEY 🤑

    26. Matt Goss

      the fat dude

    27. Sean Bullock


    28. Isaac


    29. Latrell Walker

      fazs jarvis

    30. Abdullah Ahmadzai

      I like the rapper

    31. Devrinn Jones jr

      Are you kidding Shaun flexed 84 mill bro you can buy 30 houses

    32. LJ

      The money Jarvis spent on the sneakers is the same money I'll spend in my lifetime 😭💀

    33. Owengamer 77


    34. Craig Randtoul


    35. Exslick

      bruh what

    36. Yaneth Delgado

      No faze no more 😱😂😂😂

    37. Zigich Family


    38. DG BYGG BYGG

      jarvis my bro

    39. Lox Cars

      Like intro music whats the name???????????

    40. Edrick Olmeda

      That rappers pool cost more than my life times two

    41. glenn bennett

      I’m sorry but personally Jarvis face Jarvis is

    42. SAMAD Ali

      Jarvis bareee lucky

    43. Sharkbear

      Yeah i was impressed about his Rolls Royce ghost, but then he had a whole warehouse full of other cars insane

    44. Rachney Thomas

      Jarvis won that He got a car and 1.6M dollers of clothing and shoes

    45. Tauras Vlogs

      Mk;s not the rapper his platings plus his paintings is how much my house costs

    46. Mustyplayz

      Ahhh I miss the old days

    47. Bob Bob

      If anyone wants to know the Lamborghinis numberplate is M2THAK

    48. Bob Bob


    49. Naiomi Tawhiao


    50. Mason Nichols

      Oh I think oh that's why yeah

    51. Eu Klover

      The kid he has a Jett

    52. Alfredo-_


    53. I.T.G

      Give me five years and they and ill show you what a really flex is

    54. Gaming with Gabriel


    55. Jaime Ramirez


    56. Rayaan Ouabed

      They just cant act

    57. noah cole

      i subed

    58. Manuel Campos

      The tire tho

    59. nathan peterman

      Lowkey never heard about "mk"

    60. Kay


    61. Rohaan Ahmad

      Jarvis and MK

    62. Jayce Mazz


    63. Terrance Mims

      I thought both

    64. DANNY BOI

      Watch 2Guys 2Voives

    65. b T



      My mom has the mersadice s

    67. caleb Fernandes


    68. TEK

      Come pick me up I’m in Australia 🥶

    69. Luc Hollis-Patel

      20k is much for me sheeesh

    70. Cecilia Holmquist

      I wish I was the one getting that McLaren🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

    71. Ziga_YT


    72. oliver boehm


    73. GabfromYT


    74. legend 2011

      1:27 they live in the same house

    75. legend 2011

      Fun fact : both of them are in the same house .

    76. isaiahnator


    77. Ethan F

      we can go to a.

    78. Abubakar maccido

      So sad 😭 I have watched this 10 times I miss when Kay was in faze

    79. Lindsey Smith


    80. Aidan Ramzan

      Faze Kay who lmao

    81. Jodi Brown

      I love you kay

    82. Connor Hawkins

      This video that's showing kay he looks like he is a fan

    83. Vlog bros

      How did u and Jarvis get kicked out of faze

    84. kelli dodson

      He is not actually a rapper

    85. Braydenbz

      I’m getting merch from faZe clan

    86. Yakop ormanci

      11:37 dam

    87. Qendrim Hysenaj


    88. Cassey Antoinnete Racelis

      shawn is the best flexer he spend 84m

    89. Duh Huh

      My recommendation

    90. Joginder Singh

      How does he fit in the maclarn

    91. GlacierGamingYT

      This makes me feel broke

    92. Eduardo Martinez

      Bro shawn is lying haha lol he showed a dealership saying its his snd the plane is not his

    93. Henesha Harrigan


    94. Ox gaming

      Wow look what he put in his pocket :30

    95. Isaiah Byron Pineda


    96. Lucy Lopopolo

      The kid

    97. Melker Paulsson

      Frazier can’t du math he Said 50 000 50 000 =110 000

    98. BlakEpi2

      Him: Burned 17m dollars Me: Flex’s my 82 subs on INhomes and only has 80 cents

    99. Sumair Hashmi

      Sean wins

    100. Sumair Hashmi

      Team Kay wins