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  1. Elizabeth Podgorska-Vennes

    I’ll have maid padildochan step on my dead cats corpse that my mother refuses to get rid of

  2. addhu



    How the eyes on the mask are blinking🤔

  4. Wilby-Chan

    Maid Padildochan will step on my less fortunate youtooz that aren't as good as him

  5. Travis Towles

    They make the suits into any kind of animal like whatever is

  6. Travis Towles

    I call the furrys s the animal lover

  7. crys†al_ clear

    I really want it but I know my mom won't get it for me and I only have 1 dollar😂

  8. the knife kid

    hahahahahshshahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  9. Lovecraft 3322

    What would i let the maid step on well me of course

  10. Ether

    My maid padildochan would step on my manga collection to assert its dominance of being best waifu

  11. Alex M.A.D

    Wish his fans were less shitty.

  12. Claudia Morán

    my man went on a whole ass astral journey

  13. Park Marmarin2

    Oh, Padildochan your beauty and your grace is so majestic I can't even blink without shedding tears :') stepping on me would be my only reason to live in this cruel earth without your presence beside me ~(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )~

  14. CreepyATLHorror !!

    I would make Maid Padildochan step on me because Padildochan supremacy ✌ Also tbis is how how advertise 😌

  15. Ka Ru

    I think I missed my chance already but I'm commenting anyways, I love your videos so much, I love how non judgemental you are

  16. SlumzStay Slumped

    Smosh anothny way best Anthony

  17. Mythsgirl Animation

    Oh, so it’s not normal to see letters in color. Didn’t know that lol

  18. Luka Đokić

    I'd let that toy step on my other youtooz toys, just for fun tho...

  19. Maria Dobre

    I’ll have my maid padildochan sit on me how about that

  20. jugal pokar

    Please do one interview with Technoblade. Because I think it will be great

  21. Qt

    1:19 his feet

  22. Qt


  23. Yousef Mansour

    Hold on.. the toilet wizard? The one from henry stickmin.. hmm i dont think anthony understood that

  24. kalonqm

    My Maid Padildochan will step on my divorce papers.

  25. yeehaw hawyee

    just watched a video about the shooter in the parkland high school and he had a pathetic attempt of acting crazy smh

  26. timisgod clash

    fucking weirdos

  27. Insane Cuber

    tommy make anything actually funny

  28. ANYTHING '

    I don't think people hate dream, they really hate his fanbase, because they are actually pretty annoying and cringe

  29. Rohith Gaming

    Waite Guys The Mask Is Blinking

  30. meinaaa


  31. babieangel jeno

    *"I'm too small..."* Was made me ✨sob✨

  32. Harriet King

    Purple hair person - very likeable! 👍❤️

  33. CheeseballGames

    This video really just kind of hit me more than i was expecting it to. I was expecting to watch this and just be like oh yeah i do that, but it kind of just made me aprehensive for my future, and all the things that could go wrong. my family and i all kind of always knew i had adhd, and the people i was surrounded with didnt really care (i didnt get formally diagnosed until 7th grade) and that was when i had tried adderall for the first time. I've never really been sure if i like myself on adderall or not. when im not on it im the energetic "loud" one sharing all my thoughts and opinions, but when im on it, im just sort of quiet and not doing much. i also cant really not take it because of things like school where if im not on it i just cant focus and ill spend 45 minutes reading one page of a book. I have also been told by people arround me a lot that im very smart, and i know im fairly smart, and i could do most things i put my mind to. This has been sort of hard when it comes to school becuase its not like i get bad grades, but everyone around me and myself knows i could do better if i just applied myself into it liek the way i do in the things i enjoy, but its just so hard to put effort into something that i just dont care about becuase i know school after a certain point is mostly useless (minus college cause you choose to go there and ill do something i enjoy probably) and its all just a means to an end, so i just put like no effort into school because i just dont care about it. i really felt like i related to bex a lot in how she was saying she was the one with potential, and then she was the one that didnt make it. Im just sort of afraid now that thats going to be me, and im just not going to do what im expected to do. and just be left in the dust by everyone around me. and while i know ill probably find something that i enjoy and that i can do for a living, im just sort of scared now that ill wont do much and ive never really thought about it before, and ive never really talked to other people with ADHD, especially not people who have had it for longer. I have never looked at ADHD as a hinderence before and always as a good thing becuase im smart and i think adhd attributed to that as i can think and understand a lot of information quickly (like how i watch everything in 2x speed becuase i can), but im now considering that maybe it is a burden. i know this comment was a bit all over the place, but after watching this video, i just had a lot of thoughts that i needed to get out somehow, so thanks for reading if anyone does becuase im posting this comment on a 4 month old video lol.

  34. SpringShroom

    Is the husband the voice actor for blitzo?

  35. Lost Soul

    v cool

  36. Kurumi Tokisaki

    If i have your Yotooz, i'll make it step on me, my cat or my dog

  37. Furry G. T.

    I want maid padildochan to step on hompfhobes

  38. owus

    Should've titled the video "i spent a day with a minecraft speedrun cheater"

  39. Eremi

    I'd have my Maid Padildochan step on my housemates to assert dominance and trick them into doing their chores. Or on a makeshift runway for her to start a drag show with my other figurines.

  40. Beby Esya Khalisa


  41. 5boi Henry Stickmin A.K.A The Bee Named Jolly


  42. Karlux 22

    I would have my maid padildochan step on my crippling depression.

  43. Nestor Ojeda

    I want that Maid Padildochan to stomp my second Maid Padildochan ;)

  44. SlippPlays

    As a person with Albinism, I can say this, these people are legends. In fact, i joke around with my hair. I can get dirt and make my self brown hair and wash it. I can get dust and make myself blonde. I can easily distinguish color to my hair. People pay thousands to bleach and get the right hair color. But one thing we have in common, we hate and despise stairs. People think I’m blonde, but I’m actually white.

  45. PlayaPlays

    Maid Padildo-chan is the only thing i want in my life and I want it to stomp on me 😭

  46. NegiandNodoka

    god, I'm dying to have Maid Padildochan step on me 🥵🥵🥵

  47. Kyan Slape

    It can step on my giraffe of a neck

  48. sketching with stitch

    That was alot however I would have padildo-chan step on my college because this summer semester is rough. Lol

  49. Lokey Gamer

    Dream's voice is amazing!!

  50. Leslie

    No cause I literally wanna give him a hug oh my