It seemed hard but I connected them all!


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    It seemed hard but I connected them all!

    Hey guys! Watch my new video: It seemed hard but I connected them all!
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    1. Khanna Mambreyan

      Im glad i didnt watch it twice (i did😅)

    2. Pastel•Boba

      Took 52 minutes for me to notice it's a look

    3. Raudatul Hasanah


    4. Mr. Snowman

      I didn’t get fooled this time, I watched another video that was like this and I have learned that this is a trap .

    5. Zayhalo



      I knew about the loop cause i watched the other vid 1 minute ago

    7. E1OND34N2 RBLX

      You just watched this 20 times..

    8. Aquamations

      Was this on loop too!?

    9. Saravanan Kj

      How join it

    10. Victor Politano

      No se puede aser es rre difícil😵

    11. Armani Collboii

      I watch it 10 hours

    12. fan of luca🌸

      How is it hard if i was there i would figure it out in 2 seconds

    13. FluskO Artz

      Tricked not I am! For I know the tone goes deeper as of one the ending is near when the tone is higher.

      1. FluskO Artz

        Did I make sense? :)

    14. Dukhu Mia


    15. Jareth Castillo

      Como hacen esto

    16. Emily Gardner

      Me: watching it 5 times realize I watched it 5 times

    17. May Htwe

      Me realizeing the both of the pic are the same ( ╹▽╹ )ಥ‿ಥ

    18. kid vids

      This is just a never ending loop because if you look closer she's doing the same movements 😡!

    19. Gacha Kitty•ᴗ•

      I watched this like for 10 hours

    20. злой шушик❤️😠

      Это длится уже вечность

    21. Geeta Suman

      what is your name

    22. Karen Bellido

      Al reves

    23. Piper’s dream

      In 5 seconds I realized

    24. Clive Lee

      It took me 10 seconds to figure it put

    25. TK4LLUKE



      Don't laugh anymore 🙄😎🙄😎

    27. Jackson Whitworth

      Me watching it for 2 hours then realize it’s a loup 0-0 I’m done with tiktok😑

    28. Hung Nguyen

      I realized it kept replaying I was so confused why it was so long

    29. P Allen

      You just have to put the last piece on top of the paper

    30. Midorya_the_broccoli

      Yeah because we watched this over and over

    31. Светлана Рысева

      Надобыло сверху лажить

    32. firefox


    33. Nahda Azzahra


    34. Илюза Ишембетова

      Перевернуть нода вторую

    35. LY SOKHENG


    36. гусь

      Это не сложно, это невозможно

    37. Hanny Arnold

      Put a paper on top of the other

    38. Amyhuang Huang

      That easy

    39. Little Gacha

      1 hour🤬😡

    40. Edward Clark

      You cannot physically connect them

    41. fortnite pro gamer YT




    43. İKİ KARDEŞ

      Ben biliyom onu yapmayı

    44. Aspirienc TV

      cannot to conect.... Waiting for your time... 😏

    45. Shaheer Alvi

      When it Will connect

    46. Mei Olii


    47. ~•XxSugarWolfxX•~

      For 3hours I'm waiting and i realized that it's loptilops

    48. A. Zervan

      psychodelic video...i wait end..

    49. 王玄洲


    50. TCRG

      the loop lol

    51. action player

      30 minutes se dhek rahu kab connect hoga😂😂

      1. Just Hi

        bro this is sooo simple

      2. mika baddie


      3. mika baddie


    52. Max05's World

      I can make it

    53. randompringle

      U literally didn't tho...

    54. Josh bodyguard

      Hi 👋🏽

    55. LoopiNside


    56. Musical World