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  1. fanta riley

    A matter of fact he can because why would there be any in there if you stay in there then the cutscene happened I tried it myself and it worked

  2. Buttlicker King

    Agent Ross wasn’t fishing tho he was duck hunting

  3. chris mair

    I couldn’t get anyone to do sprints with me so just bought the hkr instead

  4. Noah is 12


  5. Noah is 12


  6. Noah is 12


  7. Noah is 12

    Gta is

  8. Ryan Gibson

    Initial d

  9. Michael Sonafrank

    You do not have to deliver it yourself you can get the extra money if your crew delivers it

  10. Rapid Two

    No shit sherlock look at Nigels note

  11. Callum BMX

    I litteraly been on every day and rockstar still hadn't gave me my money '_'

  12. bahrul ahmad

    If you found all 22 bones before meeting her, she give you nothing

  13. Oliver Bromley

    Liked the fact i saw 5 to 6 free cars for free which are normally between $200,000 and $600,000. The burger shot, sprunk and pibwaser themed cars. Also won the lucky wheel car this week. Long looking one forgot the name. Its around $950,000.

  14. biglos4000

    The money is in the PS STORE don't know why but it is

  15. XBOY 845

    Still hasn’t earn any money -w-

  16. VietCong Army

    damn, I accidently kill them all

  17. Gideon Mitchell

    Same I got it to

  18. John Angelo Manuel

    I finished it and found this video

  19. Metalfacedoom

    I do not think Mr. Boss even plays this game anymore.

  20. Mekanic Krew

    lvl 100

  21. charlie alexander

    How you doing Eliza is in the game like a actually mistake when you say hello to to gang members

  22. charlie alexander

    Stop saying everything a secret we know that's b.s. for this game. That's why I unsubscribe cause you fake asf

  23. ItzSaint

    I clicked right as I saw the channel damn I’m stupid

  24. Official Soulji

    Just waiting for my free money

  25. CosmosPlays

    I think that someone from Armadillo who had cholera went to Tumbleweed and spread cholera there

  26. TunnelSnake9337

    Better have my money! Pay me what you ow me

  27. Daniel Sauceda

    mr. Boss For the Win should just quit his job.he does nothing but post nonsense and it takes hours and hours and hours to say anyting.

  28. Guillermo Vasquez

    Keep the good work bro you are cool 🤘✌️

  29. Xiomara Noguera

    “even if you could shoot him it wouldn’t let you” bro you talk to hard and try to have a slick tongue to much

  30. NX GamerVI

    Xbox 360 and ps3 players can still play online by using private servers like private servers in Minecraft

  31. 111 Vkia

    svt fookin cobra heheheh your mine

  32. EggSterito

    Jeez dude you fell of hard from having hundreds of thousands of views a video to only a few ten thousands but i guess thats what you get for clickbaiting and making a billion videos about the same topic.

  33. Sluggy

    its an honor watching this channel slowly die

  34. charlie alexander

    A few years is like a couple usually two. A few could be less like five at most.

  35. rzarks

    Rocky be trapping and trolling like the gov. No GTA6 for me.

  36. KINGWOLF59

    Are you saying the normal Kuruma is more armored than the actual armored Kuruma? Okay from what I've just tested. It doesn't look physically damages but you can hear it taking damage glass breaking even though it doesn't look it. Same when the car is destroyed. It could sit there looking normal but you can't get in. Basically I'm not sure it's actually armored versus just looking like it is

  37. Lil Aguilan

    I suscibe

  38. X-gamer Pro-HD

    Damn…. Ya know what…I’ve already got it. The power of mods I was able to get it before the release 😂 I’d say get it if you like the style.

  39. SkellyFishy

    i linked my twitch prime yesterday but i logged on today and the strawberry auto shop wasnt for free ?


    I don’t like this guy


    I don’t like this guy


    Bruh this guy used the same guy in the “TOP TEN TIPS (or something) ON PVP.” These tips r absolutely useless

  43. Swarsha kamra

    That guy doesn't even deserve to die 💀 the guy should be alive with his pain

  44. ِ

    I wonder why he didn't make a video for each one of these lol


    I’m not that good at pvp, but I can say for certain that most of these “tips” will get u clapped Edit: ik this videos old, but idc Double edit: this guy was using a test dummy lmao. Alternative title, “how to kill an afk noob like a noob.” lol Triple edit: sorry for the spam, but plz don’t listen to this guy. I’m watching this as I go and his “tips” will get u killed. Ik I already said this, but going off radar mid-fight, using bst, hiding behind walls, and all that will most likely make ur opponent try just as hard. Now if ur opponents using bst, rockets, off radar then go ahead

  46. Hacker gaming

    Imagine getting a 5 star wanted level in the real life just for playing gta

  47. Hacker gaming

    What about for the people who already have gta do they just expect them to delete it And what are they gonna do about GTA on steam Because you can probably easily get it on steam there

  48. Sebi gaming

    You know our characters are suposed to have our voice

  49. Hacker gaming

    Censorship is now coming to the US


    the cars that is not out yet you will be able to test drive them in the Ls car meet so you will know what car will be out next

  51. Clayton Snaith

    Me who’s got like 90 of them and still doing this to get the suit

  52. Rahiem Battle

    I haven't got any of it.

  53. Marksman_20

    I didn’t get the varsity jacket

  54. Quinlan Briggs

    I didn't get my money either

  55. Twizzler- 906-

    Did u try bringing him to the pentagram in butchers creek?

  56. Clayton Snaith

    1.25 speed for normal voice


    Niko dead paleto score mission youll know

  58. Matthew Layne

    This is an actual thing irl but it doesn’t really work well due to the fact that there is not a lo of fish that will bother with it

  59. SpoonAU

    do u ever give up

  60. Jabari Nelson

    Bro Arthur’s death hurt more than any other video game or tv show characters death he was different he was a true friend

  61. Lynx _

    Shut up

  62. ki11er sean

    Imagine if you could do it to Dutch his schofeilds are prolly the best in the game

  63. Duckisthename

    But what if the guy froze in the Ground was the alien but his body mummified weirdly and made him look like a alien

  64. Devansh Jain

    I am okay with previous protagonist or antoganists not appearing in sequels...kinda preserves my memory for them

  65. Mellow

    Don’t get me wrong rockstar makes amazing games, but they are extremely ridiculous when it comes to making money in GTA five online. I understand they need to make money somehow, but like come on everything in that damn game is so expensive. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but $250,000 is chump change for this game.

  66. L0aDiN8

    New Heist: Pavel: we have to find your friend Lester Crest kapitan GTA online character: Pavel: He is at the strip club! GTA online character:

  67. Erick Casillas

    That one’s nice

  68. VuTangAk

    prob should go to where that picture was taken. aka blackwater or saint deniss


    I don’t like this guy

  70. Aubrey Lewis

    Anybody having audio issues lately? I've logged in these past couple days and have had no audio other than engine noise and slot machines, nobody talking, no music.

  71. The Real Mestopheles369


  72. Erick Casillas

    Free money

    1. Erick Casillas




  74. Sentient Six

    Seriously, anyone cares about the paltry $ 250,000 when we have the Cayo Perico?

  75. Julios Cenkov

    you sound like mister boss for the win

  76. Straßenläufer Dreamer

    I stopped caring at lvl 80

  77. gj asselt

    I got the thee but no coverals

  78. Ghost Recon

    Hi Mr boss I received my free money the other day and the blue LS tee-shirt aswell