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  1. HyperVinh

    Put play speed at 0.5 at 2:30. You will see a gorilla 🦍

  2. arber qerimi

    Why isnt anyone talking about why the fuck did teawap leak the st of faze house

  3. columar bat-7

    Hes not the only one strong man in this world


    ik its hot but you guy should check out Arizona

  5. ITS JAG569

    Kay:There’s a bathroom!(then looks surprised)am I the only one that thinks thats weird

  6. lemon drizzle


  7. Idris22

    *me who lives in london* dam...

  8. Y Playz

    Bruh They Shouldve Played Arena

  9. Amanda Garcia Coleman

    Dude that is sick

  10. Hxwry_21

    No I don’t think they should move there no one has privacy there all together

  11. Mehdi 9

    Soo not halah mood

  12. Big Boy Lava


  13. Anthony Brown

    They b capin

  14. JimGamesHD Roblox & More

    7:11 Guy chilling trying to flex edits: *sees some guy heading right for him and knowing hes about to die*

  15. yozach 3

    John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

  16. Heidi Sheridan

    Mystery juice Whatever juice is left in the fridge How many times did they say bro in this video lol

  17. Triton Fernandez

    It’s ok tewap

  18. Goku Omni

    Wait when Jarvis shot under the table is was 🧴

  19. snafley

    "The new faze house"

  20. Ya Boy Reflex

    Anybody else see the gorilla doing 360s

  21. Cardenas Gomez Brandon

    Big chungas is In the video

  22. Panku Singh

    RIP no face reavel

  23. TheBedWarsNoob

    That's a hotdogs 🌭not a salad

  24. MoreKav

    Nobody notice the bear?

  25. ONTOP _209

    I almost cried watching that fight like if u did

  26. The Raptors

    No fucking way this video was lit that prob fucking lit up his day

  27. TLKMBD

    I just realized that the bully looks like AnEsonGib

  28. Rip Mo3

    Blur the car signs

  29. frenzii

    i wish i got big like u kay

  30. graficent x

    is the first guy that came to see them the bully and the nerd from the library?

  31. will heynen

    tewap, imma pla it safe me, you just risked it 10 times

  32. Jason Chavez

    Your 1-0 your not that guy pal

  33. Short stop 1

    Jarvis brother in a fight

  34. Maverick Cleys

    Who ever disliked this video is a simp for summer Rae

  35. Alxia Nunes

    I'm from India, Nikon is right the door is from India

  36. Jayden Roodt

    Michael Le lost contact with his eyes

  37. Alex Levison


  38. Tarazee Khokhar

    Damn no


    At least we got a voice reveal

  40. Trizzy YT

    It’s a normal house dude

  41. Tinej T.


  42. Jj Jasmine

    Oh sheeesh he doing the chase

  43. Sido Charles

    I will for ever appreciate the effort of *Justin_techz* on Instagram, he fixed mine..

  44. Sido Charles

    I will for ever appreciate the effort of *Justin_techz* on Instagram, he fixed mine..

  45. Sido Charles

    I will for ever appreciate the effort of *Justin_techz* on Instagram, he fixed mine..

  46. Devante Faulknor

    i dont like justin beaber becase he left selina but that ant justin

  47. stuntszoe

    im so happy ur in uk again like just stay there bruv

  48. Jonathan Rojas

    Stay in Vegas

  49. Panth3r


  50. Ghost_Uchiha

    Nobody teawap "I mean she is load lets be honest"

  51. Braden Herron

    Part 2

  52. Alex Belmontes


  53. trukZ

    Yo you are in uk sheeeesh!!

  54. Norma Rivas

    Im so happy for Jarvis ❤

  55. Noah Stokes

    who else here in 2021

  56. Alex Belmontes


  57. Alex Belmontes


  58. Snowbreaker 1010

    KSI and Deji Reunite, and FaZe Jarvis and his family reunite this is legendary👍👌👌

  59. Alex Belmontes


  60. Trash

    You didn’t get typical gamer

  61. Alex Belmontes


  62. Alex Belmontes


  63. Alex Belmontes


  64. Adam Smith

    Tbh I don’t like the faze crew think it’s bunch of bollocks but hats off to him he got heart in the ring this was more entertaining then floyd n whatever his name is 😂😂😂 n his brother clearly wants his brother to succeed

  65. Caius Kwok

    The hair is back haha

  66. Alex Belmontes


  67. Shadow_Astra Games


  68. Alex Belmontes


  69. Chanelle Ndayishimiye

    the cliffhanger tho at least we know his voice lol...

  70. Alex Belmontes


  71. Top 10

    Well done nice one !

  72. Alex Belmontes


  73. mycro

    bruh im waiting 20 minute and jarvis dad says “no” bruhhh


    Fraizer: can I show ur face Fans: Less goooo finally Dad:Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....NO

  75. maksa


  76. Alex Belmontes


  77. Gtd Trr

    LES GO

  78. Noah McNally

    Move to Miami

  79. Andrew Johnson

    “We made metal monsters”

  80. Logic_x12

    I thought they were homeless