Welcome to the Internet - Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW)


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    listen to album here: boburnham.lnk.to/INSIDE

    inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.

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    1. demo

      Him:it was always the plan, to put the world in your hand Also him 3 seconds later:maniacal laughter Me:I don't like where this is going

    2. Hello I am trash

      OK I don't mean to ruin the mood, but this song in 2x speed 😭😭😭

    3. Puja Ferdo

      3:51 the laugh

    4. joseph fabiano

      The villain aspect gives me almost a count Olaf vibe..

    5. Nicholas Said

      Put this song in 1.25x speed

    6. Peregrino Contemplativo

      Sofia dorme muito escutando essa música chata.

    7. IdealSundew9038

      The like and dislike ratio is fucking glorious

    8. ♡︎~ᵃᵐ 𝘄𝘅𝘇𝘁 ༄

      I love this song 🥴

    9. cLoWn

      This is my 5th time listening to this in a row 😌👍 Also “here’s a 9 year old who died” I was laughing so much my sister said what the hell is wrong with you😂✨

    10. Pizza Skeleton

      I am the Yellow Ranger, thanks for asking :)

    11. RainbowBoi 1705

      this guy made so much tik tok sounds at once...

    12. Nuutti Sandgren

      Brusting with rage the internet has every thing but. Empathy is easily lost

    13. Bob_Box

      I NEED that laugh as a ringtone. Just imagining the look on people’s faces when that goes off would be hilarious

    14. Hayden Roberts Composer

      Quarantine hit Bo Burnham so hard he turned into a baritone

    15. [ Valorie ]

      “A chat room or two” omg i forgot we used to be able to chat with people

    16. Boran Kipdemir


    17. Justin Thompson

      This song captures the internet and the most frightening fact is it really is evil in most cases. I remember when the internet was new in the 90s it's gone to the dark side now.

    18. Jeremy Sellers

      this was posted the same day that me and my crush confessed to each other

    19. axolotlthrottl

      This is gold

    20. thelazyassgamer

      I didnt know Karl Hisenberg decided to start singing.

    21. Ruby Franks

      People be like I listen to this song hours on loop but then get weirdes out when the Dont hear the gliched version at the beginning 😀

    22. Randy93

      Is it really a villan song? It feels like more of a malevolent neutral traveling merchant... kinda of the modern day equivalent of the magical merchant that has everything you want but that's not what you need

    23. Debojit Nath

      agnibesh panu mat dekh

    24. Grzegorz Hedesz

      god you BACK yey

    25. kaydro

      Why has 1/10 people in America seen this….. within a month

    26. elgilbro

      This sounds like a song a Disney villain would sing shortly after being introduced into the plot.

    27. Abrasious Productions

      I wish I made songs as good as this I'm a film maker first but my second passion was music.. Unfortunately i stink at music

    28. Iris TheDiamondPotato

      This is the villain explaining his evil plan except the hero actually joins him

    29. Huckleberry

      racial slurs

    30. CPoverlord

      ThIs iS LitErALly NinETeEn eiGHtY fouR Fr tho, to everyone’s like “the internet is literally hell”, it’s your self control with the internet that’s failing you, not the internet. The fact that you CAN access all that is a great thing. The internet is neutral, your attitude towards it can make it tragic or terrific

    31. Thomas Holt


    32. Coax Plays

      This is so good

    33. dhrx7


    34. MS

      Wow this cuts deep

    35. Jacob Cat

      Boburnham in this video looks like the villain in spy kids 4

    36. •Rana_1029•

      Why am i seeing this dude everywhere

    37. Jayle _.Zoldyck

      I’m here because he’s super right


      The last bit is what it's like to have ADHD

      1. DreDude 360

        A little bit of everything, all of the time

    39. tsubaki X

      Many are saying that this song is relatable, and of course, it is humanity is completely dependent on the internet and we have a generation that doesn't know life without the internet, If you think you or your family are not dependent try turning off the breakers of your house and see what they do I bet most will be idle and complaining; in contrast, when I was a kid and a blackout occurred people would go out of their house and talk to their neighbors and kids would play outside; not necessarily true for everyone, but true to most.

      1. DreDude 360

        Internet and Electricity are not the same thing

    40. Jerrygamerdude vlogs

      i have listened to this song so much ive memorised it to a point where i will be in bed about to sleep and start singing it

    41. Amlan Pal

      u r song is prety tight ngl fam homie dowag

    42. Y e l l o w

      “Here’s why women never fuck you” really hit me

    43. Anthony Reed

      "Heres how you can build a bomb" YES

    44. Mr Blah

      Be careful not to bite the hand that feeds you Burnham

    45. nameless person kappa

      That song is fucking genius

    46. Kqrma3D

      Man's got the greatest show man vibes on this and a sprinkle of Hamilton, I love it

    47. ThatUselessNoob

      this sounds like a shitty musical and i fucking love it

    48. Someone.

      Omfg that laugh is so beautiful

    49. Iuliana Ilie

      is there anything better then pssy? yes, the internet

    50. Ghost Is Not A Ghost

      the fact i cant properly process this song and just go “well this is good, i guess the world is fucked :)” it says a lot. this song says a lot

    51. Regina Phalange

      I hate hate hate the online world

    52. Coda Mission

      3:52 When someone asks who Dianda is

    53. Ps1 Hagrid

      Bo looks amazing with a beard. Great song as well!

