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  1. Dan San

    Que asco

  2. Quashona Hardesty

    Just think, we almost didnt get this performance, as they booked her last minute and what a great show her and her team put together on such short notice, Normani is a gem for sure, a diamond in the rough I might add and she is Shining bright like a diamond right now in my Rhianna voice). Yessss Normani!!!

  3. Jhoa

    she is everything, she's the moment

  4. Maite Cps

    I love my cat and hugry.

  5. Só sei que nada sei


  6. lucas forte

    3:13 she makes the gesture of singing a note and the sound comes out much later. Also, when she throws the microphone the first hit (which is the loudest) is not heard 3:30


    So talented so glad she got to perform!! Love her

  8. Dienasor Mosquito

    Is that really Justin Bieber? sounds different...

  9. Any Ayac

    the person really struggled to pull the rope but ngl the her performance is immaculate

  10. itsyagirlbri

    She went crazyyyy

  11. Alexandra


  12. ZAKIA

    Camilla is sweating

  13. Mary Mfuasi

    I’m not hating but I’m just telling the truth, you people in the comments are being too nice her voice was not good at all she sounded out of breath and no I’m not a singer I’m just pointing out the obvious

    1. Mary Mfuasi

      If Normani or Chloe didn’t have a great vocal performance and they were out of breath or off key , you guys would be bashing them so hard

  14. Laura Paschal

    Yay! A dress! Sorry, tired of the ass cracks.


    I wish I was there to see this live she killed this performance my girl growing up 😫🥺

  16. Victor Silva

    eh a melhor crl

  17. Luiz Santos


  18. aggie


  19. Kisha Hall

    Ok Chloe! #SheDidThat

  20. Jac

    I have watched this 700 times. Love it.

  21. Kad V

    Goddess 😍☀️

  22. king sufi

    did i see her tamp tamp..............

  23. Proph A Cee

    Sad sad and sad...generation

  24. myriam cristina lora morelos

    This performance is sooooooo cuteeeeee!!!!

  25. JuLi8AnA

    Esto es realmente los VMAS, ponerle creatividad al performance y pues todo lo que he visto hasta ahorita Camila te aplaudo de pie 👏👏

  26. Jesús Aránguiz

    Lo mejor!

  27. Idreamofmercedes

    Ysss I love to see him coming into his own. Paving the way.


    I keep rewatching her performance 🤧 I'm so proud of her and normani 💗

  29. Adde k

    Ed Sheeran is sus

  30. Ioanna Dosi


  31. Ioanna Dosi

    Blackpink forever!!! 😘

  32. Tyler Tibby

    This was honestly the best performance of the night

  33. greisy my

    I love you guys, I miss Shownu very much :(

  34. CatsExe

    She has to pe America new top artist, like come one!!!! What you need more??

  35. dean ray

    Wish he ain’t gae,he’s just too good

  36. Fi's Affordable Finds

    Never fails , every-time someone is making it big , there’s always a “Hell Theme” in one of their performances.. oh well 🤷🏽‍♀️

  37. Jib Jab

    Where is the world heading??

  38. Vic P

    Why is this 🗑 celebrated?

  39. Douglas Aparecido Bizerra Santos

    Arrasa mamãe

  40. farisha husna

    Since when hyungwon is that buff, bro im dying😭😭😭😭🥵❤️‍🔥

  41. Ludmilla Menezes

    It still needs to improve a lot! Bad vocals and worse breathing. Revolting that this, beat Bruno Mars.

  42. Carlos Eduardo

    Rainhaaaaaaa acompanho ela desde de 2013ee

  43. Amber Sweet

    Whole lotta chocolate up in this house DAMN

  44. Tre M

    The blonde hair, the leotard, the vocals, the hair flips, I don't even have to say it. This performance was amazing can wait to watch her develope into her own musical force

  45. Angela Augusto

    So Amazing girl

  46. Marlon Gordon

    Getting a Beyond vibe

  47. new D-1


  48. Ytallo Vinícius


  49. Ytallo Vinícius


  50. Diana M.

    She better stop having Beyoncé as her mentor them people is wicked and demonic and I see her turning into that . What a shame with a girl with so much talent . If I was her mom I would get her out of there ASAP

  51. Amber Sweet

    How is NO ONE talking about that van just stripped him and took his jacket and hat??? 🤣🤣🤣

  52. Sharon Sanders

    cheap version of Bey LOL

  53. Maurice Bowie

    👑 nobody wants follow Busta in stage....NOBODY...aint really too many want that Verzus smoke either😤 💨 💨 salute to king Bussa Buss

  54. new D-1


  55. Nini ♥

    Great performer, just looks raunchy for a song that’s very good and performed by someone with actual talent.

  56. Jimena Blog

    hubo falla en el autotune

  57. G.N.D :3

    Yes. Yes. And YES! That’s all I have to say 😌✌🏻

  58. Steven Mendez

    This guy has been performing like this since day one!

  59. Amanda-Kathleen Seefane

    I didn't really like the actual song like that, buuuuuuut this performance sold me on it now 🥴💃😍🥺SHE'S AWESOME...

  60. wannabeaboy

    Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Tate sweats 👍👍👍👍👍

  61. kuro's life ^.^

    Now I see why she was crying back stage. I’m crying too. This was so amazing to see her blossom. She teaching a couple of things 💜

  62. Marty McCoy

    That was awesome!!!

  63. Reese N

    where's his baby

  64. Hugosonorbit *

    That attitude turn promenade it was beautiful ! Amazing dance performance.

  65. Bunny is Buff

    This song is so beautiful, their voices are so dreamy. Monsta X never disappoints!!

  66. PrWCat

    The end brooooooo

  67. bxx y ed v uKiesha Upshaw

    I’m soo proud of Lil Nas X he gay and happy making music doing his thing and is in his own lane… 💖

  68. Brown Ciara

    This song made history guys💞💖

  69. Yoos C

    Bravo 👏 Chole! Bravo 👏👏👏

  70. UnFanMásDeLosCompas


  71. Ncedo Patrick Mantambo

    Doja 🔥❤️🥺slays every performance. I like how she performed Been Like This

  72. ManosGamerPlayers

    quem mais percebeu que o vestido da Anitta é igual da Violet Chacki da season 7 de rupaul

  73. Fee Marçal


  74. Oliver Tellez


  75. Vũ Quang Vinh

    It is sad when seeing such a rap god doesn't maintain his popularity now, and has to share the 👑 for a bunch of overrated current rappers.