Shuttling between Bombay and Bangalore, I am a stage performer along with a reclusive creator of digital content.

Stand Up Comedian, Musician and Filmmaker.


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  1. Tripti

    I don't see many guys in Kenny's audience..😂 it's feels like all the girls literally leave everything and first book the tickets, the very moment he announces about his upcoming shows.😆. By the time majority of the guys reach, it's all booked.😁..

  2. Mani Rathore

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  3. Swarali Patil

    He’s backkkk!!!

  4. Rubina Shaheen

    alot of people saying he should've made the drug joke on the pharma one he could comedians never miss chances on theseeee they see a moment and they make a joke about it but they try not to make jokes on drugs or something it would've been fun but it's easy and cheap comedy so they make sure they don't jo jokes on drugs or something same with rahul subramanian's crowd work idk which one was it but the girl said she works in pharma and he could've easily made the drug joke he had the opportunity but he didn't and i appreciate him and Kenny for that ❤️❤️

  5. Kanika Kasliwal

    Such a cute video and funny as well ☺️😂

  6. Shivang Vyas


  7. Midhun Vijayakumar

    Thank you Kenny for putting the effort to pull this off. Its really saddening that many of us (Malayalees) can't really take a joke or appreciate somebody for trying something new.

  8. Arihant Jain

    Will Smith doesn't know how funny he really is.

  9. Sumita Bordhan

    Woahhh love your all videos my brothers like you also because you are malayali and a Christian like us we cannot relate to you more you are the ultimate example of "relatable af"

  10. Sneha Simon

    Right after you spoke about peope choking while eating, I choke on my yogurt 😂I will still continue to fill my stomach and laugh my ass off.😂

  11. M M

    okay I really love you and your decent humour 🥰🥺

  12. Vinay Kumar

    Episode with most amount of fun

  13. Samriddh Singh

    Lovely no BS conversation :)

  14. Ka**n Encrypted

    Kenny freeze it your nose is melting!

  15. Love Kush

    10 commandments of God .... lol lol lol... regards 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😘

  16. Love Kush

    When he sings color color color...cutieeee :)))

  17. Yadu Shresht Reddy

    So salt is literally the best electrolyte at home point no 1. So it's collecting negative ions from your body . When you spit (some part of your prana is ) on the salt negative ions stay on the salt. Then whatever burning is done whichever is easy is done. Nazar is removed. This is ancient science. So thanks Kenny for explaining this in a comic way 🙂 point no 2 don't ignore daadi she knows everything to keep you healthy, happy and alive. God bless daadi.(ancestors)..

  18. Love Kush

    So good to see you :)

  19. Vinayak Praveen

    That was amazing… that martin guitar though!!😎

  20. Vishwajeet Nand Yaduraj

    Kenny Fooking craving for Hijack 😭😭

  21. Abe ZamZam


  22. Pranav Menon

    4:35 me during vjva

  23. Benny Tyler

    This is ma healing time. I need moreee

  24. Mili bb

    Good one 👍

  25. Anusha M Bhat

    His laughing sound of "puff" was so cute though


    Thank you killed my stress Now I won't kill my time lol😂😂😂😂


    11.19 minutes of my life spent right ❤️🔥

  28. Sunny agrawal

    You are insanely talented😂🔥

  29. Sarthak Thapa

    When you just realise Kenny said "looney toons" 🥲🤯 Mandela effect incoming 😂

  30. Sunny agrawal

    Damn his singing skills also🔥

  31. Revati Shridhar

    <3 Loved this!!

  32. Harsh Bagda

    11:19 Arrows touched, I can't XD

  33. Revanth kumar Chiruvolu

    That goatee guy's face looks like pawan kalyan (from telugu film industry) Whatever Kenny does. I will just keep watching

  34. Pooja M

    This is not so funny. Ur earlier videos were wayy funnier

  35. Anuj Choudhari

    3:59 ranveer allahbadia 😂😂bro bro

  36. sandheep ss

    where can i see the full show?

  37. XXj1_ yup

    Focus on studies sounds fucking stupid but it's true. Like relationships fuck up ur brain man. Not just for studies, but for everything. Interacting with other people, talking.. Its like this constant pricking sensation at the back kf ur mind. And if u lose them, nothing else matters. U collapse. Not to be an aunty but dont start a relationship till u get a job and are stable to deal with this shit

  38. Ruthwick Gunipati

    The initial jokes were kinda cringe

  39. Aaishiki Ghosh

    Well I got chased by a monkey in class 4... Guess everyone has their fair share of "getting chased" by someone... 🙃

  40. Suhani Choudhary

    INhomes just recommend me this and yes now i just love this guy's videos 😀

  41. Thanmai Boss

    Me who is a guy/intelectual/love guru : hehe my advice worked(almost).