    54. Locten4

      I don't know what's a Bo, or why someone is burning ham, but damn, Keanu's new song is lit.

    55. Locten4

      Y'know, it makes sense why he's switching from one topic to another so rapidly, because that is really just what we do on the internet. God damn it, this song is bomb.

    56. Cjayy Games

      This is me and the boys' favourite song forever

    57. Van3IsSpanish

      Definition of internet:

    58. ShinyRuby

      Anyone else listen to a song literally once and cant forget about it? thats me with this song. 😟

    59. NemesisProductions

      What is that light? I want it.

    60. Rusty Ridler

      I keep watching this and now I want Bo to be one of the few people who write the mass produced songs. Dark yet SPARKLY!

    61. Sarah Elisa Smith

      He should write a play!

    62. Yannick Feld

      Does anyone know where one can buy the lamp with the supernova effect?

    63. 2 TRUE CL

      "here's a healthy breakfast option: You should kill your mom" ~Bo Burnham, 2021.

    64. Rio_

      He even ended up getting the beard

    65. 1 MNT

      Internet makes our entire life a lie😷

    66. Polaris589


    67. Irish_ Iwasdead

      When he said, 1:27, I felt that 😔 This is a joke

    68. Rebecca Lovecraft

      I like how peeps are saying "It was created for good but turned into hell!" like... that 'good' verse felt sinister as hell. We put your inside outside (easier to study) watchable (actors without unions, guild, or contract) It's the story of bringing us together but in reality it's taking more and more of our rights away

    69. Squatchy 95

      I agree with what people are saying that the internet has consumed everyone but I also believe it has greatly desensitised everyone, we see a video of a guy actually being executed and we forget what we just saw by the time the next flick of the scroll or the next notification.

    70. sesnaf faout

      1:28 the FBI when talking to slightly unhinged social outcasts

    71. The Reader and The Watcher

      This would make an insane movie, an evil Villain who uses the internet against the world


      fcking Legend!

    73. Arthur Piers

      This might just be his Sistine Chapel.

    74. Nezuko chan is the cutest demon ever _Teenja_

      I like the movie

    75. Nezuko chan is the cutest demon ever _Teenja_

      I have a list with anime songs but then this i thought like oh heck yeah i love internet

    76. Иван Иванов

      Да да..

    77. Darky

      Day 8 of me listening to Bo Burnham's "Welcome to the Internet" for a whole year.

    78. Joe Silveira

      The colorful stitch booly arrive because recorder psychophysically arrange in a smoggy canada. necessary, disagreeable sampan

    79. dinerbil

      They shoud put him has the Joker My man has the most evil laugh

    80. Martino minator

      he looks like Heisenberg in Resident Evil 8 XD

      1. Jess

        bruh i thought that too he literally look exactly like him

    81. Xander Ridley-Smith

      he used part of the dog of wisdom in the start lets go (0:35)

    82. max

      when y'all pick what we send out to space to let the possible other sapient beings of the universe learn of our existence, this better be it. this is what we are, in under five minutes

    83. •Sayu_supremacy•

      Im antisocial cause sometimes you just dont like being around people. How about you?

    84. Queen Royalty

      Its something that can be accessed easily it can be cute, sad, horny, funny, dangerous, it can be "Anything and everything ALL of the time" but for some reason even thought we are aware of all its down that are extremely bad we still use it because it satisfies us. We're quite simple and dumb even the smartest ones who said Hey pay to live on this earth

    85. Sam Gibson

      which power ranger is bo burnham?

    86. MusicManPlayedU

      Constantly heard people talking about the fantastic guilt tripping, and I thought,” There’s no guilt tripping in this, what?” That’s how good the guilt tripping is

    87. Csdrew

      Epic beard

    88. Mary Ann Encarnacion


      1. Mary Ann Encarnacion


      2. Mary Ann Encarnacion


      3. Mary Ann Encarnacion


      4. Mary Ann Encarnacion


    89. Beverly Salinas

      The fantastic meteorology advisably part because smash longitudinally fence barring a classy fight. belligerent, handsomely bread

    90. SirDino Z

      Keanu reeves

    91. Lemonade Juice

      Can't believe this is the same guy that made the "yes, a reall good book!" vine.

    92. mums

      When people ask who is Chris-Chan this is the correct response

    93. topside 1246

      With the news on Chris Chan recently, I honestly can't help but wonder if he would have gotten that bad if the Internet never existed.

    94. Gilberto Valenzuela

      This song would be perfect for an scene or an movie, just imagine the main character wakes up and then a very charming villian with a Scar or Alastor type personality that represents the internet signs to him this in a room full of screens and at the end kills him and the villian eventually wins

    95. Qüèèn

      This dude reminds me of Count Olaf .😂

    96. Alex

      Came back from Chris Chan

    97. _amirali_

      4:00 this laugh reminds me death note

    98. Isabella Hoogendoorn

      Lol The internet is fucked by the way bo make more shows ur amazing

    99. Aiden Healy