YouTubers React To Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Live!


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    1. Jaden the savage

      Logan is boxing Floyd in this video.

    2. Abe Estimada

      Rip faze Kay now it’s just kay

    3. LEBRON James

      Drake song wich is what’s next drake is the best rapper

    4. Bibek Sangha

      Jarvis won holynfuck tho

    5. Jeon Junquan

      I couldn’t even see any footages, but great video and great job on the win Jarvis.

    6. Vic en Stan

      The was right

    7. Oompie Playz

      That kid predicted the whole fight lol

    8. chance stone

      That boy was vibing tho

    9. Teegan Smith

      I wanna see who would win against faze Jarvis and jake Paul

    10. REALG4LIFE

      Second 1.59 the kid said it(second round Michael lee out)

    11. Calo Ice

      1:49 wtf

    12. Dark Saint

      that kid really called it doe. Knock out second round

    13. Jxhn AUS

      i just realised the kid predicted what round jarvis would knock out Michael Le

    14. TriDoz

      He won

    15. Jacob Lundie

      lol i love how chandler and chris just showed up randomly

    16. Florisha Rowland


    17. Neely Bellamy


    18. ApexAjPlays

      I am never going to day Jarvis won’t win again he is now the goat of. Boxing

    19. Kiko Pinho

      That kid predicted the fight

    20. Viccinate

      The kid is right. Whatttt

    21. 1 G

      That kid that sat behind y’all called the fight that’s crazy

    22. pyrex on gfuel

      2:00 bruv he called it

    23. Mateo Franco

      That kid hard predicted that lol

    24. klipsk

      1:57 first rug, now him predicted 2nd round knockout. HOW

    25. Joemama

      When that kid predicts the fight and he gets it right

    26. Ethan Cohen

      the kid called it

    27. Hudson Benedict

      1:56 wtf. He predicted the future!?!!


      what cou ntry is that

    29. Robero

      2:00 wtf

    30. Legend Gaming

      1:48 this kid predicted Jarvis knockout like come on lets find this kid

    31. Twitch_sxndlmao

      The kid actually called it

    32. Exotic_Shaan

      1:52 the true alpha

    33. PLUTO

      That knock out tho😑😭

    34. Mommy 24/7

      Me daddy

    35. Deven btw

      1:49....this guy predicted it all.

    36. JxshuaEU

      That guy predicted second round knockout out on michael le wtff???

    37. Infinite Snipzz

      that kid at 2:00 is a phsycic jarvis won 2nd round and that kid called it

    38. bryce bushong

      “No one will be closer then us” *sits 5 rows behind everybody*

    39. Buddy Gibson

      That kid that predicted it being second round has powers 😂

    40. zmiku z

      2:01 lil bro knew dammm

    41. ToPpY

      1:56 bro he call it no cap💯

    42. ElhagPlayz

      The guy who predicted him knocking out Michael in the second round is a genius

      1. Creative Fortwalt


      2. Pekeer Family

        Faze rug and the kid at 1:50


        that was me lol

      4. Andrea Fumel

        @Domg 822 there's a kid at 1:50

      5. Exotic_Shaan


    43. OG Peter

      Who all here after Jarvis won by knockout?

    44. SSJ Goku

      Bro the kid called it 😹😹😹😹

    45. LaMoppe QC

      1:56 this guy has predicted the right thing lmaooo

    46. Iamfishy

      Who is here after the fight faze Jarvis vs Michael lee

    47. Yonatan Castillo

      Who would know that kid would call it. He did knock out Micheal le in the second round

      1. 1 G


      2. zmiku z

        i was looking for sumone to say sum but im pretty sure they wont fund diss

      3. zmiku z


    48. Aldin Sulejmani

      2:00 that guy actually called it

    49. Lil Zyro

      God bless spread the word of god

    50. Anders Tan

      Jarvis you can do it who think Jarvis would win?

    51. Anders Tan


    52. Tiedye

      No one's wearing masks

    53. Jacob Hughes

      TEAM JARVIS ALL THE WAY MICHAEL LEE IS GETTING his ass kicked out of the stadium. Jarvis won’t have to hit his hardest

    54. Sarbjit Randhawa


    55. Basel Abandah

      Logan paul or floydmayweather

    56. Basel Abandah

      Who won

      1. lil frank

        Jarvis won 2 round knockout that kid called it 1:55

    57. Myrna Matsuki

      Btw mayweather knocked out Logan but he was holding him up because he knew he would get more money the longer he stayed in the ring

    58. FateXttv

      Claim ur ticket the fight is tomorrow gonna be lit

    59. Harry B

      Let’s get ready to rumble

    60. Elle Daniels

      Javis is going to win for sure

    61. My roblox  Chanel

      I Watch the fight with my family and Logan Paul won

    62. Vincent Riojas

      My question is how is the camera man watching the fight ?

    63. Fin

      Why do you have sunglasses backwords

    64. Kou

      can i get 1k subs before mrbeast gets 80m

    65. Mykal Smith

      Why don't they have a mask on???????????

    66. trakx

      Hi won?

    67. Taj Timberlake

      No cap

    68. Taj Timberlake

      No Jarvis is going to win

    69. Finixz FN

      Logan and Floyd may have ended raycisim

    70. VL _Ohbey

      u can see the fight in the big screen behind fraiser

      1. VL _Ohbey


    71. Adden Cox

      The person on the side of them is so hyped for Floyd Lowkey he hit someone 😂😂😂

    72. Cookie Gamer


    73. MrPhew


    74. CJ

      That was such a good kid at 2:45

    75. MR WOLF


    76. MR WOLF


    77. MR WOLF

      Because I wanna see Michael Lee pass out

    78. MR WOLF

      Pls record Jarvis fight

    79. Rehmatjyot Singh

      I could see the anxiety in Jarvis

    80. Alt Xylo

      4 days untill Michael lee gets destroyed😊

    81. David Murphy

      Bro Jarvis fight is my sisters birthday

    82. I F

      Jarvis on top

    83. physics

      2 day my guy

    84. Quicks5

      5:48 he’s so happy he’s gunna vomit

    85. VXV Valk

      If jarvis doesn't win then idk

    86. Kimiren CHETTY

      Jarvis👏👏👏 Jarvis👏👏👏Jarvis insane 👏👏👏👏👏

    87. Asteirx

      Why is no one wearing masks?

    88. Esteban Serrato

      3:45 iconic

    89. JonseyB 97

      Ayyy respect for giving Joe Weller his props man! Love that!

    90. ian lois

      The whole boxing fight was just Logan Paul being nice and going for hugs the whole fight ngl

    91. Henry Mendoza

      The ruthless organ algorithmically press because size feasibly practise across a healthy bestseller. offbeat, threatening dryer

    92. Cruize With morgan

      Hello faze jarvis will win 100 persent

    93. og_sober

      Jarvis should get unbanned if he wins I mean when he wins

    94. Charlie Davies

      Jarvis v Michal le in one minute Jarvis knocked out Michal le

    95. Jenna Meadows

      The fight is in 2 days omg I’m so excited, Michelle lee better be ready cause Jarvis is gonna beat him

    96. TheBigTaim

      who else was looking at the tv behind kay

    97. Raising Da’Vey

      We can’t see nothing

    98. Tyler playz

      Jarvis is gonna absolutely destroy the fight

    99. Tyler playz


    100. King gaming

      I hope your fight goes well