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  1. Eric B

    don't get yourself too excited, I can almost guarantee you there's going to be no procon-dedicated servers or selections like regular or hardcore.

  2. Ravil Bukhareev

    Epileptic nightmare or when nervous people accidentally find special effect editor. Ok, I want the blowup was here, here, here here hre herhrherhehrhehr herh

  3. Jack Schwartz

    Not everything needs a Halo energy weapon sound effect but honestly I’m here for it 4:08

  4. AStrangerOnTheInternet

    I never played battlefield before. This looks like a good time to join

  5. Twiggy

    That’s awesome that they put the jumping out of the jet and blowing the other one with the rpg. Just like that old clip.

  6. Dababy pyramid

    5 years ago 😢

  7. Ivan Mad Vejarano

    Premium model divided the Community!

  8. FREE palestine

    Incoming fire!

  9. Epkurnis /Sheoway

    yo this is sick af ngl don't even play the games, I'm here from the memes and gotdayum this is some good stuff

  10. quadro


  11. ???????

    Mötley crüe - kickstart my heart

  12. World of Memes

    2:58 Stun Gravey stunt

  13. TannyTella

    This game needs cross play. Bring the community together so the game’s life span will be longer than any other title in the franchise.

  14. Solomon Orwa

    Fun fact the scene where the guy jumps out of a jet is inspired by a player (Stun_gravy) who attempted that stunt in BF 3, now called Rendezook

  15. Fathur NeverDie

    3:07 masterpiece

  16. John_gaming905

    After 2042 trailer.I returned,removed my dislike,dislike again,&laughed even harder.

  17. PotatoKing

    The move where he ejected from the plane bazooka killed another plane then got back into his plane is a classic move from bf1942

  18. Envar

    3:10 THE CLIP!!!

  19. Terri Zandecki

    Wow that is really awesome I don't think that they were making other Battlefield games!!! I love the Song and it just made me feel good and awesome and Nascar Values and NFL Rush Zone Varies and Cowboys And Aliens Movies Value!! Is so awesome and amazing!!!!

  20. Gaming N'stuff

    How is the song called when the pilot brings this sick move?!

  21. Fear Netwørk

    Its like futuristic and modern combined perfectly

  22. Adrian Tigau

    omg damavand peak rush assault class smoke smoke smoke

  23. YAZAN

    This is gameplay not the 2042 one.

  24. Mayar Matroud

    Sadly, it will be filled with campers and snipers.

  25. Ajax JAMMAZ

    This isn’t even close to infinite warfare y’all need to stop comparing

  26. LionARgaming

    dont like it at all i will not play it i want it to be today not the future with robot dogs running around

  27. Rouslan Galioullin

    BATTLEFIELD 3 > All Others

  28. mikee

    I want a Battlefield Bad Company 3! I want Atacama desert!

  29. Scaffiz

    "Fully destroable village exists" Playerbase: "No mercy for buildings"

  30. Exelerant HD

    Finally a return to form

  31. DJ Bombba

    Best dlc of BF

  32. DJ Bombba

    INhomes knows I am hyped for 2042 for recommending this to me

  33. Colin Kniles

    Good luck filling up those 128 player servers on ps5 and Xbox series x hahaha I don't know a single person that owns either.

  34. Carlos Pioli oficial

    Português: BF2042 vai ser sem campanha, número pequeno de mapas (tipo BF5) e fico imaginando: Quanto tempo vai durar até o jogadores mais antigos e a própria EA Games abandonarem o jogo? Vai ter trapaceiros! 😏 Translation to English: BF2042 will be without campaign, small number of maps (like BF5) and I'm wondering: How long will it take for older players and EA Games itself to abandon the game? There will be cheaters! 😏

  35. Smol Chungus

    the rendezook scene looked really cool until i realized that he EJECTED without the seat + he was strapped in it also the plane seems to have rotated nearly 360 degrees half a second after he ejected

  36. Black Heart

    penguins cool

  37. Monke Eats Banana


  38. Chris Tolbert

    I been waiting years for battlefield to get back to its glory days and I feel the time is now‼️ can’t wait super excited for this

  39. tuckr tuk

    Looks awesome

  40. BlueArmyLeader

    You know what I think would be really cool? If you could bled your speed on a fighter jet, that would be really cool if they added that to the game.

  41. AURA ᴘʀᴏᴅᴜᴄᴛɪᴏɴ

    I had a mini heart attack from 2:59

  42. Iuri Nóbrega

    This one better surpass bf4 multiplayer

  43. Jesus Gilbert Valle Jr III

    Tone down the tracers will you

  44. Qwarnz

    Best since bf4

  45. КИНО

    Сталкер 2 топ .

