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  1. RainbowDreams30

    Jennifer Lawrence was gorgeous in this

  2. Arex X

    Guys be like NOO dont eat itt its Poison

  3. luismakeup08

    Fant four stick

  4. Nicekidfox

    I love deadpool lol

  5. Ahsan Siddiqui

    There's no button for that! Falling in love with an AI. Reminds of Measure of a man TNG.

  6. Asad Raza

    im here only for joe idc

  7. cstwise

    I’m American, what the Hell is neat milk?😬😂

  8. Martin Johnson

    radical leftist agenda

  9. mr.kitloin

    I love how the cgi on his face is intentionally weird and that makes it so hilarious

  10. Richard Taylor

    Dr frank n furter has been at it again

  11. Marian Cano

    In this rate, we will see the whole movie with this short clips we are getting from 20th Century Studios... and we love it!!

  12. antonphd

    another example of a studio hiring a director for their unique vision only to get cold feet and change the film and release a hybrid mess. it's not as bad as Justice League, but pretty close.

  13. Dilyna Dsouza

    Where can i see this movie?

  14. Toes Tech

    The only reason I am interested in this movie is because of Jacksepticeye

  15. Anurag Sahu

    Stranger things to free guy 🎉

  16. heatin1



    It's interesting to notice that his dad only worried about her comments on masculinity when his son came out when in fact he shows that at the time he was aware that those comments where homophobic

  18. Max Brazil

    Law enforcement hasn't changed much.

  19. Michael Singer

    Jodi Comer is so awesome.

  20. Mathson M

    Steve is way better than Ryan in this scene...great talent 👍

  21. Miłosz Wawrzaszek

    Mix beetwen Stephen King's Institute and The Last Of Us? Count me in

  22. Martin Eriksson

    Is it weird that I kinda feel sorry for the "real-life" boyfriend of the Girl who falls for Guy? :(

  23. Alessio Pasquali


  24. Manoz Biswakarma

    I love to watch Ryan as terminator😂😂

  25. Mark Loewen

    Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!

  26. Budja

    really not sure if I wanna watch this movie but Joe Keery might actually convince me to watch it

  27. Mykill Myers

    This movie will be horrible lol Can Ryan Reynolds play any other kind of characters? The last time he was "good" in anything was the movie where he's buried 😂😂😂😂

  28. Adithya Madugalla

    Who's still hear ❤️❤️

  29. Noé

    I'm so glad I saw this without trailers

  30. This_American

    Ah yes, somedays I as well am concerned for only one half of my face.

  31. Nick Cooper

    Seeing as there was a PG-13 version of Deadpool made I demand an R rated version of this.

  32. L. Shashi

    Looks awesome! Heavy Truman show vibes

  33. 고인돌님

    Plot Twist: The bad CGI was not intentional and people who worked on it are feeling bad at reading bad CGI comments.

  34. Raf Afa

    Lazer beam

  35. Sparkley Pegs

    At last! Adam Driver in something that's actually interesting!

  36. Ivor O'Connor

    Some little girl in leather with big hips that swing about. She'll be a matriarchal couch anchor very soon.

  37. Darth KEK

    Your dream girl is better coming than going. I'm just saying if she sits on a Pomeranian you're going to need a new Pomeranian.

  38. karlydoc

    Jodi Comer come on???

  39. Javier Gonzalez

    Is the plot twist that he realizes hes the main character of a movie the whole time

  40. Hard31337

    When is the digital release?

  41. Stridah's Angels

    Wtf is that half helmet

  42. Alvaro Javier Añazco Arzamendia

    0:06 Wilhelm scream

  43. 빵터지게 웃자코믹


  44. The royal sus

    Dude is pretty cool dude, no pun intended

  45. Senate300

    When you played your favourite game so much that you know every NPC's line off by heart which can be a sign of boredom til one NPC says something new.

  46. Bipin Shahi

    Goodone but my finger still don't bend and it will not bend.i cant be the real spy now physically, You all are let for making me spy. Thus, I need just playstation that's it!

  47. mckracken

    oh boy this reynolds guy is seriously unfunny....

  48. The Devil

    thats Arnold's body when he is younger.

  49. Sponge man

    Deepfake is a trend now.

  50. Bipin Shahi

    Make holy mighty one too..

  51. Chase Salyer

    Must see this movie.

  52. 빵터지게 웃자코믹


  53. Rani Jasmin

    Dark title song

  54. sown

    feel like i've seen the whole movie already

  55. Omi Taukeer

    One movie but so many trailer videos...I don't know how the movie is gonna turned out.