  42. Mahima Baghel

    i am eating and watching this 😂😂😂

  43. Abhishek Singh

    "because every guy thinks every girl likes .... them" was epic and real 😂😂

  44. lakshya raj

    what u tell abut the guys is very true😂😂(she loves u)

  45. Shaunak Prabhune

    Kenny if Modi will put you in Jail, pls make some jokes on Nehru na..but pls do politics joke


    Kenny's Biggest Scam "Changing the word FUC**NG AS FREACKING" I noticed it buddy XDXDXD

  47. 미만사mimansa

    Shut I am watching this in 2021 omg kenny so cute

  48. abhishek sharma

    is it comedy o some kind of psychothepy session :D

  49. Reema Virushka

    Hi Kenny. Maybe you will miss this comment. But just want to say the way your comedy is so relatable. The topics you choose too are amazing.From chai videos till now you never disappoint. Keep up the amazing work ☺️

  50. Jyotsna Baghel

    O dude, do more of these no?

  51. adi patil

    chk chk chk chk chk, i am disappointed kenny

  52. Devika C R _4PS19CS027

    You're such an amazing comedian sir!! And could you please tell me how to improve communication skill, please sir !!

  53. Asmar Majeeth

    My best friend is goan and I can absolutely confirm this

  54. Pema Lamu Sherpa


  55. Aj Style

    Arijit sir is best .he don't sound like creep.

  56. Bharti Watts

    Finally Kenny is posting regularly😭

  57. Gnana Prasuna

    people say that you loose charm and spirit as you grow old but this man seems to be an exception of nature, don't know how but this man turns cuter and cuter as the days pass

  58. Shwetank Chandra

    When your mother wanted you to be a SINGER, And your dad to be a STANDUP COMEDIAN #here_is_the_Perfect_blend_of_it X)

  59. kabir mehta

    Which movie ?

  60. Reshmi

    Kenny really appreciate what u r doing right now this #simpleken is seriously a heart to heart convo❤️ where people going through same situations are finding that connectivity as sometimes when we go through something we just don't feel like doing anything but just to talk to one random person who is going through same situation n this is kind of helping people.. and one more when it comes to toxic things I just want to say about toxic family like I came across many people r having toxic family issues n people get confused btw love n hate because like most of the times many things feels like right n wrong simultaneously in the same way many situations or bonds specially family feels fine n worst same time n the childhood trauma or trauma that is due to family is so freaking hard to overcome I have gone through n I have seen people suffering too so I just want to ask you have u ever felt this or known anyone who suffered this and how they managed to cope up with this?!... Again really love what u r doing Kenny stay blessed❤️❤️

  61. Plein de vie

    this is some good shit during the worst times ! :D

  62. music feels

    I love the way how even the audience participates in his jokes. I am super introvert to even think about it. I would just laugh at his jokes but say nothing.

  63. Sri Nidhi

    This one is actually ur best episode in the series of best and worst memories the last dialogue of ur father is totally relatable... 😁😁and another word u said her that it's safe when she intentionally said she is fan of u,was an epic and I laughed out loud like anything 😂😂

  64. Brother's gaming

    this Episode is full of f***ing word.whatever enjoyed 😂😂

  65. sai vamshimarri

    kenny looks like he's in a bad mood

  66. Shikha Solanki

    when you reached 2.14M

  67. Palak Arora

    Hey Kenny... I had known of you but started watching your videos after CPL... I have watched it all... The Netflix special, you tube videos and then i found this... This is a gem dude... I resonate so much with all the things you say... I just love how you describe all the complex things we go through mentally... Sending peace, joy and hope :)

  68. Aditya Singhal

    You look like the male version of Radhika Apte.

  69. Priyanka

    You are so cute Kenny 😂😂😂😂

  70. srinithi srinivasan

    Here after knowing deepika kumari and antanu das who played archery and represented india in the olympics and they are a couple!!!! Damn how could you kenny😂😂😂

  71. Solomon Carvalho

    I loved it bro!

  72. Samreen Fathima

    It's sus that they're never in the same frame

  73. Afia Zahin

    Stress relief post work is this