  46. Gleenfield

    poggers gameplay !!!!! :)

  47. Arsenio Oro

    is battlefield going to be a hub for other battlefield tittles including the old ones like they say?

  48. Stewart Ko

    No way.


    Sooo 500gb memory?

  50. Heath Milner

    Battlefield 4 vibes, but with remastered maps, high tech vehicles/guns and maybe better graphics?

    1. ArtfulDodger

      Maybe better graphics?

  51. Austin Shaffer

    2:46 the boys when we play dogeball

  52. Leonardo Tigli

    i have now successfully been hyped. pls make it good dice.

  53. Enetro

    So just you know i want a good game so... pls take your time and make it good. (when its good more people play it and maybe buy some ingame-purchases (maybe) when it´s good).

  54. lea cali

    Baddest trailer I've seen omggggg cant wait to pre order

    1. AgentNema122

      Same! Already Done! Yesterday I Preordered The Ultimate Edition For My PS5! It’s Gonna Be Amazing!

  55. rama rustiandi

    Still wondering wat da dog doin

  56. Ailin T

    The thing we should care about is whether or not the final product will have all these cool staff, or creators will just say that it was just an animated trailer' art concept🤨

  57. jerome stevens

    pre-alpha footage still full of hackers. Lets hope dice actually tackle the hacking problem this time or will they continue to pretend that cheaters don't exist.

    1. Boogie Woogie

      Well, EA was hacked the other day and the source code was already stolen so...

  58. FromThe27t

    Honestly just gonna play for the aircraft like I have for the past battlefields 🤣

  59. Arian Shillova

    10 year old game looks more next gen than Bo Cold war

  60. Andy

    And here i am again, after 2042. I check my dislike button isn't blue, so i make it blue. Sorry for the late.

  61. CAMO

    This game should be amazing. They better not leave this game in the dirt.

  62. Kip

    Why does the jet engine spool up the second he decreases throttle?

  63. Massimo Migliaccio

    7,4 million visualizations

  64. RagerCrusader

    Alright everyone its safe to say that flir will be in this game, how much you wanna bet that a certain specialist, maybe a recon one, will have a perk similar to the dice LA camo

  65. Gunnar

    Hope they won't ruin this with gender politics and Battlepases, and... who is fighting who here?

  66. That Virgo


  67. อินทิรา จุลมกร

    RIP BF4

  68. Mondemon

    Why is the player almost never firing their gun? but this does look good


    Is no one questioning the spinning effect the helicopter does when it’s destroyed? I’m really hoping that’s not the animation for every downed helicopter. It looks cheap and unrealistic, I hope they keep the original ragdoll effect they’ve had in the past

  70. m4dzz

    As a battlefield 1 player, i can safely say this will be epic

  71. Imranox 1M

    this is the best gameplay and game in battlefield ever

  72. 김동진

    1:48 cybertruck

  73. Gregory Portes

    Anyone else a lil bothered with the whole 2042 year and the “Russians” being the enemy lol

  74. Wiley Andrews

    4:23 "why walk when you can fly" lol

  75. Aaron Emmanuel

    Gotta see how the rx570 handles this.

  76. LAMA O

    this game was GOAT

    1. Br00dSoap_424

      @TheStrikeofGod Yeah. Hopefully they add something new to the movement like different kinds of crouching and crawling.

    2. TheStrikeofGod

      @Br00dSoap_424 Absolutely. Here's hoping 2042 just copies the movement system.

    3. Br00dSoap_424

      BFV has the best movement in any fps game ive played. Its so smooth

    4. TheStrikeofGod

      Mechanics-wise it's probably the best Battlefield. The movement was so fluid it's almost impossible to go back to BF4. Content-wise it's pretty weak. Fun game though.

    5. LAMA O

      @Br00dSoap_424 yes everybody has different choices the mechanics was fast and good gun fights were also great for me ok its not *GOAT* f

  77. DirishDevil

    lol can't believe you guys failed again 🤣 trash looking game

  78. Felipe Godoy

    Só espero que eles dêem mais atenção as denúncias de cheaters, o BF V não tem mais graça de jogar, os caras estão usando cheaters na cara dura e o setor de denúncias do BF é quase nulo, só eu tenho vídeos de 6 jogadores usando cheater, espero que esse tenha algum suporte que trabalhe para atender as denúncias.