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  1. kokos1923

    The chest in the moving house van thing is bugged its always a purple lever and it disappeares

  2. Relance

    2:28 genjutsu 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Cornation Playz

    There are birds in the game

  4. Relance

    Where the book content !?😂

  5. B.I Gaming

    Sypher: high ping won't affect you too much Me with at least 700 ping : you broke my heart man


    0:25 I’m in love with the shape of u

  7. sekade

    railgun and recon scanner should have stayed with season 7

  8. Santiago Garcilaso

    bro you can´t break syhper hes a beast

  9. Santiago Garcilaso

    fortnite kid...

  10. DokkanX

    These bots literally are stealing people’s likes

  11. The brokin man

    you can also go down the hill to Blevin and get free shield.

  12. Bob Dylan

    Just remember reet is a demon on high ping so its doable if u grind

  13. Pinaps

    Why are there so many bots in syphers comments

  14. Jahangir Ahmed

    I think that was sirenhade back

  15. lincoln preuit

    I found this out by myself day one provobly the first to do it idk

  16. fierce-is-santa

    2:36 Siren Head

  17. Big Clix

    Sypherpk you play on 200 for your whole career huh SA servers 🥺

  18. Deonté Stilez

    Hey Sypher just so you know saying “lame” is an offensive term. It is harmful to the disabled community so i’d really appreciate it if you’d stop saying it, unless you are apart of the disabled community yourself. Do your research around the origins of the word please.

  19. Its_Killa_K

    Sypher: "What happened to my book" - Everyone: "Nothing" - Sypher: But made you look! lol

  20. Miks luvs lemons

    Me in in south Africa crying as he talks about ping

  21. Just a random Comrade


  22. itAGUILAR007 idk

    You can do it with the towers from season 6.

  23. RaZe_ ConRad

    Sypherpk can we plz talk about NA Central servers

  24. Chui Throwaway8

    The unadvised manx adversely disagree because atom unexpectedly hope out a steadfast scorpio. crowded, profuse plywood

  25. lilpinoy1988

    Fortnite needs a central server.

  26. Wolfy is a qt

    1:12 anyone see that guy by the house?

  27. Gavin Pennington

    The click bait is real Code: sypherpk in the item shop

  28. Karen Costello

    I laughed so hard at 7:50even though I seen that one before lol😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Omar Khushabakht

    I am zero ping I live in Virginia

  30. evil

    *Next season this is probably the last time I’ll see weather station*

  31. Daniel Maber

    The loot disappearing has been happening quit allot lately I think it's a new bug.

  32. Daniel Maber

    Sypher can you please tell Fortnite to take out the dinosaur's

  33. Heath Young

    Nah.a better way is shadowzone,and hit the launch square. It shoots ya up farther. Then faze out, and use your glider. No need for the slipstream.

  34. Nugget_

    you made me feel famous i figured this trick out the first day of the season also to do the trick a bit better use the ufo bounce pads into the slipstream before you start going up

  35. Kawaii

    "I can hold ya big"-nickehthirty

  36. Saedris

    at least im not the only one being rushed kid after kid...

  37. Billythe KID

    That one place in CATTY CORNER when you break open the metal trailer the loot in there has been disappearing for like 3 seasons now.. C'mon EPIC fix it🤬

  38. Flick_dp

    i was there, so i dont need to see it:) jk im still watchin it

  39. Saleem Ahmed

    The clickbait got me😅😅

  40. its Cypher

    1:00 is 15ping considered high ping? I'm in Virginia also...

  41. Random guy on the internet

    Apex is shit trash and bad but its fun (By bad i mean that my friend who started in last season got 2 heilrooms before level 50 and im playing since day 1 and i have no heilroom)

  42. Liu Tupou

    🤣🤣🤣 “was that a gen jutsu”

  43. Flame

    3:01 My G is like- "Don't be shy, put some more".

  44. Gyubin HAN

    5:30 She is serious about ragin man

  45. Gyubin HAN

    Jordan: *rages* Jesse: ... (not knowing what to do) (also suffering)

  46. kiel kiel

    Umm thats tgs trio sypher

  47. xmouserx

    Stop playing on potato graphics

  48. gary winthor

    I used to land there a lot but at the end of the season there was not a scar anymore I stopped

  49. Minitoon Piggy

    Was that your cat?

  50. Meliodas Dragon sin of wrath


  51. Morpheus

    The fact at 5:35 that the next video was Flying Cars 😂

  52. SaVaGe 3K


  53. serdy ximi

    The map changes killed the hype for me honestly. All the cubes landing on the map and we get no new poi or old poi blowing up is really disappointing

  54. Ahmed Hyder

    Know one gona talk about how smooth 0:48 was

  55. Solarite-E

    You can get railguns from basic chests

  56. Ultraplayer

    Sypher is starting to get a bit rusty no offense man

  57. DefeatedSpore

    That’s my main land spot lol

  58. LetsFly

    The crow in the start was Itachi and placed you into a genjutsy with the lever🤣🤣🤣

  59. Heart Love by Nic F.

    So, what happened was I saw it in kgi a day when you brake the truck or van it stays like that and it disappears

  60. Ech0

    Sypher sweard?

  61. Nexcian Ciantar

    There is a epic rail gun in pleasant park from chorlette

  62. Joshua Crisman

    when the r loot in catty disappeared it happened to me on the same chest

  63. Rithik Krishna

    Sypher: what happened to MY book. Also Sypher: as a community we added the book

  64. Ruiqi

    You can still get railguns from henchmen chests

  65. Daniel Susanto

    7:49 I smell ump 45

  66. Daniel Gentry


  67. endless

    Itachi be like: no lever for u

  68. Jack Gaming

    Sypher do a video on why the new season is so laggy for people I need to know why

    1. Jack Gaming

      @ash main 🤡 I did but it’s still laggy

    2. ash main 🤡

      Its because the servers are not working properly also they added an option to disable pre render of hd grafics i think thats what it is called that you should disable because it aldo makes your game lag if it is enabled

  69. Christoffer Tronje

    Clickbait as usual, just another video of sypher playing the game, like 99% of the other videos. Also quick ad in the beginning to some website. Sypher is all about the money.

  70. Idzhar Khaliq

    Alternate title: Epic buffed the weather station

  71. Vaibhav Selvakumar

    Noice bruh

  72. Nick_the_human

    This is the sweatiest season of fortnite I swear

  73. Archie McKimmie

    To the person who is reading this You are awesome 🔥 My goal Is to hit 1k any help would be amazing 🙌

  74. Gaming Reaper

    Pathetic you can find a gold rail gun in PP

  75. Lav

    gift me bp

  76. ViseKhaki

    Holy shit I remember one reboot vans used to be five or something like that now there’s like 37

  77. Jessica Schwulst

    Why there so many sweats this season

  78. Cruis3 FN


    1. Ninjakiller3765シ


  79. Joe-cole Kalil

    why aren’t you family friendly anymore i un subed

    1. Ninjakiller3765シ

      At least there is a clap sound

  80. Bored

    7:52 be siren head in the back lol

    1. serdy ximi