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  1. itmesimms

    Among all these so called "influencers" I think tarini is pretty good and makes sense. She doesn't really belong to very rich families like these other 3 I guess and is very humble in her youtube videos. Basically relatable to a majority audience

  2. Bhawna Suresh Kumar

    11:23 Jimin saved himself from falling off the chair 🤗🥳💜

  3. Sss Prasad

    what my hope is I may see Lord Krishna in you as my mum also, why not!

    1. Sss Prasad

      Really you

  4. Y O N

    Why peoples like karan is like guy

  5. Sss Prasad

    Today my total time with your all programmes only met Concluded you myself as my good mother in my time now. You are really my good mother. Thank you&thank God. The precious time got valued much with you &with your thought. You know me as my mum, real mummy you are. Thank you.

  6. Ananya Rai

    Are they humans???how can they steal such a huge amounts of hearts in just 8 years 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  7. Ruchi Biswas

    At 16:08 somebody said "zarur" idk I'm not sure 😂

  8. _sassygirl_

    Guyzzz let's make it 10 m.....

  9. Sister hood

    When you're coming at india

  10. Danish Khan

    Eagrly waiting big indian movie barhamstre...

  11. Bapi Biswas


  12. 🐨ᥴᥣᥲіrᥱ_ᥲхᥱᥣᥣіᥲ_🐰


  13. Neel Mistry

    They are talkin so casually about someone's death

  14. Leh Kumari

    only Shardha Aditya💙💙

  15. Shubham Gupta

    Sid and tara hone chahiye Aashiqui 3 mein.

  16. Savita Devi

    Love you BTS army I purple you🙏💜💜💜💜💜💜💜pls come india BTS we are. Waiting for you guys 😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️😘❤️😘

  17. Bikash Aaryan

    Film Super Flop Hogi 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Danish Khan

      Blockbuster hogi

    2. Bapi Biswas

      Nahi hogi

  18. Salman Khan

    His duplicate of Hrithik and love this Actor..

  19. Salman Khan

    Movie name wrong diya kuch diya hota to chal jati and second story was awesome acting awesome everything good.. Bt Movie name ruin this movie

  20. 중원나는 영원히 enhypen을 사랑합니다

    Please do enhypen interview and blackpink interview and mamamoo too❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Dev Raj

    Kya tumne kbhi pyar kiya... kiya Tumne kisi ko dil diya .... diya Chutiya...

  22. Parami Dhananjani


  23. Ishwar Leela

    Rimjhim kahan hai

  24. Neha Barkhane

    I'm very happy...bts💜🤟🤟✌😊

  25. Avantika K

    That kiss from V tho 😂😂😂😂💜💜

  26. Babar The Lion

    ABHIJIT ka awaj bohut bariya hai ..isme koyi galti nahi .paar yeh only singer hai .. jisme bohut ghamand hai .. bollywood k isse alawa kisiko ghamand nahi 🙄

  27. Zarina Katun

    Mein Harrar serial dekhte Hun Tu aap Ko kahraab laggta hai Jaan ssssjjssss

  28. Ouardia Hedjal

    Noooooooooooooo noooooooo and noooooooo have i mentioned noooooooo ashiqi 3 is for sid and alia only mohit suri promised also their is some producer that said yes ashiqi 3 will be for them it became trending then he was like no nothing is confirmed yet ashiqi 3 is for sidlia only not ahan or anyone else i have been waiting literally since 2013 plz don't do this this to us 😭😭😭😭

  29. Zarina Katun

    Jaan jubei karyin kussei se karyin jaanaap Ka layaef seyt hujayega kamse kamaap Kausstu Rahin gein Jaan MERI Jaan ju passand Huo aap Ku Jaan ssssjjssss

  30. Aminah 03

    If you're gonna make aashiqui 3 without sidlia in it, be prepared because i am full on going to boycott it as much as i can!! THIS MOVIE BELONGS ONLY TO SID AND ALIA AND ANYBODY ELSE EXCEPT THEM BEING CAST IN THIS MOVIE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO RECREATE THE CHEMISTRY WHICH SID AND ALIA HAVE!! Mark my words...aashiqui 2 without Sidlia will be a disasterrr😠😠😠😠😠👎👎

  31. kashmiri humanity

    Actually manisha thinks that if her boyfriend gets weak after sometime to fulfill her sexual desire then it is will be quite easy for her to leave him otherwise after marriage it will be difficult

  32. Guest in this word .87 years ago

    Salman is gangster 😎 of Bollywood


    suga is acting dead or is his earphobe is not working what's the matter 😂😂😂

  34. Sarah Patil

    She have left of a lot of good and several award winning shows like Hotel de luna, my ganman beauty, Nine tailed fox and a lot more but honestly I am glad there is at least one journalist that watches K - Drama !

