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  1. thats me

    i like how sagar assumed we won a virtual bronze medal match


    Best of luck ad ✊

  3. Dr. Bharatbhushan Telang

    Anand should have been played in such a crucial blitz. That was a blunder from our side

  4. Chieeiku


  5. Satyendra

    They gave their best and that's biggest victory... At the end as humans we can only put in our best rest we can't control or do much about Much respect to Indian team 🇮🇳❤️

  6. 2235179

    Overhyped gujrati

  7. Randy Bailin

    Albert Einstein walks through at :19.

  8. Ajay Jadhav

    Vishi anand bhai ne kya sawal pucha hai 😄😂

  9. Floyd Fernandes

    This guy is special

  10. lingga viekas

    bro i don't get it.. who's win ?

  11. THRxFlame

    Magnus had a missed win. If he moved the pawn in the H file one space forward and the queen it would've been check mate but maybe he didnt see it

  12. Narayanan Sreenivasan

    Nicely done video.. without a word spoken.. well done Team India.. thanks to AICF and Microsense…

  13. Sasha

    Its a sport and it happens.......... thankyou for working so hard for the medal...... 😊

  14. Prakhar Jain

    Adhiban- We are going to change everything this time *Team loses in Semi Final unlike past Olympiads* Jk xD Love Team India and AD OP


    I almost cried deep down. 🥺

  16. Riya Bagdiya


  17. Abuten Likha

    Who is the player that lost on this moment?

  18. Kriti Agrawal

    Only love and respect for Team India! It was just a matter of that moment, didn't happen our way and IT'S OKAY. We all believe in your talent and we will strike back stronger! Thankyou Sagar Sir and Amruta Ma'am for bringing to us the entire coverage of the Olympiad!❤️

  19. Samyukt Venkat

    Always proud of this team no matter what yall gave everything you had and reaching where we reached is a great thing

  20. Mrunalini Kunte

    Great interview....we enjoyed watching all games. loved the team spirit and sportsman spirit. Well played Team India. Thank you CBI for covering on the board and behind the board scenes.

  21. Archit Gupta

    I hope when situation is much more normal, this format of Olympiad is played offline, so that Time Differences and whole team is together. Irrespective of the finest infrastructure of Internet, you can never say 100% it will work. OR They should have atleast 1 day gap b/w each match in knockouts.

  22. Parth Durgude


  23. Krypto Knight

    We will come back stronger than before. Chess Olympiad 2022 INDIA OP

  24. topnotch

    The measure of success is how many times you bounce back .well played team india .

  25. Sure Ya

    We’ll get em next time.

  26. Husnain Awan

    vishy just don't care. Of course he is a former world champion

  27. Keshav Argade


  28. Baskar D

    So proud of you guys... Well played .... Chessbase India- you are doing great job in taking the game of chess to many like me...

  29. Kirthika Chess

    sir can you do a stream that there are some very good games so we can guess the moves

  30. Ron


  31. Utsav

    It hurts seeing our players like this but they are all Champions and they will come back stronger 🤞🙌

  32. Pmlike Chess

    Now one represents as beast player and one represent vice captain coach as 🇮🇳

  33. It's me MONA

    It was a very heartbreaking moment for all of us ❤ but it's okay our team played very well 🙌 next time we'll bounce back more stronger ❤ ,All the best team india❤🤗

  34. Devendra Kumar Pandey

    No amount of wins, draws and losses can diminish the respect and admiration that we have for the members of this team, especially Vishy sir. We're all proud of their performance; it was just one bad day against USA. They will bounce back stronger when they're on the board again. Go India! 🇮🇳

  35. Arhit Mitra 0124

    Guys , when u have given ur every ounce of effort to achieve something and still don't achieve it, it's fine. Ur effort is what matters. Its ok to lose but it's important to come back stronger. There is nothing to be sad about. Btw, Cheers to Indian chess team for winning bronze❤️🇮🇳.

  36. Joshua Daniel Naya

    Play with Airtel fiber...

  37. Appy Kumari

    So sweet of Abhijit to give credit to Sagar and everyone :’)

  38. Ullas Krishnan

    Nihal and Harika did well

  39. Ullas Krishnan

    0:25 - That stupid (Tania) is laughing when India loosing

  40. End-games for Krsna💙

    Blind folded shah🔥

  41. Space Explorer

    Just 2 rounds went wrong and we lost the tournament Chess is ruthless Anyways Team India ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Rahul Datta

    This video, those emotions are more painful than the lost itself...

