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  1. Junu Sunwar

    1st brush is from India and is called datun. It is a tender stem of neem plant or datun trrr

  2. Jasmine GreenTea

    What is the purple thing he chew?

  3. Doraemon fun

    His teeth-⚪⚪ Him-Lets see if this naruto toothbrush could clean my stain teeth My teeth stain as hell-⚫⚫ Me-Mom,my teeth are clean

  4. Victor Hang

    Naruto is Overrated

  5. samuel reid

    The blue stuff reminds me of the dentist and bad surgeries or something

  6. aparna balu

    Dude how much it coast

  7. Mistaken Identity

    Your Teeth is Dirty OMG😂😂

  8. Yeah Hi

    It's all fun and good until you swallow it

  9. Rom Nathan

    Your saliva carried this tootbrush

  10. Darsh Sai V

    A dog doesn't brush dumbo

  11. Better Together🤜

    How to remove fluorescence from teeth

  12. Amanina Alizikry

    Aisyah iman

  13. Benedikt Broekmans

    I am from Germany lul

  14. Aarna Jha

    Normal toothbrush is better than this🙄😒

  15. Dilbar Karimova


  16. Mayank Kumar

    This is stupidest thing ever

  17. Crisanto Salut

    Yes but trt a new words in Philippine and im a filipino

  18. Jeevan Rai

    What is that blue thing that you eat

  19. Drutzzi

    Can't you put the purple thingy right before you use the item?

  20. Kuda

    Please do “let’s see how well brown listerine cleans my stained teeth”

  21. TikTok Shorts


  22. nazneen noufel

    This is the worst one yet

  23. Malicah Hatten

    It worked

  24. wolfs midnight

    You literally drink that mouthwash like some energy drinks

  25. Unicorn fam

    Why can I smell them??

  26. Timothy John Laguardia

    His teeth 🤍💜💜 Then why he thinks its good for brushing

  27. CloudPink

    That scared me when the teeth turn purple

  28. wolfs midnight

    I mean you bought over I'm pretty sure thousand toothbrushes already I don't think you need any more

  29. Ello _world

    “Fat blob~” Will never get old👏

  30. Bobby daniel

    Wow that is very bad

  31. Duck-e

    Whoever invented those really thought it compared to brushing...

  32. Sniper

    This is so cringe lmao

  33. Diyana Sesadi

    I luv when he goes FAT GLOBBBB..🤣

  34. sahina imdad

    That looks likes Harpic 😂

  35. HerrscherOfTheEnd

    Anyone else see that Asian doctor that keeps ripping off other people's ideas? I always skip that guy

  36. Erin Crampton

    Not bad for the morning after🤫

  37. • Im not gf •

    Honestly, I actually want to try one of these- I'm curious to see what its like.

  38. yogendra tyagi

    Hi I am form india

  39. Riaz Ahmed

    The worst one yet

  40. Ello _world

    “This naruto toothbrush barely cleaned my teeth” the disclosing dye: baby I’m not even here I’m a hallucination😩✋🏽

  41. Simba’sYoutubeChannel Simba’sYoutubeChannel

    Dang I watched it seven times till I figured out it was a loop 😔 😩

  42. BossGamerDK

    Can we appreciate how even if it got most the stains out he'll say they're dogshit

  43. Jennifer Diaz

    i have a 500 toothbrush

  44. lotion

    Indians don't fuck around with spicy stuff man.

  45. Narutoxfatexfate

    Let’s get brushing

  46. משה אברגיל

    2021 the human is the most stupid animal on the planet

  47. Riaz Ahmed

    Not the best

  48. Narutoxfatexfate

    But in his other videos

  49. Narutoxfatexfate

    Let’s get chewing

  50. Mariana Noble

    BTS BTS BTSSS 😍😍🤗😍😄

  51. Blue moon

    Pls pin me for fortnight!

  52. Lisa Whitfield

    I love how he just brushes his teeth for a living 🤣🤣🤣

  53. Potato Kid

    Who else finds it satisfying when he makes his teeth dirty and does that clickity clackity with his teeth.

  54. - S H E E V A -

    Atakan Özyurt

  55. Ello _world

    Lol I love how the u used floss to hold up the disclosing pallet😂💖



  57. Suвут


  58. Sudhanshu Sharma

    Try cleaning with water only.

  59. ☁︎ᶜʰᵒᶜᶜʸᵐⁱˡᵏᵖᵒᵍ☁︎

    The most sus product Rule 34 artist: 😏😏😏😏

  60. have a nice day

    imagine if he swallowed it

  61. Spandhana 5

    I want this brush 🥺💜soo cute one

  62. marvskull thomas

    I think the one with no baer

  63. Ello _world

    *Him brushing his teeth with it and talking to him self* *his mom walks in* Him:”oh no doo doo caca” His mom:”where did my parenting go wrong”🥲

  64. AriaKun26

    i cant imagine how many toothbrush you been collected

  65. Sniper

    The golden play button isn’t actually made of gold lol

  66. Whats Our Path

    Show a bamboo toothbrush

  67. little animals

    I have a semi covered one would this help

  68. Ello _world

    “Honestly, it tastes like burnt plastic😀” Me:why u sound so happy👁👄👁

  69. prince motors

    Blue is little sus

  70. Munro Wallace

    I actually use these and there are certain techniques to it that you learn over time. Also you can keep them in for like half an hour or an hour whilst chewing so eventually your teeth will be clean.

  71. Hank••Leapyxle

    Him: **decides to use a toothbrush to clean his teeth in 10 seconds** 104M people: *interesting*

  72. Strawberry Judgement

    I wonder how many toothbrushes he has around his house.

  73. •Anxious_Necro•

    Why did I flinch when he spit it out •-•

  74. IPS destinct

    Why does the start when he fucks his teeth make me cringe and want to shoot myself

  75. Ello _world

    “Tastes like lotion” Me:THATS WHAT SHE SAID!

  76. Muhammad Asad Asad

    Can you try the most smaller toothbrush?

  77. DrMedd07

    This guy has no excuse when someone asks him if he brushed his teeth

  78. emmanuel rindfleish


  79. bhoomil vaidya

    Me *- I don't feel like rubbing brush today. Tech guy *- okay you can chew it then.