  35. esra özçelik

    This is Sidlia's movieee !!!!!!!! SIDLIA BACK TO ON SECREEN WITH THIS MOVIE

  36. esra özçelik



    now i can she is an army and crish on boys 😂😂😂😂😂 when she talked about V

  38. esra özçelik

    What the hell? This movie sidlia's movie from 2017 !!!! No tiger and disha !!!!!!! ONLY ALIA AND SIDHARTH!!!!

  39. Zodin _chhakchhuak.12

    I wanna be her and respect her 😘😘😘

  40. Shreyas Ubale

    I am waiting for zoom to interview Billie Eilish, Lewis Capaldi, Ali Gatie.

  41. pradeep Nayak

    Kiara and sidharth molhotra hona chahie ashiqui 3 mein

  42. Sonu Sharma

    Girl is wrong

  43. Arati Raikueng

    Kangana ka sabse acha post ❤❤❤

  44. Arati Raikueng

    Kangana ❤❤❤❤

  45. tarika yadav

    2:12 someone said zarur in hindi and it was amazing👍.

  46. Sonia Chindariya

    Nice jimmy Shergill

  47. Gamer Arfaat

    Ma sha Allah

  48. tanveer Ahmad Ansari

    Abe media walo tum log media ki noukari chod ke jungle me Jake baba banke tabiz banao unke man me Kiya cal rha hai haramkhoro

  49. kaplanım

    Lan türkçe altyazılısı niye yok tr-Army lerin ne suçu var lann

  50. Khushi Bamotra

    Nooooo Noooo , Aashiqui 3 is sidlia's movie and we want them 🤧😭😭😭 ......How can they snatch this movie from them .😤😤 .If it's about working together , then ranbir - deepika after breakup worked together ....even kat - Ranbir too then whyyy the hell not sidlia ..... WE WANT SIDHARTH & ALIA IN THIS MOVIE AT ANY COST

  51. Unknown Girl

    Flop hai

    1. Bapi Biswas

      Release hone de

  52. Tania Islam



    Fake news 😪

  54. Pubalee Saharia

    Aww this was soooo cute 🥺 they ALL looked so comfortable i love the interviewer, she is so nice and sweet to all of them. This made me all warm and cosy inside >.< I hope to see another interview with her because both parties seemed to be having sm fun!!

  55. Maira Thorn

    Deep questions and answers. Keep up the good work BTS

  56. Rajendra

    Many People Think That This is Reality Show😅

  57. Vishweshwar Patil

    I am a marathi boy but I got recommended this video just because I do watch DQ most of the time

  58. PhOeNiX GaMiNg

    U deserve much better Rahul..Congo anyway but u r Very Handsome and a very good Cricketer!!I don't know I don't like ur choice 🙄

  59. Tania Islam


  60. Adil abbas

    Sir ap to bht handsome ho apki instagram I'd kya h..... Apka naam kya h???

  61. Priya Sarkar

    He is an amazing actor ❤ Hats off to him

  62. CS1.6

    Aaa gaya ek aur star kid,,,,huh

  63. Jasvir kaur gill


  64. Cheese Potato

    And v's talking Style is sooooo sooo much adorable for mee......aahhhhh....he is so adorable........ (I'm not a solo staner)😐💜

  65. gameplay chanel

    Can you have blackpink on your show please

  66. Tara Kissoon

    That evil witch should be jail.

  67. Almost God

    Rhea is innocent I believe her

  68. Yash S

    Flop .

    1. Bapi Biswas

      Release hone de

  69. Yash S

    Wah Sunil Shetty wah pehle apni beti ko actor banaya ab apne bête ko bhi banao. Kitna talented hai aapka pariwar , phir apne bête ke bete ko bhi actor banao . Bollywood ki Jai ho . Aur kuch log ek movie mein chotasa role paane ke liye tadap rahe hai .


    U r too lucky 🙂

  71. Surbhi Singh

    Well ...this interview views are still increasing....last time it was 8.2 now it's 8.8....I think I-Army watching this video daily...

  72. Laboni Mitro Dipti


    1. Kim Yeontan


  73. Laboni Mitro Dipti


  74. Chelsea chimmy Chimmy



    Dank rishu , the real slim shady 🥂, he should be there with riya gogoi,priyal,papaocus,sunraybee. the real 2nd gen. OG's who educate their audience also, and we all know their content is much much better than this so called relatable komedy.


    Dank rishu , the real slim shady 🥂, he should be there with riya gogoi,priyal,papaocus,sunraybee. the real 2nd gen. OG's who educate their audience also, and we all know their content is much much better than this so called relatable komedy.

  77. Kushi a

    Who am supposed to focus on she's so preety 😍

  78. Zoya Banu


  79. Gulshan Sharma

    Wow we love uuuu

  80. MANU Sharma

    Sakshma u did great job ✨❤️ fabulous Keep it on just made ur confidence as ur strength lots of love 💕 with truth