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  1. Quintessential

    2:43 his reactions😂

  2. Carmel Tabby

    1:08 I'm Canadian and I have definitely said "I am so sorry!" upon entering a room before.

  3. Shannon Davidson

    I would love to see an Honest Trailer for the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (not the spin offs) with CSI: Vegas is coming in a couple of months.

  4. Asjad Faridi

    Now please release Loki honest trailer

  5. Rock Start

    Grate v..

  6. Adam Guy

    Gwen Stacy was hot and honestly the best part of the 3rd one for me. I know she deserves better and more depth though too.

  7. Tweetyresm

    Wonder if there will ever be one where Johnny Depp plays ALL the main characters... I'd watch it.

  8. ContextIsCool

    Yo! Where’s Allegiant?! It’s time we get that one past us.

  9. Halen Erasmus

    Its time for F9!

  10. Zharko 4 JC

    I couldn't hold it on Harvey Weinstein..

  11. CartoonCritter1985

    OMG, this Honest Trailers was hilarious! And yes I agree, Mary Jane was a Debbie Downer!

  12. Ricardo Cabral

    F-Bullshit-9 trailer please 🙏


    Do a loki honest trailer!!!

  14. Daniel Björkman

    ... I hate to say this, but didn't it turn out that Stormfront's main sympathetic trait was that... she *used to* have a kid? ^_^;

  15. Aryan Mahesh

    Can't wait for a really serious moment and my brain just decides to go "FEET FEET FEET FEET FEET"

  16. otacon127

    The "Creepy Crawlers" tagline brought me back to my childhood lol... I also lost it at the end... Adventure Time LMAO 💀🤣😭

  17. Joshua Johnson

    Michael jordan: and I took that personal

  18. Douglas A. Schmitt

    Ha ha, he called John Stephens "Legend," a world class singer.

  19. Brittster

    Poor Pepe😩

  20. Winona Lieux

    We can all quote by heart.

  21. Alhira

    "...to turn this monster into a sympathetic character." Proceeds to show Brie Larson. 🤣

  22. Abhiram Anup

    I think Loki is next

  23. ravaro02

    The more videos the less "starring" references I understand.

  24. Mo Alfki

    I said boooioooooobs before you

  25. TheCreepypro

    this honest trailer is the living embodiment of it is funny because it is true

  26. alightened

    A show that both limped and sprinted to the finish line is genius

  27. SmashFan27

    I thought I was watching Space Jam, not Ready Player One.

  28. kaizer sozen

    bruh please tell me I wasn't the only one that actually pressed the skip ad lol 😂

  29. Sumanta Sahoo

    Where is loki honest trailer?

  30. Minjae Kwon

    The kindhearted firewall extracellularly present because court literally smoke next a scattered person. mundane, delicious vinyl

  31. Lassi Nissinen


  32. roy dabral

    "when cobra kai rises again" ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

  33. Div AB

    Do Fast & Furious 9, it will be funny with all the crap of space thing.

  34. João Filipe Ferreira

    Honka Honka gets me every time… was it that hard to do a good suicide squad movie without that stupid joker? Ayer is stupid

  35. bigdad1211

    Loved this movie back in the day!

  36. Sydney


  37. João Filipe Ferreira

    Lmao hope now u understand how bad Snyder is at writing.

  38. João Filipe Ferreira

    Damn this movie was boring

  39. Fvry 77

    Do The Office 🤭🤭🤭

  40. Clown Revolution

    "give maggot some love".......i think this is me favorite episode of commentary......in opposite relation to how much i hated this movie :)

  41. Ammar Ammory

    thank you thank you thank you for introdusing Pitch Meeting, today i finish watching all Ryan Rayan meeting and they just Wow wow wow wow

  42. F AAaaa

    The ambiguous wasp seemingly fry because kick disconcertingly admire until a hot huge surfboard. noiseless, incredible chess

  43. Ashvin Ravichandran

    What about honest trailers for Jungle Cruise

  44. Ace Madness

    "Shyamalaaaaaaaaaaaan!" My feelings exactly

  45. Samuel Tan

    This Spiderman could have defeated Thanos with the SpiderMegazord

  46. Lucid

    eggs stir 1 minute eat

  47. Sid Mirghani

    1:42 - Hey can I be one of the next Marvel-issued Black friends? Time for me to venture out of Wakanda!

  48. Haider Imam

    Cars 3 Honest Trailer coming soon?

  49. Death

    Bronsexuals ain’t gonna like this…

  50. Dirk Smith

    Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest ever

  51. The Paranoid Android

    "angry birds" lol, that dates this video

  52. Qwerty

    I low-key want a loki honest trailer B)

  53. nrkgalt

    The Christopher Reeve Superman killed Zod in the 2nd movie after the villains’ powers had been taken away. That seems worse than the Henry Cavill Superman killing a still powerful Zod.

  54. Jane Park

    "E-girl on laundry day" 😂

  55. Yankho Martin Newa

    That handshake is on God

  56. Mans

    He forgot AAAAAAABs

  57. A-wal Games

    Football IS coming home. World Cup 2018 = Got to a semi-final, Euros 2020 = Got to the final, World Cup 2022 = Home!

  58. neil bryan columna

    Loki please

  59. Will Thorson

    Wanna laugh? Go on Amazon Prime and look up all the 1 star reviews from trumptards. Lol. The snowlfaking is incredible.

  60. Bone Apple Tea

    2:07 I really hope that's not part of the plot. Viewer count? Gag lol.

  61. phenel

    on weed..... sounds like you've never injected weed

  62. Sean Heeney

    Ah, I see you've played knifey-spoony before - please say that please <3

  63. Sean Heeney


  64. L 42

    The looney toones- one was gold 😂

  65. The Watcher

    2:55 She has a belly button? I mean it's totally fine but you know_________(imagination is yours)

  66. Sean Heeney

    Omg one of the ads came on up a syllable or two before he revealed something...... Absolutely *PERFECT* timing - I'm in stitches 😂😂😂😂😂

  67. Will Thorson

    I enjoyed it. That's it.

  68. Yes.

    Gun in roses… pretty clever, never noticed that.

  69. The Dude With Videos

    *This channel deserves more than 10M subs, for the last 4 Years it's just stuck in 6-6.7M not more than that, hope they do something with INhomes algorithm and change it* 🙁🙏

  70. Jackson Davis

    Loved the Denver airport joke

  71. Robin Nadji

    isnt the the purpose of these videos to be Honest? it seems to me that the honest reaction to this movie is that its pretty damn good. saying its mediocre doesn't seem to jive with peoples real time reactions

  72. Ayushman Singh

    Please say I am silky smooth voice guy and I slickly drink silky smooth silk for silky breakfast.

  73. Ritama Singh

    Please do an honest tv trailer for Loki

  74. Renuka Bandara

    Miss those days...🥺

  75. Nicola Barr

    And remember to forget that this is based on a book series and the only connections are between the two first instalments of the movies and books. (seriously the books are great and are personally better then the movies)

  76. AV N

    4:38 "ALAN"

  77. Freesmart

    I don't think LeBron is a bad actor Micheal Jordan wasnt good either