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  1. Skikxx

    love you kay

  2. qwe rty

    The pc he gave to the kid looked like an office one lmao

  3. Brian Meng

    Without faze brp

  4. Ali Goicochea

    Can I get my money back bro

  5. roman ray

    I love this better than the vids as a faze member

  6. oseas grande

    im miss them in faze

  7. Maura Davis-Wall

    People in these comments got the memories of goldfish

    1. DreadMGA


  8. Team 213crazy

    Love the vidoe new beginning.❤❤❤

  9. Coniella Davidson

    2 words its lit

  10. Mo Khan

    Actin like he happy but he don’t got no choice 🥴🥴

  11. Ljav0223

    I mess with this new Kay heavy bro!!!!

  12. Nano

    Why this give David dobrik vibes in the end

  13. Toxic Bwoy

    There going to be bigger than the Pauls

  14. andy

    Keep up with these vlogs I miss them 💯💯

  15. Affectedzz

    glad to see u back 🔥🔥

  16. Skye~Leigh

    Ouch it hurts to not see faze In his name

  17. sandy kono

    r kay and charlotte back together

  18. Sakaa Ceee

    Lettssss goooo!! The 2 brothers on the come back see y'all very soon boys much love 💯💙💙

  19. Drizz and Juve

    Honestly I like that he is doing better it is probably better for him not being in faze

  20. Curious

    This was the best kay video I’ve ever seen. I actually watched you.

  21. Drew the goat

    I love how Kay pinned “SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNLE ROAD TO 4 MILLION” and know he’s at 6.1 mil😂

  22. Andrei Osh De guzman


  23. Plasma Gaming

    Mongrals mic lol

  24. Fear4less 4less

    Kay that guy who song you playing he graduated from my school

  25. Habs Fan

    I love faze and all but they just made a huge mistake letting go of Kay and Jarvis faze will never be the same still love both of them even if there not in faze

  26. Arrogant

    Love you Ka

  27. JJ, Lucas and Andrew Garcia

    I love the vibes thx for coming back can wait for what is next

  28. Josh The coolest kid

    It’s not the same feeling i had when they was on LA

  29. TeaWap


  30. Pman The Llama

    That first kid who said his idea in the workshop was mad funny! 😂😂

  31. XxFlexx


  32. Mendishade

    Lets gooo🙌

  33. Solyana Negash

    Let Jesus Christ be with you all amen and

  34. Geronimo Solorzano

    You and Jarvis should make y’all’s own clan

  35. ArenaSolo

    good job

  36. Logan Soto

    If you and Jarvis were given the chance to be in FaZe would you accept

  37. Brennen Cortinas

    Keep up the hard work don’t let anyone say you can’t do it

  38. NavzFX

    Chicken nuggets are cool

  39. T H

    Yo you and Jarvis should join sideman

  40. Jesus Navarro

    i like these vlogs more 🙏🏼 just kay

  41. Mohamed Ali

    Bro missed charlote

  42. adiofox

    ive never heard kays actually inside voice

  43. Imraan Adams

    The quality is insane

  44. Jack R

    we forgive you frazier we all make mistakes now lets move on and do this. Im glad ur back in England I feel like these new videos are gonna be lit.

  45. Zyrus Gaming

    Create your own E-Sports Organization. Become better than FaZe. You may not be in the organization anymore, but your legacy will carry on. Love you brotha

  46. crixpy Almighty

    The camera man " how do you feel?” Kay: yeah

  47. xetxd


  48. Norma Jean


  49. Elmo

    We support u kay🥺❤

  50. TheEpicGamer

    It’s so good to see you being yourself , it’s a lot more enjoyable

  51. xApplezz

    I fwt videos wayyyy more 👑

  52. vSuicidalBomz

    There back

  53. Eden

    Are you still on talking terms with all the faze boys?

  54. Lil Breazy

    Kay returns even stronger

  55. Kingston V2

    I hope you know nobody cares

  56. Marinta wasan

    Why did he get kicked

  57. Marinta wasan

    What happened to kay again ?

  58. wazzupH

    missed Jarvis and Kays videos :) keep em coming

  59. Arctic Instinxt

    FaZe Clan isn’t the same without Kay, Jarvis, and them

  60. kieran bowsher

    bro i can tell the vids that are coming are gunna be sick respect

  61. HiTEMP

    Still miss this DUO

  62. Brandon Lewis

    Omg yes I love u Kay

  63. Blade Kamuhemu

    Come on FaZe Clan bring him back

  64. Kenia De los santos

    Finally you made a video

  65. TheRealFLicKz

    I’d say that Frazier and Charlotte still have something going on 👀

  66. Uncle

    Damn not even a single Faze member commented 🥲

  67. jack daniel almario

    ggs bro

  68. Lit kid Vlogs

    I actually feel sad that may ain’t coming back to faze and I miss the old vlogs😭

  69. raymond C.

    Awesome video 👍🏻glad you guys are doing good across the pond ❤️❤️

  70. Sheepface36

    Come back to INhomes jarvis

  71. jkitchen05

    L L

  72. Bokchican

    Kay is back

  73. DK Sports

    Faze isnt gonna hit the same no more 😔

  74. atabak11

    Glad to see u back

  75. Murii

    Glad your back mate 😘

  76. Tyrone Paisley

    Finally you upload

  77. Keli. BTW

    They should colab with sidemen?💯

  78. Darsh Srivastava

    Bro faze are so dumb for kicking u there views gonna drop heavily

  79. neekman1

    Training with Rico Biggs I see