  43. Anthony Ngunga

    Guys where is the Indian GM murali karthekeyan? Haven't heard about him for a while

  44. Anish Mitra

    I got this news from beast news ,♥de ka news

  45. Gokul Tiwari

    One loss can not outshadow the moments we have lived together as Indian chess fan #wearetogether 💖💖

  46. Agranee


  47. RuffRuffPlayz

    I know some stuff about chess but while watching the video: I have totally no idea what’s going on………

  48. Sumit Chavan

    Don't warry Guy's its hard luck, we are always whith you, really appreciate what you all do

  49. Aniket Joshi

    One failure opens 1000 gates for success

  50. Greenery Everyday


  51. Sohum B

    Tell me you are an Avengers fan without telling me you are an Avengers fan Long live the king👑 (#VISHY)

  52. Mr. Bear View

    lag not log

  53. Prateek B

    You guys did everything you could do you guys played the best there is nothing to get sad about ❤️ team india forever we will surely come back stronger

  54. Rohit Singh

    time change is the reason, just got to know................

  55. Harish Kumar

    I heard the name of kunte long back. When I used to go through chessmate. He should be part of Indian chess...

  56. Ankit Gupta

    Thank you so much sir..

  57. shyamlal karra

    @0:57 what was that about?

    1. Harshit Arora

      Hari blundering a rook

  58. ICE-Hunters


  59. R M

    I'm proud to say I shared the coach with Abhijeet Sir in my brief training some 15 years ago. I'm much younger than him and wish him the best.

  60. Dheeraj Darekar

    Guys...1. b3 was mentioned

  61. speak Charlie


  62. Sohum B

    The most emotional video

  63. Dua Umer

    I am from Pakistan but rooting for team India.. Well played team India 👏👏👏

  64. Akhyansu Pattnaik

    These are such powerful emotions. Once your submerged in the process these defeats hurt where it matters. Stay strong guys. We're mighty proud of the way you played through out the tournament.

  65. Vishal Suryawanshi

    Don't worry guys this is new india and we know how to comeback even more strongly with this setback I can feel the biggest comeback next year so buckup guys ❤️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 India op always no matter what ever the result is...

  66. Bharat Jethani

    The B3ast!

  67. Kiron Kabir

    9:32 it's nice to see sagar and amruta getting their recognition. they do a lot for chess, through education, promotion of good players so that we may know about them, recommending the best books and courses, etc. not just only for india, but globally so many people have benefitted from CBI, including me

    1. Tanmay Singh

      You never know zimbabwe wagera mei there will be viewers

    2. Shaurya Thapliyal

      Brother they are unarguably the most well known chess journalist's in india

  68. Laloo Dave

    Oh really, if the timing is the issue how we won 5-1 first round. Sore loser

    1. Myself Myself

      The second match was around 10 PM, which is late time. You cannot expect people to be at their peak then. More so, when they didn't even have time to fix their sleep pattern. Get that inside your tiny brain

    2. Divyansh Singhwal

      Idk about the time issue but vidit gujarathi was sick or something

  69. Mayur Gondhalekar

    yes, I'd like the mixed structure in OTB olympiads and eventually other tournaments. I'd also like a forced mix-and-match of pairings which allows (or forces) something like: B1: Open1 vs Women 2, B2: Open 2 vs Junior boy B3: Woman 1 vs Junior girl B4: Woman 2 vs Open 2 B5: Junior boy vs Woman 1, B6: Junior girl vs Woman 2 (or simiar) perhaps next time we can have wired net like now, and personal wifi dongles (like last year).

  70. vikraant sharma


  71. mangesh chipkar

    Vd is not good player

  72. Sanika More

    1.b3 the most critical point of discussion 😅


    I am 13 and I wasn't a big fan of chess but when I saw Vishy Anand,Vidit and Nihal I was very motivated to play this beautiful game. I thought it's originally originated from our motherland and we should be proud to play this wonderful game.Over the last few months I have been playing chess a lot and learning openings and tactics and a big thanks to chessbase India for making these beautiful videos and making chess tutorials which specially helps me a lot😊😊.And I am quite sure that our stars will be twinkling very brightly in the final day of chess olympiad😉😊😍😍 best of luck to all of you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  74. Srikanth Tupurani

    Most interesting question is what the chess players do one day before a major chess match. How many hours do they sleep?

  75. syed Afthab Hussain k.A

    I know u are going back today if you say me the flight timing i will come to meet you guys plz bolo sir

  76. Dev Suri

    You still in Taj?

    1. Yash Bagade

      Editing takes some time.

  77. Sarthack Goel

    Kudos to the team, they were just brilliant through out the tournament❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