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  1. Tushar Parande

    bhai copyright violation mein faas na jaye tumhara ye video

  2. gaurav yadav

    Hellllo Desi

  3. Dinesh Yadav

    rahul detector...............lol

  4. Maria Dorothy David

    Ankit, you're so cute omg ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Dinesh Yadav

    was good


    The time I got the notification for this I thought it's a rost but then!!! Lit bro ❤️ and the location ❤️🔥

  7. Jituma Rabha

    Meri ma sangskari larka dekh rahi hain mere liye. Unki talash khtm hui bhala ho tumhara😂😁😀😀😀😁😂😂😂😁😀

  8. Jignesh Devganiya

    Alberta!!!! Love from Ontario... soon relocating

  9. Cjgoku Homes

    bikram vhatt reinvented 1920 because the original one has an underage actress with no sexual scenes. He just wants to fill the void.

  10. Humera jackson

    hahahah...very nice yr...maza aa gya..more power to u my friend...really enjoyed alot

  11. Shivansh Seth

    U have such a unique voice 👌👌

  12. Harshita Singh

    Chutti chahiye pani nai h te te te te te te te te te🤣

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  14. Ramprabhat Paswan

    Awesome bro you and Raj great pair ..thumbsup

  15. A P

    These clothes look so mehh,🤣

  16. 06_Kashish Singh

    Okay its 39th 🤔 I'm All Done🙃

  17. keerti the kesharwani

    You are amazing 😍❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️


    Super hilarious

  19. 2210 2210

    4:00 was lit 🔥

  20. Jui Adsul

    This song is surely on a loop of my Playlist ♾💕

  21. 2210 2210


  22. Jui Adsul

    Wayyyeeee toooo cute Ankit 💕

  23. 1294 Harsh Tripathi

    0:56 Ankit makes a normal voice call......0:59 Jalraj gets it as an WhatsApp voice call 😂🤣

  24. Gunjan Panchal

    Broo, did you come to Edmonton?😂

  25. Prakhar Bhatt

    end tho

  26. shivanee gupta


  27. Ishita Rahut

    I literrally forwarded the entire video to check whether he came back to collect the phone.

  28. sushree sangita swain

    You are not only Ankit man you are DR. Ankit. Done phd in roasting. Just wow

  29. Amit Sharma

    You are just awesome buddy

  30. amina rahman

    my favourite part strats from 4:17 🤣🤣🤣

  31. Rida Qazi

    Underarm smell ke jaisa hai🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. baby gamer girl

    I love it ❤️

  33. Deep Barai

    This time drone survived the shoot

  34. Amit Sharma

    This is best of all time..

  35. Irfan Alam

    Bohat se Ankit

  36. Sundip Sharma

    Only Desi: Mereko agar kisi room mein 5-6 ghante ke liye, bina phone aur bina internet ke chhod doge, I don't care Also Only Desi: Mai hafte mein sirf teen baar hilata hu

  37. Aesha Radadiya

    I think this is different video than i saw before. Like that was so much more

  38. Shafeez The Reactor

    Pagal hua dewaana bhi hua

  39. sushree sangita swain

    Just one word mind blowing

  40. THE MAN

    I need mp3 any platform..

  41. Saurabh Chauhan

    Jalraj Army ❤️

  42. Omen Lock

    Hello desies

  43. 7072_AHAN

    The most creepy thing about the movie is the plothole Cuz as its pointed out how ambhi became strong when he became aparichit and how he colored his hair by transforming in remo Actually there is a weird concept being researched nowdays that if identity disorders are genetic while transforming several genes start changing protein synthesis(chemical rxn and hormonal changes) this might lead to increase adrenaline and steroidal secretion increasing combat proficiency and ruthelessness during aparichit and change in skin and hair pigmentation during remo Its a bizarre and out of world concept but so is the movie and god knows the writer maybe a visionary

  44. sushree sangita swain

    Bhai aapke charan kanhan hay sparsh karna hay, i mean seriously you are legend

  45. yuvaraj gujar

    God bless you with success 🙏

  46. SashayToStay

    are yarr itne acche content pr bs 717k subs q hai. trending list wale chapri INhomesrs ke to fokat me million me chale jaate hai jo deserve karta hai unko subscribe karo yar cringe ko nahi

  47. Phamyu Konyak


  48. Zaiinab

    Girls are not that dumb tbh😅😂

  49. William Mosby

    1920 is good movie, yes you have to neglect technical aspects, but still at that time its nice movie has a nice story and secne were copied from Hollywood movies..not the story has the originality...and reference is always starting point of someone else journey....

  50. sushree sangita swain

    Oh my god, oh my god hats off to u bro. Itna maza to mujhe movie dekhte hue bhi nahin aya tha, apne to iss movie ko dekhne ka nazariya hi badal diya. Keep it up 👌👌👌✌️✌️

  51. Mahrukh Waqar

    Reema half lagoo

  52. Mahrukh Waqar

    Loved itttt

  53. Gaurav Gaonkar

    Here Attention to detail that girl is wearing "I M Desi" tagline cloth .

    1. Gaurav Gaonkar

      Good one!😃

  54. Mohammed ali Vohra

    love you

  55. Rajput Harsh

    I Just say wow wow wow ❤️ , love this 90's reprised ❤️😘

    1. Aman Ka Adda

      Main singing krta hun can u please see aapko psnd aayegaa 💖🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💗

  56. LIGHTNING Light 7

    Attack on titan 0:42

  57. Omkar Shete

    Of you had put the "calling the friend" part at the end, it would have been more fun!

  58. chaitanya kumar

    But the main question is.... Did he smash tho

  59. Deepak Kumar

    Revisit radhe movie sir. Or suryawanshi

  60. vikramaditya bhowmick

    1920 London aur 1921 ka review kahan hai bhai


    I get it..... Its your accent which makes you this funny....... Matlab agar aap mujhe bhi gaali bakoge to mai bhi hasunga 😂😂😂

  62. Aruna Sharma

    Love this song

  63. Vikramaditya Singh

    Mat kar bhai ye sab. Jo karta hai tu usmein bawal hai. Didn't like it.

  64. esha singh

    Omg😂😂 "ye kyaa aankh lagaega isko toh khudko aankh aai hai" i laughed so hard 😂😂😂 randomly got this channel and i m kinda addicted.❤🙌

  65. myspica424

    Great Ankit...but why are you walking/dancing like Dev Anand :P

  66. RideWith AD

    Keep it up 👍

  67. Shreya Gupta

    Ankit jaisa koi meri zindagi m aye to baat ban jaye 🥺🥺🥺🥺🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😀😘😘😘 keep thriving!

  68. 13 Baby Nasrin

    Lol is savege

  69. Bhaswati Rani


  70. Vishal Sarode

    wow bro....superb work. Such a wonderful remake of this masterpiece. Keep going, keep uploading😎. Also thanks for uploading your music on amazon prime music.

  71. Someone Someone

    Ankit really being hypocritical by bringing a girl in his video with no role🙄🤭

  72. Ankit Kumar singh

    Ankit loves you .. ❤

  73. Vijul 97


  74. aritro bagchi

    Wow....not a funny video....but i liked it though

  75. B. Drvex

    visuals are so good and music also