My TESLA Controls My Life For 24 Hours!


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    I Let My Tesla Control My Life For 24 Hours. I can't believe this happened. ft. @HanRidge @FaZe Jarvis

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    1. Jamarion Brown


    2. 𝕕𝕖𝕟𝕤𝕚𝕥𝕪

      Brig just every comment in the comment section is about the wedding.

    3. Fishyplaz

      RIP FaZe

    4. Michael Gahan

      My birthday was tomorrow

    5. Oliver Tindall

      does kay say stuff like that on purpose

    6. Zaylin Taylor


    7. Pop Pop

      I’m Elon musk to

    8. LuckyCharms

      Anyone here after Kay got kicked out

    9. Abdql

      The just married reminds me of Tom and jerry

    10. Aayush Kishore

      Who else is watching this after Jarvis was suspended and Kay was banned

      1. Divokes

        Me :(

    11. ITZR0BERT

      2020 = Faze Kay 2021 = Oh no Kay

    12. Raxer


    13. Jesus Chavez santos

      Does this guy wanna race?

    14. Arctic Ice23

      Happy birthday

    15. FNS saif

      I watched this in Hannah’s b day lol

    16. Liam Dalton


    17. jmrk turbo

      holy jarvis

    18. Jarvis___Btw

      Happy birthday hannah

    19. Thock shorts

      School teacher: animals Frazier: aminals

    20. Ricardo Jr Garcia

      Hannah’s birthday is tomorrow

    21. Y B

      Lmao Kay's cameraman just watched his gf get married to another man-

    22. Alexander Coronado

      Bro look how many aminals their are 1:28

    23. Evrilohos Kokavesis

      Hannah is so annoying

    24. Erika A

      The look Jarvis gave kay when he said that he was going to be getting married

    25. Alex Belmontes


    26. Alex Belmontes


    27. Altlanta braves highlights

      1:32 Hannah into the unone

    28. Beebeyy


    29. Ian

      Bro but his only 18 or 19 idk

    30. Elon Musk

      1:58 thats why u shouldn't drop out of school

    31. zetsus

      5:36 Jarvis " imagine just jumping 😂

    32. Tyler Weikel

      my birthday is june 28 to

    33. veyronfirexd

      Yo Jarvis face when the Tesla said lucky wedding

    34. RTX_King2

      Elon musck is South African

    35. Roblox_bandi

      They in the hood that’s where my grandma lives

    36. Zy Boom

      Hannah’s birthday is three days before my brothers birthday June 25th

    37. Zulem Martinez


    38. Duda Muller

      Bro Javier was like no me im like run it for the wedding

    39. Easton & Ty

      Who is here when Jarvis knocked out Michel le

    40. shamma Alkhazraji

      I really ship Jarvis and hanna 💖

    41. Matthew JR. Mahammud

      Me to June the 28th

    42. SPAZ Pricty

      My hands were sweating when they went on the ride

    43. SPAZ Pricty

      1:58 WHAAAT

    44. ELITE Toxic SUPRA

      0:27 lol

    45. ɪʀᴀɪɴ ʙɪɴᴅɪ

      That’s where my grandparents got married

    46. YT_FASKEツ

      Look at all the amnimals

    47. cony 54

      I thought that rollercoaster was going to drop them

    48. King JJ Frazier

      Notice how he said aminals

    49. RJ Gomez

      “we’re used to the green, right?” heheh

    50. Springsツ

      thats crazy me hannah and elon musk have the same birthday!!!!!

    51. unknow supreme

      The girl is annoying

    52. Pogger Frogger

      It's so obvious they didn't actually marry each other.

    53. Cristian Flores

      Tbh sea urchin is 🔥

    54. israel logologo


    55. (Leo) Kantanat Srirojanant

      faze kay really jus said aminals 1:26

    56. LateNightleel

      Bruh 6:56 IM F***ING DYING XD

    57. AB TWO ICY

      That's not bigger then the cn tower

    58. Puto Brunox

      Faze Kay 2021

    59. Zac Day

      wtf r these mans hours

    60. Santiago Noguera Salvo

      Elon mosk THATS so cap 🤣

    61. sbazain

      aminals is all I got to say

    62. Impressions

      Ayo jarvis can i take sommer den?

    63. Tristan William

      Did anybody hear aminales or is it just me

    64. AJ Cinco

      8:38 miso soup is awesome

    65. Faariah Lagardien Lagardien


    66. Daniel Zepeda

      Pls don’t put that girl in any other videos

    67. Iseah Cumberbatch

      i just skipped that marriage part someone tell me what happend

    68. RMextreme 574

      Dude my birthday is the same day as faze banks it is October 18

    69. N7uk

      “Look how many *AMINALS* there is” Faze Kay. - 2021

    70. Epik F1F4 and fortn1te punk 😝

      Fn Dino 🦕

    71. Controller Ryftヅ

      Hannah is 49?!????!!!!

    72. Luke


    73. retro_ atomic

      kay be speaking like look at the aminals lol mans from england and still can't speak propely

    74. Marwan Abduljaleel

      I love how Kay says you wanna race man you wanna race tasla

    75. BAD PRO00

      I m also 18 June

    76. Ilan Irshad

      I’ve never cringed so hard in any video than I have in the marriage scene

    77. Lew Thedood

      Jarvis is 18 and Hanna is 24

    78. NateFN

      ummmmmm when Hannah said she had the same birthday as Elon musk you guys know that Elon musk is 49 years old right...............

    79. Rhyno Rudy

      I don’t see that cameraman on the car 🚘🧐

    80. Thumbless Fan

      Happy birthday han

    81. Thumbless Fan

      My birthday is on June the 12

    82. Clifton Wilson


    83. LIGHT-AK

      Kay said aminals

    84. LIGHT-AK

      She was putting her hands up and she wasn’t even driving when jay was on auto pilot

    85. NicRBLX

      Look how many aminals are there -Kay 2021

    86. Alexandre Cardoso

      Aminals kay?

    87. Chanté Holster

      Do you know that Elon Musk is from South Africa not America

    88. Amina Mohammed

      Did they actually get married

    89. Yeet Docter

      That also means that they have to smash

    90. Hoxnie

      Faze gay

    91. InvincibleSHSRLC

      1:26 Kay: “aminals”🤣

    92. Jacob Flores

      That pink dome is circus circus you should go it’s really fun

    93. Katusiime Hillary

      ,l love your videos! I am in Uganda

    94. brittany hicks

      Hey you don't have the same birthday one must

    95. Jamar Davis

      Everyone follow me on Instagram veri.fxed_clipxz

    96. EliteCrime

      When fortnite kids go outside

    97. Danielis Andruskevicius

      Kay your brother got married in my birthday

    98. Rufia Begum

      Fiji water 😂😂😂😂

    99. Rufia Begum

      Frazier do you actually pronounce animals aminals

    100. liam gonzales

      like bro why